This Ms. Step ladies casual leather shoes use directly injection molding outsole, which is very strong and durable.The leather insole has an exclusive comfortable fiber system, which can sustain the cushioning when walking, maintaining long -term comfort.The soft leather lining allows the feet to relax and walk, and the weight of the shoes is also very light.

The current Coffee model price of Amazon in the United States

$ 45.24

, Free domestic freight, transfer to hand

比呀比: 大码福利:ECCO 爱步 Sculptured 45 女士休闲皮鞋 $45.24

About 375 yuan (without tax)


38 yards


41 yards

比呀比: 大码福利:ECCO 爱步 Sculptured 45 女士休闲皮鞋 $45.24

There are stocks, rare good prices, and girls who are suitable for numbers may wish to go up and see!For the specific purchase method, refer to the exclusive fool -style Haitao tutorial.For more Haitao information, please move Haitao Channel.

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