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The Spring Festival is coming soon, but the weather temperature is still very cold, so the warm matching of winter still needs to continue.

So today we will from

Long coat


Start, we will introduce to you how should we match the period of the New Year? In fact, in the winter matching scheme, the long jacket is indeed more advantageous than other designs. The focus is on covering the meat to keep warm. Let’s analyze them one by one.

TIPS1: The right selection of the coat is more warm

When it comes to long jackets, the first advantage you think of it must be

Keep warm

It’s right.

In winter, warmth is very important. It is a main tone of the whole winter. If you only pursue fashion without pursuing warmth, then it is upside down at the end of this. So today I look at the direction of warmth, what are the advantages of the long jacket after combining the sense of fashion.

In fact, long coats are not only kept warm, but its heating advantage is that it will not make people look too inflated, that is, it can cover the flesh on our body, and at the same time give a certain tailoring design to achieve this kind of manifestation Slender effect.

Don’t underestimate these advantages of this jacket. In fact, it is actually pursued in our daily life.

And long jackets can also be more convenient for our daily wear, and at the same time, we can also get a sense of fashion faster.

For most girls, the advantages of long down jackets are even more unparalleled, and practicality cannot be underestimated. Especially the black and white down jackets are even more outstanding. The white down jacket comes with a sense of fashion, and the upper body temperament is pure. The black down jacket is very high. After all, it is versatile and stylish, which makes people love.


TIPS2: The right choice of coat

Many girls think that the long design is not so thin that it is so thin. If you think so, then it is wrong.


The thin foundation of the long jacket is not completely derived from the dark color of the color system. It is also from a version of the tailoring design. If the two can be combined, then the effect of covering the meat can be easily obtained.

But for most girls, it is not feasible to blindly pursue thinness. After all, we need a sense of fashion. The sense of fashion is completely thin, as long as we need to cover the meat.


Therefore, it is actually more recommended to design in daily life. The length is probably around the calf and belly, and it is about 105-120 cm depending on the height.

Select the right length, then you won’t press it, and you can completely cover the flesh on your body.

The large area of ​​color can also provide more possibilities for matching, you can decorate the color you like on it, or you can decorate your favorite accessories on it. In short, long coats with many fashion advantages can fulfill their energy and make the matching styling more picky.

TIPS3: The right selection of the coat is even thinner

Earlier, we talked about the many advantages of long coats, and after understanding the advantages, we can get two points:

Cover meat and keep warm

Essence Not mentioned for the time being, today we contacted the advantage of covering meat and talked about why the long jacket was even thinner.


Long jacket can cover the attributes of meat, which will cause the meat to hide, but whether it really disappears, you also need to look at the version of the design.

If the upper body can achieve the effect of not bloating, it is not a difficulty to achieve thinning on the basis of covering meat.

If the long jacket combines these two advantages, then you can make you look much slim, even if it is

Girls with ordinary figures can also successfully counterattack

So this is one of the reasons why many girls like to wear long jackets.


Generally, the bloated version is generally not so loose, and the relaxation is right.

In addition, a long coat also has a very convenient advantage, which can reduce many difficulties. When you go out and get the courier, when you go out and get the takeaway, a long coat can make you ignore the pajamas. It can be said that you can go out without a burden, and you can get it in three seconds.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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