Xiaobian Haixing Shengda will share with you the types of wiring ripples. The wiring bundle ripples are made of PE, PA, and PP, respectively.

Among them, the PE nylon ripple tube is PE polyethylene, and the working temperature is -30 degrees Celsius-+100 degrees Celsius to reach +120 degrees Celsius. The structure is both internal and appearance. It can be spoken according to needs), with good characteristics.

The material of the PA nylon ripple is PA nylon, most of which are black or gray in color. Other colors can be customized (can be spoken as needed). Unlike the PE wire beam tuber, the PA cable beam tube can achieve the effect of flame retardant. And the appearance is wave type. The carrying capacity is very good, you can withstand the heavy pressure of the foot, constantly cracking, non -changing, can be recovered quickly, and there is no damage itself.

Wiring ripple tube


The next step is the PP ripple, the material is PP polypropylene, the working temperature -30 degrees Celsius-+100 degrees Celsius in a short time can reach +110 degrees Celsius, the structure is internal and appearance, and the color is mostly black (as required as needed (as needed as needed Can be opened) or flame retardant. The characteristics are flexible, the surface is shiny, and chemical corrosion.

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