Now whether boys and girls like to buy bracelets, especially girls love bracelets, so how much is crystal bracelet? How to identify the true and false crystal bracelets, let’s take a look together!

1. How much is crystal bracelet?

From the perspective of craftsmanship, the amethyst bracelet is good or bad. The dark purple purple crystals produced by Uruguay are the most advanced and the primary and secondary. This type of amethyst bracelet is a very good type, and the shape proportions are coordinated from the color of the purple crystal bracelet:

The origin of the amethyst is relatively wide; the amethyst (blue-purple) in sequence is Korean, and the better one can reach 40-60 yuan/, the workmanship is fine. Purple is red), no scratches on the surface, and good polishing techniques.

水晶手链一般多少钱 怎么鉴别水晶手链真假

From the price, the amethyst bracelet is good or bad: Under the same quality: Any amethyst bracelet Each bead is carefully carved by the carved master. The better the amethyst bracelet, the more expensive the price will be, the perilum crystal (light color or dark purple in the black tone) is finally produced in China. It is a necessary product in high -end jewelry shops around the world. The same, so it can identify the quality of the amethyst bracelet based on the color.

2. What are the meaning of crystal bracelets

Symbol of pure white crystal bracelet. The transparent and flawless ice crystal reminds people of water.

The meaning of garnet crystal: represents harmony and purity, enhance memory, trigger inspiration, purify soul, avoid evil, and bless and Qianxiang.

The amethyst bracelet symbolizes wisdom. The noble amethyst is as mellow as wine.

The meaning of perilla crystal: develop intelligent, stable emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate, increase memory ability, enhance interpersonal relationships, and give people courage and strength. Representing Gao Jie’s strong love, often as a love stone of couples. The amethyst also represents the “guardian stone of love” in Western countries, which can give couples, couples deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.

The yellow crystal bracelet symbolizing wealth. The large crystal flowers are clustered, with a kind of golden autumn.

The meaning of yellow crystal: The stone of wealth often brings unexpected wealth, helps to calm down the mood, eliminate boredom, and stabilize emotions.

Calm tea crystal bracelet. The quiet gray tea is like a pool of water, quiet and profound.

The meaning of tea crystal: represents stability, stability, promotes wound healing, enhances immunity, restores youth, and fitness.

Pink crystal bracelet symbolizing happiness and love. The pink bead flower is as gentle as water -the flower season girl’s longing for love.

The meaning of pink crystal: can increase the fate, recruit peach blossoms, and be the best love stone.

3. How to identify the true and false crystal bracelets

Glass imitation products, this type of crystal, is clear and transparent at a glance, has no texture, and has low hardness. The single refractive index will be mixed with bubbles in the crystal. Glass imitation.

Plastic imitation products, such crystals are easy to distinguish, can be distinguished from the touch, temperature, and hardness of the hand holding. People who often contact the natural crystals will know the true and false crystals in their hands.

Crystal glass products, to be white, are lead glass, glass products with lead metal, the most on the market, basically all gift shops are sold; because the refractive index and scattering rate are good, it looks crystal clear, bright, dazzling and moving. This kind of crystal products are more suitable for decorations, not suitable for wearing, and no spiritual effects.

Melting crystal, mainland products, like glass, but mostly made of balls of seven or eight cm to ten centimeters. It is very beautiful and beautiful, but the single refractive index and low hardness can be distinguished by polarizing mirror.

The crystal is the artificial voltage crystal. The original stone of the crystal does not have the crystal of the hexagonal crystal, which is the easiest to judge; but if it is processed into the finished product, it is not easy to judge directly. Here you need to use UV spectrometers to distinguish authenticity. Of course, it is easy for professional shops or natural crystal enthusiasts to distinguish it through the naked eye. These crystals mainly appear in categories such as tea crystals, yellow crystals, amethyst, amethyst and water blue crystals.

In response to the authenticity of natural crystals, we give the following methods.

Observation method: The growth process of natural crystals is extremely complicated. During the formation process, it is often affected by the environment. There are always some impurities in the crystal. When observing the sun or under the light, you can see a slight uniform and small horizontal lines. Or catkins. The imitation natural crystals are mostly melted with residual crystal residue and glass residue. It is made of processing and imitation of coloring. The crystals are often accompanied by bubbles, without uniform stripes and catkins.

Through the sensation: cool and ice is the attachment of natural crystals. Even in the hot summer, it is cold and refreshing with the surface of the natural crystal or licking the surface of the natural crystal with the tongue. The fake natural crystal does not feel cool.

Light effect: Natural crystal can reflect the magnificent color in the sun and moisturize the texture. Fake crystals cannot.

Detection hardness: Natural crystal hardness is high, and it is gently drawn with gravel on the jewelry without leaving traces; if there are stripe marks, most of them are glass crystal or plastic crystal products.

Checking with polarizing mirror: The natural crystal that changes 360 degrees under polarizing mirrors with four dark and four dark changes. There is no change.

Two -color check: Natural amethyst has dual -color, and false crystals have no duality.

水晶手链一般多少钱 怎么鉴别水晶手链真假

Checking with a magnifying glass: Use a ten -fold magnifying glass to check in the transmission light. Those who can find the bubbles can basically be fixed as fake crystals.

Use thermal guideline to detect: adjust the thermal guide to the green 4 grid test gemstone, the natural crystal can rise to 2 cells, while the false crystal does not rise, and when the area is large, it rises to a yellow grid.

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