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Most of the young people in the city seem to have pre -bed procrastination. Obviously, I climbed up to bed early, but as soon as I closed my eyes, I started to think wildly. So I picked up my mobile phone again, went to Weibo, went to the circle of friends, to the king’s canyon … looking for the same kind of insomnia.

Today, I will give you a period of aromatherapy sharing, no fire aroma and some candle aromas. May every anxious night, they help you relax your mind and mind, accompany you to sleep.


It is more convenient, and the scent is better. It is said that the smell is memory. When you open the door every day, you can smell the familiar breath. This is the taste of the home.


01 Culti


When I first touched the flameless fragrance, the first model I started was Culti’s rattan fragrance. This is a brand from Italy. Founded in 1990, it was the pioneer of fire -free fragrance. The taste is clear and advanced.

Culti’s scent is divided into 3 series: white matte, color, black. The bottle body is designed with simple wind, and furniture with modern or Nordic style is suitable.

If it is placed in the living room, it is recommended to be a blue sea in the Culti family. The front adjustment is spring water, the middle is some marine elements, and the rear adjustment is mineral musk. It smells like a spring breeze, but it has some faint sea salt flavor. It is very suitable for spring and summer.


Picture source: Xiaohongshu@图 红 is me

If you want to put it in the bedroom, try it


Velvet warm fragrance

Essence It has been flocked by many people, smelling a warm and rich floral fragrance. In the study, put a bottle



The aroma of wood tones is also very good with the scene.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu @Manu for You @xiaoxiao

The aromatherapy raw materials are extracted from pure plants. There are very few domestic counters. Interested sisters can first try their car fragrance or wardrobe hanging incense, and like to enter the bottle.

02 Locherber


It is also a light luxury fragrance brand from Italy. You can kill many aromatherapy at a glance at a glance. Combining modern design with classical craftsmanship is just right, it is also the resident fragrance of many star hotels.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu @Locheber

Madeleine Rose has always been hot -selling models. The main fragrance is Malaysian Rose. The elegant flower fragrance is progressive, and the typical light mature female fragrance is more fragrant. The lid is a hand -made North American black walnut wood. The aroma is scattered through the wood, which is softer.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu @LoCherber


This incense is more unique and smells very textured. It is the fluffy and white atmosphere of cotton. A trace of floral fragrance is incorporated in the middle to better interpret the soft cotton, plus white musk lining, giving people a sense of peace and tenderness.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu@图 图 闻 香 _

Locherber’s gift boxes are also quite noble and atmospheric. The bottle caps inside are hand -polished, with delicate and beautiful feel. Wedding gifts and friends moving a new home are very suitable with gifts.



This is a fragrance brand of the British royal royal family, which is loved by Princess Kate. Good at preparing extracted essential oils into very distinctive fragrance and take the healing route.

The most recommended taste is


The main theme is British lavender, with sweet Laler and Jasmine. And the taste of this lavender is very soft. Putting on the bedside is greatly beneficial to smoothing the mood and helping sleep.

The other is

Real Luxury


It contains jasmine essential oil and soothing rosewood essential oils in the bathroom. When I take a bath, I smell it and give you a whole body and mind.

The aromatherapy of their candles is also very popular. Interested sisters can understand it together! Except for the vine,


It is a scent that integrates beauty and meaning. Different colors represent different energy and meanings. Drip the essential oil on the spar to expand the fragrance, which is very characteristic and the value is also very high.

01 Guanxia


Guan Xia is a domestic niche incense, and the spar is transported back from all over the world. It’s hard to grab once a week.

Sisters who like fresh fruits must not miss their home

Orange soda


, Let you really feel the taste of oranges. Take a deep breath, the entire nasal and lungs are full of cure refreshing fragrance, which is similar to Ou Long’s Chixia orange light.

