Mirror (public account: jingdaoli2016) Many parents may not know much about it, with glasses for children, the choice of mirror frame is too important!

Because children and adolescents are in the growth and development period, the amount of activity is large, and the eyes and facial soft tissues are very tender. If the frame is not selected well, it is bound to let the child suffer every day and may damage the vision.

Is the frame lightweight? Is it comfortable? Is it scientific? Does it have the safety factor? Let’s pay attention to it!

(Unprofessional children’s mirror frames make children miserable)


Not long ago, our “Mirror Taoist Public Service Platform” found a mirror frame with high science and technology and designed for children with high technology content and designed for children.

Understand that the development of this kind of children’s mirror frame is a major scientific research achievement that Professor Chu Renyuan, the top optical experts in my country, led the team for several years.

In addition to appreciation and joy, we will share what we have seen and heard here.

(View Optical Expert Chu Renyuan encourages the mirror principle team to spread more vision health knowledge)


From an ergonomic perspective, children’s special mirror frame pays more attention to structural accuracy.


——The apex distance of the lens and cornea is kept 12mm, which meets the standards of medical mirrors. The tilt of the frame, keep the lens cut surface and the cut surface of the cornea, cross the position of 8 ° -10 ° to ensure the maximum optical response of the lens (huh, it sounds jerky and difficult to understand).

The ordinary mirror frame does not consider the proportion of the child’s facial structure. The angle is often unreasonable. Children’s wearing cannot achieve a good optical effect.

The children are active and the facial tissue is soft, and the frame is often shifted; the mirror frame is moved, and the child’s pupil distance is deviated from the optical center of the lens. , Children’s eyes are even more fatigue and pose a threat to vision health.


Gently and appropriate (weighing 15 grams, 20-30 grams of ordinary children’s mirror frames), and can even be adjusted at will, it is another highlight.

Interestingly, this kind of children’s frame has no screw from the inside to outside, from head to toe! The connection can be disassembled at will, and the legs can be replaced.

We see that this kind of children’s special mirror frame is lightly fitted on the child’s face -comfortable, lightweight, beautiful, and firmly stabilized the lens and frame. There is a level, super great!

Observed from the material aspect, this kind of children’s frame uses safe anti -allergic rubber, imported from Switzerland, EMS medical materials -soft, strong toughness, high safety factor!

During the exercise, if the ordinary frame falls, it is likely to break, and it will hurt the child’s attention.

And this kind of children’s special mirror frame is too safe. You can make it at will, you can make it bend 360 degrees, twist, there is no problem, it is full of magical magic.

What is surprising, this kind of children’s frame is equipped with a master -level “nasal support”!


This “nasal support” is called the “airbag nose support” by the creator.

Because the nasal support also uses medical safety materials, which is rich in silicone ingredients, it is not only low -sensitivity, but also non -slip, high elasticity, and tough skin; sweating is not afraid, there is no sense of oppression, properly, praise!

Parents, which parents do not feel bad about their children?


We feel the same, do not lose the opportunity, and tell you the best news that the frame that can take care of the child in time. At the same time, we also introduced this medical -level high -tech product into the Mirror Public Account Platform (WeChat Search: JingDaoli2016) and wait for your inquiry. As the so -called, good things, share!

We care about the health of the whole people’s vision and the severe situation of high myopia of Chinese teenagers.

Looking forward to everyone can take care of the next generation more carefully, and take care of the eye health of the whole family.

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