With the rise of the play market, the displacement of domestic motorcycles has also been raised from the original small displacement, and the large displacement is continuously improved in the medium and large displacement. Brief inventory, the content of this article is the upper half, and the displacement involved is mainly 600-750cc. (Point at the lower half of the opening avatars or search can be checked)


The first Huanglong 600 is currently priced at 46800


Huanglong 600 is a well -known model. Because it is the only domestic four -cylinder motorcycle in the domestic market for a period of time, it is the boss on the timeline.

However, as the market demand continues to improve and this car has more and more four -cylinder motorcycles, such as Huang Tuan 600, QJ chase 600, QJ match 600 is its derivative version, so this car is not not Lonely, but they have not made a good breakthrough in technical.

The second paradise 700 is currently priced at 45800

This is a large cruise prince. How big is it? The wheelbase has reached 1720mm, the whole vehicle is 2430mm, the engine displacement is 680ml, and it is still high.

In addition, the big of this car is also reflected in the size of the tire. Its rear tire 310 and the front tire 130. This is not a domestic model, that is, imported models are rare. And this car also has a very beautiful appearance and a more seductive four -cylinder power assembly, but because of the problem of production capacity, it did not appear in front of you and me as soon as possible.


The third Tang Dao 700 is currently priced at 38800

This is a four -cylinder street car. Its appearance setting is very thoughtful. While emphasizing the dynamic elements, it incorporates a certain avant -garde style. This combination makes this car feel very deep for this car.

In terms of power, it is directly equipped with Penta’s high -power version of the four -cylinder engine. The maximum speed of this engine can reach 11,000 rpm, which has a maximum power of 69kW, so this vehicle’s postpartum performance will be worth looking forward to.

The 4th Spring Breeze 700CL-X is currently priced at 45800

This is a retro street car, but its appearance setting will be more fashionable and avant -garde, belongs to the modern style of the European system, and the emergence of this car has replaced the market position of the Chunfeng 650 series models. The price performance of existing models.


700Cl-X will be equipped with a inline dual-cylinder electric injection engine. This engine has a maximum power of 55kW and a maximum torque of 68N.M. The power characteristics are low-speed speed, so it will be more suitable for multi-purpose demand. It will also highlight a certain fun.

Fifth, Benare 752S currently starts at 47800

This is a sports street car, but its appearance setting is not dynamic. In addition to the exposed steel pipe woven frame, the round vehicle’s rounded style is obviously different from the NK models. However, this differentiation performance is actually more appropriate, which will give people a refreshing feeling.


It is also equipped with a inline double -cylinder electric injection engine. The power characteristics of this engine will also pay more attention to broadness. It has a maximum torque of 67N.M. Therefore of.

Sixth QJ Xiao 750 currently sells for 49999

This is a highway Restaurant ADV. The design of its appearance is relatively civilian, and it will not be too rough, and the height of the seat will fully consider the riding needs of most of the motorcycles. Can’t afford to climb.


In terms of power, this car will be equipped with a inline dual -cylinder water -injury engine. It has a maximum power of 60kW and a maximum torque of 67N.M. In addition, the relatively broad power adjustment will also highlight the medium and large displacement models. Emphasized power performance.

The above is the upper half of the domestic medium and large -displacement motorcycle inventory. From this we can see that the domestic four -cylinder model is no longer alone. In terms of the timeline, the Huanglong 600 has become the past. Although the momentum of Tang Dao 700 is fierce, they are more of them are a role that inherits the top. In the future, more domestic large -displacement four -cylinder models will appear one after another. (The second half, then here.)

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Domestic large displacement motorcycle inventory -four -cylinder no longer lonely

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