I did not expect that the C (pseudonym) born in 1999 did not expect that an occasional mouth corner with strangers actually made himself “close”.

As required, he wanted to concentrate and observe the healthy observation of the 7 Heavenly House.

On April 22, Hangzhou detected a nuclear -positive case of nuclear acid -positive cases in the seal -controlled area personnel. During an epidemiological survey, this person was at 8:40 on the day before at home. Friction occurred and a minute of fighting.

Perhaps because of the quarrel, he then did not work, and returned home … After that, the community was closed because of a confirmed case.

Immediately, after the origin of epidemiology, another protagonist of the quarrel scene, which was C.

According to risk research and judgment, he is incorporated into management as a close contact as the case.

Zhao Gang, director of the Hangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, explained that the source of infection of the new coronary virus is mainly the confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections of new coronary pneumonia.

Mainly spread and contact through droplets.

It is contagious during the incubation period, and the fierce scene of quarrel, positive patients may spray virus; and during the quarrel, even if wearing a mask, the mask may not be effectively fit due to the excessive facial movement. Decrease and not play a sufficient protective role. If limb conflicts occur, it is more dangerous.

Then in life,

What other scenarios need special protection?

1. Cough and sneezing.

It will form a large amount of droplets and spread bacteria or viruses. Under normal circumstances, the droplets are not more than 2 meters, but cough or sneezing can make the droplets more than 8 meters. Therefore, if you want to sneeze and cough, cover your mouth and nose with a paper towel, and then throw the tissue into the covered trash can. If there is no paper towel, we can cover the nose and nose with elbows or coats to prevent the drill from splashing, and remember to wash our hands in time!

2. Rub your eyes and wipe your nose.

The Hangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has done an observation experiment. During the 20 -minute observation time, 70.3%of adults and 86.4%of children have unconsciously touching nose and rubbing. In fact, in addition to the spread of droplets, the virus can also be touched by the hands, and then the eyes are rubbed, touching the mouth, nose and other behaviors to cause infection after entering the body. Therefore, in terms of prevention of infectious diseases, to wash your hands and wearing masks is equally important.

3, removing masks.

Everyone already knows the importance of wearing a mask in preventing respiratory infectious diseases. I do n’t know that the removal of masks is a more important step. This is because the mask protects us, and its outer surface becomes the front line that blocks the virus. Dirty “place. Therefore, not only do you need to wash your hands carefully in front of the hood, but also be careful not to touch the outer layer of the mask with your hand when you pick the mask.

4. Do nucleic acid detection.

When doing nucleic acid detection, we must protect ourselves and need to pay attention to some details. For example: Keep the distance when queuing, do not talk, do not play mobile phones; do not shout “ah” when collecting nucleic acids. It is recommended to hold your breath, complete the detection with instructions as soon as possible, and then put on a mask quickly; do not put your mobile phone, ID card, etc. Place personal items on the tabletop of nucleic acid detection, and do not touch the desktop with your hands.


Many citizens have approved singing and dancing in order to thank the medical staff for their hard work, as well as sending fruits and milk tea.

This heart is received,

But the way is not recommended.

Because the nucleic acid testing site is a place with certain risks, these expressions may bring potential risks.

At the same time, it is not recommended that citizens stay for a long time


It is the best way to cooperate and quickly complete the sampling and make Dabai get off work a moment.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

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