Centennial mountain Haitang sea cucumber essence film, help us recover the 70 billion lost 70 billion


: 70 billion yuan, how big is it? Xiaobian is here to calculate a account. If we get 5 million every day, how long can we get it? 70 billion/5 million/365 days = 3888888 … year. 5 million in 38 years, isn’t it cool, but now these money is secretly away from us!

Since ancient times, there have been a famous name for the famous name of the land, sea cucumber, and sea cucumbers as high -grade nourishing food and Chinese medicine meals, so they have been tuned as the first of the sea of ​​food. “Materia Medica Pickling” is the role of “nourishing kidney essence, essence of essence, removing salivation, aphrodisiac, raw pulse, and cure collapse.” “

一种全面保留营养 又能高效吸收 还食用方便的海参新吃法

At present, the pace of social life is fast and stressful, especially in the thirties of men, they often feel the phenomenon of weak waistic acid and inadequate concentration. With the decline in physical functions, dizziness, tinnitus, dazzling, irritability, insomnia and dreaming, dreams, and dreams. If you do not follow the heart, you have become a characteristic of the decline in the health index. With the popularization of sea cucumber value knowledge, sea cucumbers gradually appear on the table of ordinary people.

Sea cucumber nourishes and the value of food supplement is so high, but how do you usually eat sea cucumber? Do you have to soak for a long time, then stew soup, drink porridge, drink, and eat cold, and the flavor of the green onion is also good, but do you know that this will lose 70%of the nutrition, which is what you bought 1,000 yuan sea cucumber for sea cucumber. As a result, I only ate a nutrition worth 300 yuan.

More than 48 degrees Celsius, the nutrition of sea cucumbers will be degraded. During the initial processing stage, in addition to frozen and dry sea cucumbers, the production of dried sea cucumbers has undergone high -temperature cucumbers and drying processes to make nutritional degeneration and loss. In addition, there are hidden safety hazards in salt dried sea cucumbers and dried sugar ginseng, causing excessive salt and sugar intake to cause injuries and kidney. Consortium of dry sea cucumbers also need to make hair, which will cause a lot of nutrients in the process.

In the process of soaking, the loss rate of minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, etc. is above 73%, and the loss rate of high temperature treatment is as high as 92%; the damage to amino acids is also very large, and the loss rate of lysine is above 60%. Alkaline treatment, the loss rate is as high as 79%; the loss rate of the histine is above 15%, and the loss rate of high temperature treatment is as high as 52%; the loss rate of arginine is above 26%. If the alkali treatment is treated, the loss rate is as high as 70%.

Traditional sea cucumber cooking is generally fried, stewed, boiled, and cold. This process will cause nutritional loss, and nutrients are too large, and it is not easy to absorb the human body.

Therefore, the sea cucumber that everyone eats is roughly lost by 70%of nutrition from production to soaking to cooking. The absorption and utilization rate of remaining nutrients is also very low. The market share of China’s sea cucumber has exceeded 100 billion yuan, and Qianhai Ginseng accounts for a large share of the sea cucumber market, which means that it has lost nearly 70 billion yuan in nutritional value.

一种全面保留营养 又能高效吸收 还食用方便的海参新吃法

So how can it not only fully retain nutrients, but also absorb efficiently. It is convenient and easy to carry?

Centennial mountain Haitang sea cucumber essence films, four innovative technologies: resonance break -up film protection techniques, protease increasing efficiency protection technology, anti -acid maintenance targeting absorption technology, stability and frozen and drying technology, so that sea cucumbers can be made The molecular weight of the active nutrients has reached 300-500 Dalton (atomic quality units). It avoids the digestive fluid to destroy its activity. Entering the small intestine can be directly absorbed into the blood, enter the human circulation system, realize the efficient use of nutrition, and the whole process is low. Do not destroy the activity of nutritional ingredients, and the nutrients are retained comprehensive. Activate the internal force of the sea cucumber, let you spend 100 yuan to buy sea cucumbers, and eat more than 100 yuan nutrition.

