If you want to ask what style is the most suitable for spring and summer seasons, it must be artistic style, because the spring and summer season is a very romantic season. You need to wear an atmosphere to make the whole person look more attractive. I don’t know what kind of items to choose to create this style.

You can try a literary -style shirt to match the skirts of linen fabrics. Such a combination is comfortable and generous, and it is also a must -have in spring and summer. And this kind of matching method has not high requirements and the color matching is very simple. As long as you wear it to be generous, you can make the image of the whole person look more charming.


1. Do not pick the figure and match the series

Loose gray shirt+white skirt+flat shoes

The literary style you think may not be a classic literary style, but with a gray shirt and a white skirt, this combination will make the image more divided, create a good temperament, and make the style sufficiently enough Literary and charming.

Straw hat+white shirt+gray skirt


The fashion style of literature and art needs to be reflected through accessories. You can try straw hats, with white shirts, combined with gray skirts to make the matching style look more fashionable and attractive.


This combination not only plays a significant role for girls with imperfect figures, but also make wearing more tasteful, which can make the whole person look more temperamental.

Striped shirt+blue skirt+small white shoes

Simple fashion style can make the matching of the spring and summer season more fashionable. You can try striped shirts, match a blue skirt, and then choose a small white shoes. grade.


Second, elegant wear series

Khaki color top+white skirt+flat shoes

For women with temperament, you should choose an elegant fashion style to make your own dress high quality. You can try loose khaki tops and white skirts. Make the style more gentle and gentle.


Blue shirt+white skirt+handbag


If you don’t know what kind of matching is more suitable for you, then you must try this kind of wear. You can choose a white skirt, with a blue shirt, and combined with your handbags to make the style of the wear look easy and easy to create, create to create Unique temperament.

Third, improve the taste match series

Blue top+floral skirt+flat shoes

The fashion style of sweaters shows good temperament through some sweet fashion. For example, a blue top, with floral skirt, combined with flat shoes, can make wear more attractive.


White top+yellow skirt+flat shoes

Among the many skirts, you can try the yellow skirt to match with white tops and peace shoes. This kind of matching method is to use a bit of green matching to make the dressing in spring and summer look more fashionable.

Flower shirt+pink skirt+handbag


If your temperament is not outstanding, and you want to wear it to make your personal image more distinguished. It is recommended to try a pink skirt with a floral shirt. You can choose a handbag. It will also improve the taste of the whole person.

Loose white shirt+loose skirt+handbag

Loose fashion can make the literary style more advanced. For example, with a loose white shirt, a loose skirt, and a ordinary handbag, wearing it will look more fashionable, creating a Sen girl who has created the Sen girl The effect of wind.

In addition, you can also try white tops, paired with pink skirts and parallel shoes. This style does not pick skin tone or figure, and it will look sweeter and age -reducing.


Literary style is a relatively rare style. Although many people have tried this style, few people wear temperament. I believe that after watching these wearing, you will have a re -definition and cognition about the literary style. Hurry up quickly. Hurry up. Try to improve yourself!


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