PVC is a very popular type of light body material in the world now. There are also many use in daily necessities, such as PVC floor mats. So what is the PVC floor mat and what is its price? Let’s go with the editor below.

How about PVC floor mats

PVC ground pads are a very popular type of light body decorative material (light body material) in the world, which are popular in Japan and South Korea in Europe, America and Asia. Entering the Chinese market in the late 1980s, it has been widely recognized in large and medium -sized cities in China. It is very widely used. It is suitable for: family, schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories, supermarkets, business, stadiums and other office spaces.

The PVC floor pad is a floor pad made of polyvinyl chloride resin material. It is specifically based on polyvinyl chloride and its common polytic resin as the main raw materials. On the substrate, it can be used by uniform mixing, coating process or passing pressure, and extrusion process.

pvc地垫怎么样 pvc地垫价格

Because of its unique research and development and production process, PVC floor mats emphasize the latest fashion and popular decoration taste after meeting the needs of practicality. It can provide a variety of choices and give each space unique charm. In addition to the texture and characteristics of textiles, it also has the value of ethylene bases, which is simple and long -lasting.

pvc地垫怎么样 pvc地垫价格

PVC floor cushion price

pvc地垫怎么样 pvc地垫价格

The door pad door entrance door entrance to the door pad kitchen anti -sliding pad drawing pad drawing rotten ring foot stepping packet carpet 149 yuan

DMF oversized entry door pads, pads, soil cushions, entrance, entrance to the door pad, special price 69 yuan

Aojie bathroom anti -sliding padding foot pad floor pad door pad kitchen toilet anti -slip pad 51.8 yuan

The above is the content of the PVC floor pad introduced by Xiaobian today. The use of PVC floor mats is very wide, because the uniqueness of its research and development and production can fully meet the practical needs.

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