If you travel to the Arabian region, the hand letter you can buy is probably a dates except the refrigerator sticker.

As one of the few specialties that can be eaten by Saudi Arabia, dates can be described as Arabs from childhood to large.

soul mate

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

Essence The Chinese chat with melon seeds, Arabs eat dates; Chinese are married to eat coconut candy, Arabs eat dates; Chinese eat dumplings for holidays, Arabs eat dates …

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

In terms of jujube, the Saudis is the most professional.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

Saudi Arabia is the world’s second largest dates producer

(Small popular science: The first is Iraq)

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

Essence Saudi Arabia has 24 million jujube trees, with an annual output of 1 million tons, and more than 400 jujube varieties. In the Gulf area, the jujube produced in Saudi Arabia is often synonymous with high -end dates.

So dates are not only a local snack in Saudi Arabia, but also a kind of economy.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

Even the national emblem of Saudi Arabia placed dates in an important position.

For charity that supports global humanitarian relief, other countries donate clothes and food, and Saudi Arabia directly donate dates. One donation is 7,000 tons.

It can be said that dates have surpassed the category of food in Saudi Arabia and become a cultural symbol.

Coconut dates are particularly important for the entire Middle East.

First of all, dates have extremely ancient history,

It is considered to be the earliest crops to be planted by humans

Essence According to archeological analysis, as early as 5000 BC, the two river basin regions (now Iraq) began to plant artificially planting jujube trees.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

The first literary work “Gilgamesh” (2000 BC) has a description of dates. Later, in the “Hammurabi Code” (1750 BC), the laws related to the protection of jujube trees were also found.

Coconut dates engraved on the slab engraved on the Smel mythology

In the Assyrian era (935 BC), one of the methods of the Assyrian made the enemy yielding is to cut off their dating trees, which shows the importance of jujube trees at the time.

It is said that the dating trees are slow and divided into male and female, which is basically half and half. If only through wind or animal pollination, it is greatly affected by the outside world, and as early as the period of Sumerian civilization, the Sumerians have begun to use

“Artificial pollination”

Increasing the yield of dates, this method is still in use.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

In artificial pollination operations: mating, jujube ~

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

Just like the Japanese nourishment and Niu will listen to the music to kill chickens to improve the meat, and the Middle Eastern people will also tell the jujube trees a thousand years ago to make them thrive.

“You must laugh when you plant it, and tell you a joke. Even when you are in a bad mood, you must be very happy, so it is good for dates.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

IBN WAHSHIYYA, Nabatean Agriculture (10th century, Iraq)

After the birth of Islam,

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

Coconut trees are mentioned in more than 20 places in the Qur’an

Essence With the “official” endorsement, naturally it has also become the object of the Arabs raising.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

According to non -official estimates, there are more than 100 million jujube coconut trees in the world, and 80 million are species in Arabia.

The rumors have also said:

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

“There are dates at home, not poverty.”

But it is not that the Arabs do not want to grow other trees, but they really have no choice. After all, this boring land in the Middle East is often planted, and there is a sandstorm from time to time.

Coconut trees are rare plants that can hold droughts and overwhelm wind sand.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

In addition, the trunk can be built with a house, the branches can be burned, and the leaves can be woven home supplies, and the fruits can be full.

In short, for the early Arabians, the dates are all treasures, and they are not as Arabs!

Many early mosques were built by jujube trees as raw materials.

“Arab Arabia” once mentioned: “The mosque built in Mai Di Na is used as a pillar with jujube coconut trunk, and the roof material for the roof with jujube coconut branches and dirt. On the ground, at the beginning as a podium, standing on the preaching to the congregation at the beginning. “

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

A house built with the ingredients of the jujube tree on the spot

To restore the past Arab dates trees, you will see in many Arab tourist attractions

Crafts made with dates and leaves

Especially with dates, more than half of them are sugar, and their nutritional value is still very high. At the same time, it is also resistant to storage. For ancient nomadic peoples, they are simply a must -have snacks (or staple food) in home travel.

The Arabic poet once praised the dates with poetry—

“The food of the poor, the candy of the rich, and the dry food of the far away.”

Arab people even have a kind of “

It is better to have no water for three days, and you can’t have no jujube a day

“In Qi Festival, jujube is almost the same as the tea to the Chinese.

Every year in fasting, it is often a period of selling dates. Because the Arabs are easy to cause uncomfortable hypoglycemia, headache and fatigue during fasting in fasting, and dates can effectively alleviate this symptom.

The development of the times, the Saudi people are no longer the poor boy, and dates are no longer used as early life -saving foods. This brings more ways to eat taboos. Eat, or squeeze into a syrup dipped in things … But many Saudi people think ——

Still directly dynamic ~

Coconut cookies, dates chocolate and dates of chocolate

Diabetes is directly dismissed when you see it

Just like China’s tea categories, there are many varieties of dates, and they give different sweetness and taste.

This article specially recommends the six most popular dates in Saudi Arabia!


No matter where you search for the category of Saudi dates, AJWA always appears in the most advanced position. This is Saudi Arabia’s most famous dating variety, which originated in Macadana and is called by Muslims

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

“Holy Jujube”

It is a must -have for Muslims to go to Saudi Arabia, so it has a special status among many dates.

Arabic classic proverb- “7 dates a day, disaster away from you” is about AJWA dates.

AJWA is not big, and basically shows dark brown to all black. Of course, the darker the better. Its texture is soft, chewy, and has a light sweetness, as if eating dried plums or raisins.


Safawi is a traditional Saudi dates. It is also produced in Maiya. It is larger than AJWA. It is often black and has a deeper fold. The taste is similar to AJWA but it will be more sweeter. In addition, Safawi is famous for its high output, which also makes it more commercially valuable than other dates.


Sukkary’s name is derived from the term Arabic “sugar”, and the name has described its characteristics -sweet. It is produced in the Al Qassim area and is rich in gold. It is known as one of the sweetest and softest dates in Saudi Arabia. It is sweet and the entrance is melted, and the caramel taste is obvious.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南


Sagai is a traditional dating variety on the Arabian Peninsula. Its biggest feature is that there are two colors. The head is golden, and the other parts are brown. This dates are crispy and soft, with brown sugar flavor, and it will not be too sweet.


Mabroom is also a traditional jujube species from Saudi Arabia. It has a light red to bronze appearance. The epidermis has a thick and chewy -like candy -like texture.


Khudri is dark brown, with wrinkles in the epidermis, relatively dry, and chewy, with a caramel smell. Compared with other varieties of dates, Khudri is relatively cheaper and is one of the largest export dates. Khudri often stuffs some almond walnuts or cream to eat together, or it is also good with coffee and tea.

If you are a jujube or sweets, then you will be good to your heart. You can still put your belly when you are a small snack on weekdays. It is also a good way to enjoy it with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Those who like this can search Saudi dates on Greater Taobao in Domestic, and many purchasing agents are selling.

Finally, I wish you all a good time.

All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

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All About 椰枣,阿拉伯人的灵魂伴侣!附赠椰枣选品指南

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