Since the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan” plan, under the high pressure of national environmental protection policies, it has vigorously promoted the painting in the furniture field

VOCS emission reduction


“Oil change water” has become the general direction of the industry.

However, some of the disadvantages of water -based paint often make the enterprise discourage. for example,

High technical reform costs, long production cycles, prone to bloating, yellow change, slow drying speed

and many more

, Always in the throat, making it difficult for companies to cross the strange circle of “oil to change water”.


Innovation and daring to try, “oil change water” is a established development direction. The water -based paint market has developed for many years, leading the new products in the industry to break people’s inherent concerns.

I visit the market, a set

The overall solution of fast -drying water -based wood paint

, Let water -based paint have a market that is worthy of public.



Fast dry water paint

Water -based paint achieve fast dry

It can effectively solve a series of production pain points such as slow drying speed, long production cycle, slow shipping speed, large -week -long space requirements, long -term dust -free environmental requirements.


High -performance polymer scattered body

The refined fast -drying water paint is not only fast to dry, but also the formation of the paint film also has

High closed, yellowish resistance, antiplaps

Wait for excellent performance. The formation of these properties is related to the characteristics of fast -drying water -based paint:

① Strong permeability:

By controlling the particle size of the particles in the water -based paint emulsion, it is deeply penetrated into the inside of the wood and is closely combined with the wood fiber to form a film;

② Good denseness:

The high -density paint film formed by water -based paint has completely isolated and wrapped in organic matter such as tannic acid that can affect the yellow change of paint film in wood, making it impossible to react with the outside world.

③ Fast drying:

Through the design of the PUA lotion molecular structure, the wood cannot absorb the moisture in water -based paint, and the effects of the moisture balance of the wood are eliminated, thereby eliminating the occurrence of wood bloating tendons.


In addition, fast -drying water -based paint is more advantageous than oily paint and ordinary water -based paint:

Serial number


Oily paint


Water -based paint

Fast -drying




Smell and chest tightness, skin allergies

Non -irritating odor


Dry time

23 ~ 30s


6h for primer, noodle paint is about 8h

1 min






50% lower than paint



Ending hardness

High hardness,

> 2H

The hardness is slightly lower, B-H

A single group of water -splitting paint is above the national standard, and the dual -group water -based paint hardness is close to the paint


Paint film gloss

Highlights> 95 °, low gloss

Light permeability does not add, matte feel is dry and hard


The two groups can be up to 90 ° white, and the minimum can be 1.5 ° (0 ° matte). The feel is delicate




Ultraviolet optical curing, producing ozone to destroy the atmosphere

Ordinary low -temperature baking house, long time, occupying the land

360 ° Frozen Wind Smart Dry

, Environmental protection without three waste emissions



Color limit


Limited color, black/purple, etc. cannot be painted





Dry uniformity


Unemployed and easy to drop the block

Can’t work hard, prone to paint film disadvantages: moldy mold, etc.


100%dry and thorough from the bottom, the paint film is firm

(Two fingers can be enlarged)

As mentioned in the table above, different paint has different drying methods, which can make the paint film dry more thorough and more effective. At the same time, this is another part of the fast -drying water -based wood paint overall solution.



Dry solution

In the process of “oil change water” coating reform, the biggest problem encountered is


The drying problem of water -based paint

Essence For example, the drying surface is not available, the paint surface is closed prematurely, and the internal water cannot be drained in time. What follows is all other performance problems such as the color of the paint film discoloration, hair blindness, poor permeability, and poor adhesion. It can be said that the excellent water -based paint performance depends on whether the water -based paint is completely dry. Therefore, the drying method is very particular.

(1) Microwave dry

① After the workpiece is sprayed, the microwave can be dried after the workpiece is sprayed.

② Microwave transmitter is relatively dense and high energy consumption;

③ The workpiece needs to be fixed to heat, resulting in uniform heating and easy to appear;


④ Drying time is difficult to control, too dry, and easy to deform substrate.

(2) Natural dryness


① Naturally dry and incomplete;

② It takes 4 to 8 hours to dry naturally for natural drying. The drying area is large and the shipment speed is slow;

③ The dust -free environmental requirements are high.

