On November 27th, under the witness of multiple academicians, the first F -Class 50 MW heavy gas turbine with independent intellectual property rights in China achieved a full load and stable operation in Deyang, Sichuan. The gas turbine independently developed a key step. However, it is not easy to achieve this breakthrough. Such a breakthrough is full of hardships, and it also includes the “cluster effect” produced by the coordination of various industries. So how do we achieve breakthroughs?


If it is difficult to attack, the heavy weapon of the great power must be in your own hands


The gas turbine is an important equipment for power and energy, and has always been known as the “pearl in the crown” of the manufacturing industry. The main reason is that the gas turbine often runs above the metal melting point, and the parts must overcome this difficulty. The most important thing is that components must also withstand extremely high stress and corrosion environments. Its design and manufacturing are extremely difficult. For decades, the design and manufacturing and test verification technology of the high temperature parts of the gas turbine is still blank in my country, which has greatly hindered the establishment and development of my country’s independent gas turbine industry system.

First of all, the concept of F -class gas turbine is a type of internal combustion engine. It is through fuel combustion (the fuel is mainly for natural gas) to generate strong gas to promote the impeller rotation, thereby generating power. According to the different temperature of the combustion chamber, it is divided into E, F, and H levels, of which H level is the highest, and the combined cycle efficiency can reach 61%. This time, the F -class has a full -load of gas turbine with a power output of 50 MW. Its single loop is about 38%and the joint cycle is about 57%.

my country’s gas turbine has a short history of development. In 2008, the first R0110 heavy gas turbine in China was successfully developed and achieved zero breakthroughs. Now there is a 50MW gas turbine that is completely nationalized. The gas turbine is successfully operated, and it has brought a huge leap in both the energy industry or to the power of the ship.


According to reports, the gas turbine is divided into 1100 degrees Celsius, 1200 degrees Class F-Class, 1300 degrees Celsius G-Class G-grade, and 1400 degrees Celsius according to the combustion temperature. It is in the 300MW-400MW range. This breakthrough in China is the F -Class of 1200 degrees Celsius. Although the force is only 50mW, it will laid a solid foundation for China ’s heavy gas turbine with 300MW. Breakthroughs are further reduced to the gap with developed countries.

As a manufacturer, we have also introduced foreign technology before, which can be designed and manufactured. However, high -temperature components still rely on imports. For example, although the company has produced more than 70 300MW heavy gas turbines, although it claims that the localization rate is more than 80%, nearly 20%of them are controlled by foreign companies. This part is exactly the core technology The company wants to obtain through cooperation and technical transfer, but it is rejected without exception. Therefore, in the domestic 50MW heavy gas turbine testing plant, the slogan we use is “the key core technology must not come, buy, or get it.” Yes, the heavy weapon must be in their own hands.

Ten years of grinding a sword, the cluster effect of the major country ’s heavy weapon

The core components of heavy gas turbines are air pressure, combustion room and high temperature. In 2009, a scientific research team was established in my country to set up special projects. From the design scheme, component experiments, prototype manufacturing, and whole machine evaluation, they all use independent intellectual property rights. It aims to break through the technical barriers fully, driving the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the gas turbine, and filling the gap in my country’s gas turbine industry system.

There are as many as tens of thousands of components, which is a systematic project. It was not until 2017 that the company completed the three core components of the 50MW heavy gas turbine, and the overall design. After breaking the tasks such as impeller manufacturing, high temperature resistance, and comprehensive experimental platform construction, the project progressed rapidly in 2018. Not only did this at the end of 2018, we also realized the technical appraisal of the first -level static leaf casting of the 300WM heavy gas turbine turbine, which means that the 50WM knowledge begins, and the bigger and stronger is behind.

However, these breakthroughs are not easy. For the first level of static leaves of the gas turbine turbine, first of all, the processing accuracy needs to be controlled within a few microns. For this behemoth, there must be good manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes. Secondly, as the first contact with high temperature gas, this component requires a short period of time to temperature and cool down, and the heat shock is large. And it must be manufactured in a high -temperature environment with sufficient strength and stiffness. Finally, the comprehensive inspection part is that because of the technical limits, the calculation method cannot be verified, and it can only be measured. This must be established.


Driven by the continuous progress of other industries and talents, with the continuous efforts of the project scientific researchers, the project has completed the key core design, and has built the first domestic high -voltage ratio pneumatic test desk, the first F -level test table in China, and the domestic F -level test table, and the domestic F -level test table, and the first F -level test desk in China. Multiple flat component test benchs and the domestic maximum power test platform have overcome difficulties such as high temperature transparent blades blank manufacturing.

According to the 2016 report of the Science and Technology Daily, Beijing Huaqing announced on July 29 of that year. Jingthe has successfully completed the high temperature cooling effect test at the China Gas turbine Research Institute. Various performance indicators include leaf cooling efficiency, and the temperature distribution of leaves is better than design requirements, marking a major breakthrough in my country’s core design and manufacturing technology.

It is the mutual cooperation of domestic industries to jointly assault and form a joint force that gradually broke the ice and cast a major country. With Tongli cooperation, the project has entered a rapid development stage in 2018, and the entire machine development announcement was successful on September 27, 2019. China’s first F -class 50MW heavy gas turbine ignition test was successful in Oriental Electric Group. The eight burning cylinders of heavy gas turbines ignited and burned at the same time and achieved stable operation.

On May 12, 2020, the crew conducted the first load test at the beginning of the load, and operated by 25%in a level by level by level. Finally, on September 22 this year, the gas turbine finally operated to 100%of the load for the first time, reaching the rated power of 50 MW, rated rated rated, and the rated rated. The speed of 6000 rpm per minute, the main indicators meet the design goals.


On November 27, 2020, in the company’s laboratory, Chen Xuedong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (50 MW heavy gas turbine full load, witness the expert group leader) announced: The heavy gas turbine reaches a full load, the operation indicators are normal, and the expert group is witnessed. “


At this point, another heavy weapon in my country has been successfully completed, and all this has just begun. The most important thing is that my country has mastered the core technology of the independent design, manufacturing, and experiment of the gas turbine. Industrial development, and all this will bring a cluster effect to the development of my country’s high -end equipment.

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