[Mobile China News] April 26 news, in addition to the release of Meilan E2, Meizu also launched an E2 exclusive protective case. This protective case is 79 yuan, which is novel design.


The fun flash protective shell is matched with the rear flash of Charm Blue E2. It has 15 custom flash effects and customize the flash style.Including WeChat, telephone, SMS and other notices can customize custom flash effects.In addition, the fun flash protective shell has three colors: Asakusa green, flame red, and clear blue blue. It is made of high -quality PU material and sprayed with paint paint.

Meizu releases fun flash protective case

Having said that, the flashing light design of this mobile phone of Charm Blue E2 is very chic.It has 4 LED flow lamps, which are arranged horizontally with a combination of “cold+warm+cold+warmth”. The cold and cold alternation also supports the brightening effect in Flyme settings.Different lights are prompting different types of information for users.And the funny protective case is exactly combined with E2, which makes the shining light of the machine perfectly reflect.

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