Jin Zhev, full of ambition


In November 1970, Jin Zhefu was born in Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In 1988, he graduated from middle school and learned to make leather shoes from Yongjia to Wenzhou City.

In the second year, his father, Jin Linxing, founded the Japanese leather shoes manufacturer, which is the predecessor of the Ritai Group. Following his father, he also founded the two brothers of Jin Zhev -Jin Zhemin and Jin Zhexin.

After learning for a year, Jin Zhefu, who was under 20 years old, followed his family to Tai’an City at the foot of Taishan, and planned to sell products from travelers from all over the country, Japan Thai shoes.

With the continuous prosperity of the market economy, the shoe industry of the Jin Zhefu family has also flourished. In December 1999, the Japanese shoe industry appeared at Hangzhou Wulin Gate for the first time, causing a sensation. Zhe also happened to be the tenth anniversary of the Japanese shoe industry.

Right one Jin Zhefu, the second brother of the right brother, Jin Zhemin

At this time, Jin Zhefu was an important helper of his father and two brothers in the company, which was vital and important in the development of the group.

Jin Zhefu is good at learning. In order to manage the company, he has studied several business schools. Moreover, he also knows how to maintain a good relationship in all aspects, especially the government and the media where the company is located.

Every year, before the New Year, Jin Zhev had a media thank you meeting and invited the media in Wenzhou and even the country with influential and cooperative relationships in Wenzhou to gather together to listen to everyone’s opinions and suggestions, and express the company’s gratitude by the way.

Under the efforts of the Jin family headed by Jin Zhefu, the Japanese shoe industry has developed a lot.


At the Shanghai Exhibition held in October 2000, Jin Zhefu carefully planned. The company created a unique exhibition style with a unique layout and a forest -style green corridor, which has attracted high attention from all walks of life in Shanghai. Let the Japanese shoe industry shine in the public view.


This year, Jin Zhefu was only 30 years old. He just happened to have the 6th anniversary of marriage with his wife Zheng Lijie. In order to give his child a good reading conditions, he set up a property in Shanghai and arranged for his daughter to study in Shanghai.

Jin Zhefu

Later, they had another son, named Jin Shuyi, who entrusted Yin Yin’s hope for his son.

In 2003, Jin Zhev decided to create a new brand of different positioning, so he registered Zhejiang Qianlima Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. Seeing that the company’s development momentum is flourishing, the young Jin Zhefu is even more ambitious.

On September 7, 2005, Japan’s “Shoes Art” appeared on the beach for the second time, which once again attracted much attention from all walks of life.

Zuo Yi Jin Zhefu

In 2010, the Ritai Group he was in charge completed the “Trilogy”. The first is to successfully complete the group reorganization; the second is to unite the Fortune 500 and successfully expand the high -end market for leather shoes; the third is to start the reform of private enterprises and “turn the managers into a boss”, which has become one of the focus events of the Chinese shoe industry.

Usually, he was at work. The two children were studying in Shanghai and their grades were very good. He ran back and forth in Wenzhou and Shanghai.


Unexpectedly, the usual running around January 21, 2012 became a farewell to Jin Zhev and the world.


In the 28th lunar month of 2011, Jin Zhefu returned to Shanghai as usual as usual. His mother and his wife Zheng Lijie were still waiting for them. The two children in Shanghai were still waiting for them because the next day was New Year’s Eve.

However, the accident happened!

A car accident occurred in the Zhuyong Expressway (Zhuji section) of Wenzhou to Shanghai, and Jin Zhefu died after being sent to Zhuji Hospital.

Although his wife Zheng Lijie was scarred, he cried and cried, and he refused to be treated with a doctor. He had to go with her husband Jin Zhefu.

Relatives and friends desperately persuaded, saying that you did not hear Zhev’s dying, and repeatedly read “Shu Yi, Shuyi”. This is not to want you to bring your child big. Don’t be confused.


In addition, the doctor repeatedly emphasized that if she did not cooperate with the serious consequences of treatment, Zheng Lijie agreed to hang water and receive treatment.

It is said that she was hanging in front of her husband Jin Zhefu’s bed with a salt water bottle.

After all, Jin Zhefu still went. This pair of Ritai Group is undoubtedly a major loss. It is said that he was very kind to his employees during his lifetime. Before the holidays, he would buy a ticket for employees to go home and let the employees happy to go home to celebrate the New Year. Kaichun employees return to the factory, and the tickets are reimbursed in full by the company.

Big Brother Jin Zhemin


Before the holiday, he will also write a thank -you letter for each employee’s family.


It has been more than eight years since the death of Jin Zhefu. It is said that under the operation of his two brothers Jin Zhemin and Jin Zhexin, Ritai Group developed well.

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