In the arrival of cold winter, cold -proof clothing has begun to increase. The same sales of warm bedding have increased significantly. Among them, blankets are the best sales volume. French velvet blankets and coral velvet blankets are more common and popular blankets. So what is the difference between them? Today we will discuss which is good for flaws and coral velvet and the price of flange beds.

Which French velvet and coral velvet are better

法兰绒和珊瑚绒哪个好 法兰绒床品价格

1. Mao loss: The plush of flavors is delicate and dense, and the plush of coral velvet is relatively thick and sparse; therefore, coral velvet is prone to hair loss, and flaws will not.

2. Warm -keeping performance: The flange fabric is relatively thicker, and the weight is much larger than the coral velvet, but the warmth performance is not as good as the coral velvet, and it is heavier than the coral velvet. ball.

3. Feeling: The velvet surface of the flaw is soft and smooth, while the coral velvet surface has coral velvet small particles.

Generally speaking, the feel, comfort and aesthetics of the flavors are better than coral velvet, but the price of coral velvet is lower and the warmth effect is better. Consumers should consider these factors when buying their own needs.

法兰绒和珊瑚绒哪个好 法兰绒床品价格

Franco -Poly Plane Price

Twenty-one spinning coral velvet four-piece Fai Lai velvet beds kit warm flange four-piece four-piece thick 20113-A03 449 yuan

法兰绒和珊瑚绒哪个好 法兰绒床品价格

Qisi Miaoyu Coral Velvet Four -piece Set Thick Winter Winter Warm Double Falle Velveted Beds Flat Clason 55717 238 yuan

Montesha Kascus warm coral velvet flange four -piece set of autumn and winter bed products Ferle velvet bed supplies 201709201946 405 yuan

Disney children’s bedding thickened Flael velvet three or four sets of cartoon flavored coral velvet sheets were set 20170802 218 yuan

French velvet blankets and coral velvet blankets each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, when purchasing, you should choose to choose your own blanket from your own needs. After all, the blanket was directly covered on the body, and comfortable in his heart. The above is the price of flaws and coral velvet brought by Xiaobian for everyone and the price of flanges. Hope to help everyone.

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