The rose piopathy is like a male ticket holding a large bouquet of roses and hugging you to marry him. The refreshment of lemon and the foil of the lemon and the foil of the lemon are sweet. I heard it on the bedside and it was just right ~

The bottle body can customize the exclusive label. The glass cover on the outer layer temporarily blocks the fragrance, and at the same time, it will not cause the smell to be chaotic!


The incense of the fragrant fragrant porcelain is used to create a exquisite shape with porcelain soil, which can be used as a decoration and a fragrance. The realistic succulent shape aromatherapy is too cute!

There are three fragrances in succulent plant aromatherapy:

White-green tea after the rain


Jasmine’s sweetness reveals the subtle tea aroma, which is particularly refreshing.


Blue-White Tide

, Mixed with an almond milk fragrance in the ocean fragrance, which smells both surprising and pleasant.

Pink-Xingye Elf

, Mix the fragrance of flowers.


This kind of fragrance is full of scenery.

Finally, take a look at the aromatherapy of the candle with the sisters. In fact, aromatherapy, like flowers, is the most “useless” necessity in life, but it is also an indispensable experience and mood experience in life.


01 Carrière Froms

French botanist is a veteran fragrance brand that has been founded for a century. It is used for the French Holy Heart Cathedral. It is also first -class in burning.


The bottle body is a pure white handmade glass tank and a plant illustration of the corresponding fragrance. The overall design is rigorous without losing the aesthetic sense of literature. The fragrance of the fragrance and the fragrance of the fragrance of their family has the feeling of listening to nature and dialogue.

The most recommended is of course


The aromatherapy is also the king of the fruity series. It restores the aroma of the fruits, and it also has a rhizome green taste. It is very smelling. If you accidentally become addicted!


Photo source: Xiaohongshu@Tomorrow Flower Shop


In addition to tomatoes, lily of the valley and sandalwood, figs are all aromatherapy for their family to repurchase infinitely.


Presumably many girls glanced at its face value and had been captured. There are relief glass, lace cups, iron pot pattern cups, etc., even if it is burned, it is a piece of art. This brand is also the first time to apply coconut wax to the manufacturing field of fragrant candles. After melting, it can be applied to hand mask or hand cream.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu @Jessie

The favorite is wolfberry and Tarotko orange. It is suitable for getting up after getting up in the morning. It smells like being in a forest, making the worm birds wake up the mood of Xiao Jian.

Picture source: Weibo @Volusspa

Voluspa has a high degree of acceptance, and it is very suitable as an entry -gravity fragrance brand.


03 Cire Trudon


The royal brand of the French royal family has a history of more than 400 years. The aroma candle is the most layered. The classic seaweed green glass bottle with the golden relief made by the ancient Champagne Factory of France, the achievement cannot be ignored and irreplaceable. Pure vegetable oil ingredients, Yi Pingchi has no black smoke. Most of the taste is woody tone.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu @Hey_JUNE

The wooden art of Versailles, a sister who likes wooden tunes will definitely like it. Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, this candle fragrance exudes the taste of beeswax, candlestick and royal palace. The flavor of cedar wood fir is prominent, mixed with a little orange and milk flavor.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu @yve.

Cire Trudon’s inheritance is accompanied by major events in Paris. It had burned on the pillow of Louis XIV, and also illuminated the queen Mary’s boudoir, and even Napoleon gave his son’s only gift when he was born. Start with one, completely value.

Alright, the above is today’s aromatherapy sharing!


In life, in order to improve the quality of life, we will start eating with a complete set of tableware, drinking water with specific cups, buying high -quality furniture, and even some fragrance full of ritual. Within the burden of burdens, use something to create a pleasing scene and atmosphere, and to live a taste of life. This is what life should be like ~

Which aromatherapy do you like the most? Share some aromatherapy you love with you? Welcome to discuss with you in the message area!

Picture source: Xiaohongshu @LoCherber

Picture source: Xiaohongshu@图 图 闻 香 _

Picture source: Xiaohongshu@图 图 闻 香 _

Picture source: Xiaohongshu@图 图 闻 香 _

Picture source: Xiaohongshu@图 图 闻 香 _

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