Sea cucumber is still in an extensive market, with few deep -processing products, less share, and lack of molding standards. There is a shortcoming of dry sea ginseng, which accounts for a large proportion of market share: the method of eating is complicated, the nutritional loss is severe, it is not easy to absorb, and the value of sea cucumbers cannot be effectively used.

How did the sea cucumber come from?

How does sea cucumber become a high -quality sea cucumber film?

raw material

For more than 3 years, with complete body shape, thick meat, stretching, no damage to the face, soft and hard meat, and elastic 80-120g (the best variety of quality in the sea cucumber), for physical and chemical testing, pollutant testing, detection, Microbial testing, veterinary drug residue testing, pesticide residue testing.


Resonance broken membrane to protect the collapse technology

Using the working principle of ultrasonic (ultrasonic is a mechanical vibration wave, which can enter the inside of the object and perform the physical phenomenon, the effect of the cytoplasm, produce an empty effect, and generate dense small bubbles. The same energy is the role of crushing cells), physical destruction of cells, crushing the cell membrane and exposing nutrients without damaging nutrient activity.

Enzymatic disintegration

Proteinase cutting efficiency guarantee technology

Under low temperature conditions, the sea cucumber protein is decomposed step by step with the specificity of the devotase and gastric protease to make it into small molecular peptides. The molecular weight can reach 300-500 Dalton (atomic quality unit). The absorbing molecular measuring diameter limit is 1,000 Dalton, which can quickly absorb the blood through the intestinal wall. At the same time, due to the improvement of activity, the adsorption of the intestinal wall to it will inevitably increase the retention time in the human body, thereby increasing the absorption rate of the human body. Without changing the nature of the original active substance, the enzyme activity of the polypeptide is activated, and the mixed nutrients are mixed.


Anti -acid protection targeting absorption technology

Blogenol is combined with small molecular nutrients (sea cucumber sticky polysaccharides, sea cucumbers, and sea cucumber molecular peptides) to use the principle of not being easily digested by digestion, so that most active substances are successfully carried to small intestine, absorbing into the blood, greatly improving the absorption rate Essence


Maintaining stability, blocking, frozen drying and maintenance technology

一种全面保留营养 又能高效吸收 还食用方便的海参新吃法

Frozen and dry at ultra -low temperature vacuum conditions (frozen the dry liquid material into solids, use the ice sublimation performance at low temperature decompression conditions to make the low temperature dehydration of the material and achieve drying the purpose), to the greatest extent to retain active substances Activity.


一种全面保留营养 又能高效吸收 还食用方便的海参新吃法

The GMP factory qualifications use sea cucumber original powder, without any hormone adding, the sterile workshop compressor tablet finished product -limited product control process, compressive finished tablet tablet product control process, purifying space pressure control technology.


Purify the space control process, and the packaging avoids the effects of collision, friction, temperature and humidity, light, air erosion, etc., and maintain stability of small molecules active substances. From the quality control of raw materials to innovative technology, to production control, Shanhai Hall has always adhered to product quality with a scientific attitude, making sea cucumber a high -quality sea cucumber film.

Participate in 360 · Sea Cucumber’s original film, which fully awaken the sea ginseng.

The core technology of the 360 ​​sea cucumber originally effectively solved the problem of high temperature loss and unfavorable absorption of sea cucumber active nutrients, and obtained the national invention patent technical certification, so that the sea ginseng was fully opened, so that the original power of sea cucumber was effectively absorbed by the human body efficiently. use. In this way, it breaks the disadvantages of sea cucumber’s traditional way of eating, low activity and nutritional absorption rate, and easy loss of nutrition, making the nourishment of sea cucumbers simpler, faster, and more efficient. Native

Centennial mountain Haitang sea cucumber essence film, help us recover the 70 billion lost 70 billion

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