In recent years, MUJI MUJI has become a popular brand from a common grocery store in China.

The product of MUJI is based on minimalist wind, which reduces the concept of decorative elements to return to natural life. Especially its clothing line products, gathered various

Primary color, minimalist, cotton and linen, Xinjiang cotton

Wait for the primary colors to dress comfortably and well.


Speaking of MUJI’s clothing line is the most worth buying? I have to talk about its Xinjiang cotton clothing items.

Xinjiang cotton clothing is soft, comfortable, and excellent sweat -absorbing characteristics. Combined with the simple design style of MUJI, it is easy to match the formal sense or leisure style. I have all this spring!

(Knowledge science: Xinjiang cotton comes from Xinjiang, China. It has the characteristics of velvet, good quality, and high yield. The clothing made with it is more comfortable and stylish.)

5 MUJI Xinjiang cotton clothing single variety grass sharing:

01. MUJI Men’s Xinjiang cotton shirt

MUJI men’s white shirt is really highly recommended!

The selected Xinjiang cotton material and combined with the hair process, the touch is comfortable, soft and warm, which fully demonstrates the best quality of cotton. Combined with the clean white base, the upper body effect is comfortable and stylish. It is nice with contrasting casual pants.


Workplace or daily leisure can be easily controlled.

Middle -aged men who are very mature, you can choose Xinjiang cotton grid and striped shirt.


Breaking the primary color is slightly monotonous, and decorate the body through the plaid or stripe elements, thereby enhancing the visual highlight and styling, and then paired with a pair of black casual pants, calm but not old -fashioned.

02. MUJI Ms. Xinjiang cotton shirt


MUJI Xinjiang cotton shirt, the overall tailoring follows the sweater style design, short version but not slimming,

It’s easy to control if you don’t pick your body

Essence Combined with the soft texture and basic elements of Xinjiang cotton, wearing comfortable and comfortable.

In terms of matching, you can use the “contrasting method”. The casual casual and casual of the white shirt+nine -point blue jeans, or the elegant intellectual of the khaki skirt, is suitable for any occasion.

03. MUJI men’s Xinjiang cotton POLO shirt

The POLO shirt has always been talked about as “fashion insulators”. Many men dare not try easily, but the Xinjiang cotton POLO shirt of MUJI won a comfortable and minimalist design style.


The striped color POLO shirt has a calm air, which is very suitable for middle -aged men in the workplace.

Young men who are younger, you can choose MUJI, a pure white Xinjiang cotton POLO shirt.


There is no decorative element embellishment as a whole. The basic pure white is matched with a classic lapel design.


04. MUJI Ms. Xinjiang cotton dress

To be honest, MUJI’s dresses are really very picky. The overall solid color does not have a little contrasting element decoration. Many people feel vulgar after reading it! However, its minimalist style design can better reflect the wearer’s dressing and temperament taste.

MUJI’s conjoined skirt does not adopt traditional waist -shaping design

, Loose version can be worn by almost everyone,

As a maternity dress, it is also a good choice

Essence Whether it is the POLO collar design of the partial college or the basic round neck style, the original style concept has been used to the extreme.


Women who are confident enough and thin arms can try this sleeveless dress

The local dew is slightly sexy with a slightly sexy, paired with a new buckle placket, a bit of formal traditional flavor.

05. MUJI Xinjiang cotton shawl

MUJI’s Xinjiang cotton shawl is really suitable for temperament women. The solid color base with the soft touch of Xinjiang cotton can be used as a shawl or a scarf.


It can be as simple as possible in the match,

Striped T -shirt+white shawl+denim skirt


, Or

White T -shirt+water blue shawl+jeans

, Simple and high -level super -lifting temperament.

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