Speaking of Sichuan’s logo, in everyone’s hearts, it must be giant pandas, Ledshan Great Buddha, Mapo tofu, etc.


These are all passed down by everyone.


If you understand Sichuan with your heart, you will also know that tea culture is also an important aspect of Sichuan.

Sichuan is a well -known tea -producing province in China, and the brand is also sampled. It not only drives the local economic development, but also improves the lives of local residents.

Sichuan is also considered one of the important place for tea culture in China and even the world.

Speaking of good tea in Sichuan, it is estimated that many people will say “bamboo leaves green”.


Indeed, to say that Chuancha’s highest is the highest famous bamboo leaf green.

It is also vigorously promoted by CCTV.

In 2020, he was also selected as Die Bai Shibo Tea.

In 2021, he was also selected as “Top Ten Famous Tea in Sichuan” in 2021.

Along the way, it can be said to be beautiful.

It is also because of so many halo, the price of bamboo leaf green has soared.

Although Zhuye Qing is not among the “Top Ten Tea in China”, its price is not cheaper than them. The expensive ones were sold to 30,000 yuan and 1 catties, and the cheap one cost more than 2000 pounds.

Many Sichuan people said that it is not that we don’t like bamboo leaves, but we can’t afford to drink it.


A tea was originally used for recreational drinking, but now it has been fried into luxury goods.

We only have ordinary income, and we are a little overwhelmed to watch this bamboo leaf green.

We should still choose the food and tea that suits us.

The so -called tea is tea that is close to the people, good quality, and good taste.

Some people may say, in addition to bamboo leaves, do you have other good tea in Sichuan?

Experts tell you by personally,

After trying these two grains and tea, your view will change.

▶ The first one: Xianwu Phoenix 款

The main producing areas of Sichuan tea are in Zigong, Yibin and other places.

Xianwu Fengyu

It is produced in the Yibin tea area of ​​Gaoshan, Sichuan, and originated from a local company.

This tea is a provincial-level major brand- “Tianfu Dragon Bud”.

In 2014, the Sichuan Tea Brand of Sichuan Province was finalized “Tianfu Longya” as a business card of Sichuan Tea.

From the beginning of the establishment, it has been based on the heart of “only mouth tea and tea”, and resolutely goes deep into the depths of the mountains, and has opened up the mountain tea garden in the 800 -meter alpine forest.


Why choose here?

The amount of precipitation here is sufficient, and the clouds and fogs are filled all year round.

The soil here is also acidic, adding the nutritional ingredients required by the tea trees during the growth process.

If you come here, you will see that the tender sprouts here are full, which is the tea source required for high -quality tea.

This tea uses the traditional tea -making process left by the ancients. The buds before the rain are now being picked up. On the basis of retaining the original flavor, the quality of tea has been raised by one grade, and it is still safe and unprepared.


Someone may ask, why haven’t you heard of such a good tea?

Because merchants, in order to press the price of tea less, they did not use too much funds in product promotion, which caused the popularity of this tea to almost know except for local people.

But the price of the people and the excellent quality are loved by tea customers.

Dry tea: Tea stripes are splendid, uniform and no impurities, tea is significant, and the color is dark.

Soup color: red and translucent, like amber, without any impurities, long aroma, lubricating entrance, rich and sweet, plus unique orange sugar aroma, smelling it, refreshing;

Treatment: Tea is warm, suitable for drinking in winter, drink a bite, the heating is straight to the whole body, warming and quenching thirst.

In this cold winter, he shouted friends and used the fairy phoenix to make a cup of black tea for them. Is it both economical and affordable and face.

▶ No. 2: Bashan Skin Tongue


This tea is produced in Sichuan and is also a high mountain tea. It is also the ancestral craftsmanship, named after the shape of the tongue.


The shape is flat and straight, and the color is tender and green, which has the unique quality of “incense high and lasting, perfect color”. The young buds before the picked rain are also national selenium -rich green tea, which is rich in material and no addition.

The aroma is tall and long, the taste is strong and refreshing, and the soup is yellow and green. Bud leaves are huge and tender.


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Xianwu Fengyu

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