(3) Wet air conditioning dry

It does not achieve the effect of dryness. It is prone to the surface lacquer film drying first to form a closed, resulting in the bottom of the bottom water that cannot be volatile.

(4) Fast trunk line

The 360 ​​° hot air circulation system, 100%dry from the bottom paint to the top paint. Regardless of spray or roller coating, it can be dried quickly within 3 minutes. Suitable for coating of home plates, wooden doors, decorative panels.


▲ Water -based paint fast trunk line


(5) S three -dimensional drying rooms

It is suitable for a three -dimensional drying room with various substrate materials, especially large alien parts painting, and matches the painting ground rail. It has a 360 ° hot air circulation system while transmitting through the ground rail. You can pack it off when you go offline, you can achieve 3 minutes drying and ship for 4 hours.

▲ Water -based paint standing dry house


Fast -drying water -based paint product application


(1) Wooden door series -anti -scratch, yellow resistance, aging resistance

The application of fast -drying water -based paint on wooden doors has the effect of anti -scratch, yellow resistance, and aging resistance, especially the high -closed process of water -based closed sealing agent, which can effectively prevent the invasion of moisture and cold. The paint is tasteless, and the door is tasteless, so that the home has a taste!

▲ Technology wood spray transparent open process

▲ Rapin leather spray transparent (color repair) open process

▲ UV white bottom spraying solid color surface paint closure process


▲ Open technology wooden skin

▲ Trone plate solid skin matte

▲ solid wood leather matte openness open

▲ Technology wooden skin matte half -thoroughly


▲ Drncing wood skin matte skin matte


▲ Dyeing wood leather open skin feel matte


▲ Science and technology wooden skin water paint smoke effect


▲ UV bottom color water surface half matte

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(2) Customized series of houses and hotels -semi -transparent, light luxury, fashionable

Fast -drying water -based paint can achieve a semi -transparent effect between solid and transparent colors, which can better show the texture and texture of the wood, and reflect the light luxury atmosphere of fashion, nature and connotation.

▲ Technology wood roller application smoke color open process

▲ Dyeing wooden roller coating transparent open process

▲ Open effect of technology wood water paint


▲ UV bottom water surface closed effect


▲ Dyeing wood skin sensation effect

▲ Open effect

▲ Trone/PVC board closed effect

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(3) solid wood series -high hard, high flash, high transparency


Solid wood furniture realizes “oil -to -water” painting, which has higher requirements for water -based paint. Fast -drying water -based painted wood series, from bottom to face, polishing, coloring and other environmentally friendly paint all processes for in -depth research and development, which can perfectly show the high hardness, high flash, high thread, odorlessness, bloating tendons, anti -cracking, etc. Function and effect.

▲ Black acid spraying transparent closed closed process (dry room dry room dry)


▲ Black acid branch bedside table


▲ Black acidic acid

▲ Oak

▲ Tantan

▲ Wu Jinmu

▲ Water Quate willow

▲ Tongmu

▲ Birch


▲ Hualu wood



The value of enterprises implementing “oil to water” is not only zero VOCS emissions and successfully passed the national environmental assessment, but also the reduction of process costs and improvement.

Fast -drying water -based paint overall solution,

Dry 3 minutes, ship 4 hours


, Realize the cost reduction and efficiency from various aspects:

① The cost of painting: completely recycled the re -spraying, and the utilization rate is super


, Rolling the whole process

No loss



② Solution cost: roller coating does not need to be polished, spraying reduces polishing,

Artificial cost decreases by 20 ~ 30%

, Solving dust, waste sandpaper and other hazardous waste treatment costs decreased;


③ VOCS processing cost: ignore the loses;

④ Occupation costs of painting venues: savings



⑤ Artificial utilization cost: can be reduced every year

20 ~ 30%


⑥ Cost of funds: accelerate funds turnover rate

2 ~ 3 times


⑦ Product market value -added effect: at least premiums than paint products


Therefore, in the turbulent waves of the torrent of the times, only by merging can we share a share, wandering to wait and see, and it is easy to crisis!


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Key words

/ Fast dry -type water -based paint fast trunk solution solution


Water -based paint


Non -irritating odor



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