1. Receive and unpack

Last week I received the CCWIFI3 network radio,

What surprised me was that it was so small compared to CCWIFI2. Open the package, I found that the internal box was tightly nested on the outer box. The radio packaging box also has illustrations, which is very good. I will keep it for use. I took the radio out of the box and seemed to be lighter, so I called the weight. The weight of CCWIFI3 is 1 pound. In contrast, CCWIFI2 net weight is 1 pound 2.8 ounces. I will wait to listen to what the technicians will find in the interior of the new radio. In less than five minutes, I plugged in the radio, searched the wireless LAN, and successfully entered the connection password.

2. Experience control

When I tried to receive the network broadcast for the first time, I searched the WFLF radio that assigned the call sign to the federal communication committee.

Because my old CCWIFI2 network radios and RECIVA database have this radio station. After searching, nothing was obtained. I was surprised, so I entered the Skytune network broadcasting platform and made another search. Return to the feathers again. Suddenly, I searched the call sign of WFLF Radio “Vanity” and found 5 alternative radio stations. I casually entered an Orando area, and the sound of WFLF Radio came in my ear.


Next, I want to try the sound quality of the CCWIFI3 radio,


So in order to listen to the heavy voice, I searched the “SOMA FM” radio, which contained the “Deep Space One” column to play atmosphere music. The search results came out soon. I turned the knob a few times and found “Deep Space No. 1”. Compared with the sound quality of CCWIFI2 radio,

My first impression is that the sound quality of the two machines is very similar.

I also tried different balancer settings. I like the “FLAT” mode most, at least now.


With the help of Firefox browser, I logged in to the “Pre -Estangled Radio Page” and tried to enter the URL address of the streaming media.

I am particularly interested in this aspect of the CCWIFI3 radio. Enter the URL address of the “Still” streaming media (another atmosphere music streaming) with the PLS file extension. After a brief buffer, I hear the broadcasting sound. Then, I entered another URL address with an ASX file extension in this streaming media, which is also effective. When I was on the pre -stored radio page, I continued to operate. I did not encounter too much difficulty to complete the pre -stored radio settings. However, the software is still a bit awkward and slow. If you can directly copy and paste the URL address directly to the pre -stored radio page, but I can’t do it.

Third, the remote control has regrets


The next day, I turned on the CCWIFI3 radio again. I want to know its 10 remote controls to select the pre -stored frequency and more than 100 sequence list functions. Unexpectedly, when I opened the radio, it automatically entered the update mode. If you know this long ago, I will postpone the update until it connects the uninterrupted power supply for the radio to prevent the upgrade process from interrupting the electricity. Usually in the morning, the power company will have a short power off after connecting the power grid. I held my breath and the update was successfully completed. As I expected, a brief power outage occurred at 1 pm today.

Using the “Pre -Estang Radio Page” and remote control, I started to save the first batch of 10 radio stations. During the operation, I use the “mobile” function to change the channel number or name at will to better feel the software’s function. As mentioned earlier, the software is still a bit awkward and slow. After saving 10 radio stations, I added another 4, a total of 14 radio stations. In other words, if it is correct, then 14 radio stations are in the sequence list. I think this will cause controversy. I guess many people hope that this remote control can choose 100 pre -stored radio like the old radio. But in fact,

The remote control can only choose 10 pre -stored stations, which disappointed me.

This difference is not mentioned in advertising and machine evaluation articles. Other radio stations can only choose to use the pre -stored radio list on the screen or use the “Pre -Estang Radio Page” to choose from.

There is no big problem with the screen of the CCWIFI3 radio, but the radio needs to be placed in a place suitable for close observation. You need to rotate the knob of the radio or use the remote control. In every case,


When selecting the first batch of pre -stored radio stations, users must stand in front of the radio. However, users can use smartphones, tablets or computers to connect to the “Pre -Estang Radio Page”. This requires rolling the page one page by page. Each page contains only 10 radio or names.


So find the radio where you want to hear.

The company believes that this pre -stored radio page is left to senior users. However, it may become the main method of choosing radio channels. I really hope that the remote control can remotely call all the pre -stored frequencies without having to let users stand in front of the radio or use other electronic devices to choose.

Except for the first batch of pre -stored 10 radio stations and switching off, the remote control seems to have no value.


If this is the case, then there is really no need for remote control, just use the keys on the front panel.

The screen of CCWIFI3 radio makes me upset,

I want to know if it can improve the software to make it change the font, screen brightness, and timing function, anyway, it makes me restless.

Another annoying place is to choose the sound after selecting the radio.

I feel like my head is in a cotton ball slowly opened.

I thought I would never say it, but I would miss the remote control of the credit card size equipped by the old radio. At first, I hated it very much. I wanted to replace it. After about 1 month, I found that it was very convenient to use. If you use the radio at night, put the remote control on the desktop. You can also use the new remote control to do the same thing. I also hope that this credit card -sized remote control can be compatible with CCWIFI3 radio, but it does not work.

I have mentioned the confusion caused by the federal communication committee in the Skytune database. Perhaps the Skytune database can be amended. I want to expand with the database user group, other users I have encountered other users will encounter it. In addition, I think the Skyune database should include streaming media protocols, including Bit rates, as RuCiva provided. Although some radio stations are indeed provided, it is good if you can still identify the medium waves or frequency adjustment broadcast streaming media and operating frequency. I suspect they can only display the information required in the recommended list. Perhaps Skytune can establish a strict and unified report standard.

Fourth, conclusion

Frankly speaking, the two CCWIFI radio sounded almost the same.

I want to say that a very strict comparison evaluation will reveal the difference between the two, but the difference will not be too large. In the three -hour comparison evaluation, I will choose one radio, and then the other, at the same time, I want to handle the task, read and take notes. I have forgotten which radio is the broadcast more than once, and I have to check it again. I think it is a “feeling” that depends on specific music works, not it. This reminds me of the time when I was in the B & W photography company. I will be distressed by the subtle difference between one photo and the other photo. Both photos are great, but they feel a subtlety. The difference that is almost difficult to detect, I have to make a judgment based on this feeling. The sound quality emitted by such a small horn has always surprised me, and I don’t have anything to talk about.

In addition, I compared the volume of the two radios, which surprised me that I found that they were almost consistent.

When they are adjusted to WSHU radio, their flushed sounds can be filled with the entire room.

A few months ago, when talking to the employees of Kerean, I mentioned that if the next radio, CCWIFI4 can use the Bluetooth stereo speakers, then it is fine. I also suggest that they provide a matching set of optional speakers. They told me that this is the trend of network radios, and it may come true …

All in all, I am very satisfied with the CCWIFI3 network radio. I think there will be upgrading and update in the future, which will make it better.

Text: Mark Translation+Picture: Radio Review Translation Source: SWLING

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