Traditional Chinese women usually keep in touch, very little to try the skin, and for the girls in Europe, usually have a lot of boldness, and their dressing style is more liberated. In the selection of clothes, I often try some skin care units, used to show a personalized matching effect, and the wide too Li Nian is very bold, wearing a leopard tape skirt with Martin boots, body Too A.


Li Nian’s modeling analysis:


Leopard-grade element – bold and sexy


The wide too Li Nian is really letting outside, wearing a leopard tape skirt with Martin boots, and beautiful. Li Lian wore a dress with a leopard element. For mature women, this element is very sexy and bold, but the average person will try the small area when using this element, reduce leopard appearance The area, this can reduce the difficulty of matching with a large extent, like Li Nature, in this large-area leopard dress, wearing a sexy and bold, but it is not a general person to control.


Black belt – outline small waist

When Li Nian is wearing this leopard dress, the waist is equipped with a foundation black belt. The foundation black can play a very good color matching, so that the pentads of the pentads look As for it, it is too shake, and the foundation of the base black belt is presented by moderate hookments.

Short Martin boots – 飒 cool

Li Nian with a pair of black Martin boots, the foundation black and waist belt showed a harmonious matching effect on color matching, so that the color of the tongs appeared to be more simple, and the short Martin boots were in The style of style comes with a profound in the design, and the overall match is both cool and type.

Short skirt – big show leg

Choosing a different length of dress should be matched according to its own body characteristics, the leg-type very delicate little sisters can try short skirts when choosing the dress, and the leg-type fiber feelings and slender are high. Instead, the leg type is not very simple, you can try a long-length skirt or a dress.

Fine sling design – Shiji shoulder bone


This dress uses a fine small crane in the neckline to highlight the superiority on the skeleton, and the detailed sling is on the shoulders, which can demonstrate the sexy clavicle and show a perfect straight strap. Li Nian was released after the abroad.

Other styling analysis of Li Nian:

Fluffy top + denim shorts

Fluffy tuluat fabrics can show a very refreshing matching effect, this tulle fabric is self-contained in the design of the style, wearing a unique sense of being unique, The lower body is equipped with a high waist type denim shorts, bold show faint legs, this body, can feel the crit of the legs across the screen.


Red suit top + hierarchy shorts

A big red dress can show up a visual richness and bright feeling. This big red is very bright, but it is actually very bad, I want to put the big red to the high-level feeling, on the one hand A more powerful driving ability, on the other hand, there is a white skin color, so that this bright Chinese red can be controlled.

Black + color bag

A black matching method is very friendly for women in all ages. When wearing, this foundation can show a simple and low-key and very atmospheric matching effect, Li Nian is wearing this black When it is matched with a colored vertical tattoo bag in the hand, the matching effect of bright and dark combination is present.


Whether it is a bold match style, or the conservative colorful style has their own charm. When wearing, you must know how to avoid short-term, so you can wear the best matching effect.

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