The Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a series of theme press conferences on April 22, 2022 (Friday) at 10 am. Shen Liang, Yang Chunlei, deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Procuratorate and the second -level prosecutor, Liu Zhao, deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security, and Liu Ye, deputy minister of the Ministry of Justice, introduced the political and legal reform measures and results since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and answered reporters. China Net live broadcast, the following is a record of text:

Jing Hanchao, deputy secretary -general of the Central Political and Legal Committee: Good morning everyone. First of all, thank the media friends for their concern and support for political and legal reform for many years. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the political and legal system has carefully studied and implemented Xi Jinping’s thinking of the rule of law, adhered to the party’s absolute leadership of political and legal work, adhered to the people -centered, based on national conditions, and unprecedentedly unprecedented. Determination and strength, promote historic changes in the field of political and legal fields in the new era, accelerate the construction of fair, efficient and authoritative socialist judicial systems, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the new realm of “governance of China” and laid a solid foundation.

Everyone knows that the reform of political and legal reforms involves a wide range of faces and a lot of content. Due to time, I focus on the three aspects of content.

In the first aspect, the reform of the power configuration and operation mechanism of the reform is significantly improved.

The first is to strengthen the responsibility for handling case handling from the power structure and management system. In order to solve the case that everyone can handle the case, the case should be approved at all levels, the responsibility is unclear, and the classification management and judicial responsibility system of judicial personnel shall be implemented. As everyone knows, the hospital’s doctors, nurses and executives, we also divide the staff of the court procuratorate into three categories: judge prosecutor, judicial auxiliary personnel, and judicial administrative personnel. Disposure. Selected a certain percentage of politics, high level of case handling, and outstanding performance, and the judge prosecutors were specially served as the responsibility system of “letting trials, responsible for the referee”, “who handled the case, who decided who was responsible”, which was greatly great. Strengthen the responsibility of the case handling personnel.

The second is to establish and improve the supervision mechanism of law enforcement judicial rights. In order to prevent the interference and influence of various relationships on law enforcement judicial activities, put power into the cage of the system, continuously improve the institutional mechanism of restricting supervision, improve the responsibility system, and “decentralize power.” For example, strengthen the legal supervision of procuratorial organs, expand the scope of people’s jurors to participate in trial cases, unblock the channels of people’s participation and supervise law enforcement judicial activities, and disclose the basis, processes, results, and so on in accordance with the law. The way to see. If a system of preventing and intervention is also established, and if a case of questioning of leading cadres and internal personnel of the judicial organs, cases, all records, leave marks, regularly notice, and serious accountability.

The third is to reform the occupational security of judicial personnel, people, financial, and material management systems, and systems. Establish a system of salary and other systems with the judge prosecutor’s separate positions, improve the protection mechanism of performing duties in accordance with the law, and let the judicial officers “unwilling” to handle the case. According to local conditions, the unified management of the procuratorate of the courts below the provincial level, relevant personnel, and property below the provincial level below the provincial level to prevent local protectionist interference and ensure that the judicial organs exercise their powers independently and fairly according to law.

The fourth is the functional setting of political and legal institutions. The functions of the party committee’s political and legal committees have been further optimized, and the absolute leadership of the party’s political and legal work has been further strengthened. The Supreme People’s Court set up a tour court to resolve disputes on the spot and facilitate the masses’ lawsuits. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s reform institutions have strengthened full -time capacity. Establish the State Immigration Administration to strengthen the management of immigrants and immigration. Integrate the functions of the Ministry of Justice and the former State Council’s legal system, re -establish the Ministry of Justice, and optimize the functional system of judicial administrative agencies.

The second aspect is to further improve the litigation system and mechanism, and to achieve fairness and efficiency unified at a higher level

The first is to promote the reform of criminal proceedings centered on trial. Clarify the basic evidence standards of criminal cases in investigation, prosecution, and trial, so that the factual evidence of the case can stand the legal inspection. Give full play to the role of trials. The facts are investigated in the court. The qualifications are in the court.

The second is to carry out brimming reforms in civil lawsuits. According to the types of different cases, the application procedures for different cases are applicable, the large cases are refined, and the case will be handled quickly. Under the premise of protecting the rights of the parties, the general simple case enters the “fast lane”. Costs realize the scientific allocation of judicial resources.

The third is to establish a public interest litigation system. In response to the infringement of some social public interests, and failed to protect it in time, the procuratorial organs filed public interest lawsuits in the areas of ecological environment and resource protection, state -owned asset protection, food and drug safety, and heroes. State losses and protect social public interests.

The fourth is to vigorously build a new Internet judicial model. In recent years, we follow the pace of development in the Internet era, and deeply integrate modern scientific and technological means and judicial activities. It can be a lawsuit, which is very convenient. It can be said that my country’s courts have explored a new way for the judicial model of the Internet era and contributed Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions to the world. On the issue of Internet justice, China has indeed gone at the forefront of the world and has also been recognized by peers in many countries in the world.

The third aspect is to continuously improve the measures of convenience and the people’s reform measures, and the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security have significantly enhanced

The first is to pay close attention to the “two ends” and vigorously promote the fundamental changes of the system and mechanism of the lawsuit and implement the litigation procedure. Reform the review system, implement the registration system, and the people’s lawsuits are more convenient, making “difficulty in file” a history. Innovate the institutional mechanism, give full play to political advantages, strengthen comprehensive governance, strengthen information construction, form an online command system for “a nationwide chess”, implement the “blacklist” system, and continuously improve the “one -faced, restricted everywhere” joint credit punishment The mechanism has promoted the construction of a social credit system, promoted major changes in the implementation of system mechanisms and management methods, and formed the “Chinese model” and Chinese experience of implementing the rule of law internationally.

The second is to continue to carry out the “reduction of permits and convenience”, organize more than 13,000 “certification events”, and effectively solve the people’s reflection of strong difficulty in doing things, slow work, and complexity. Deepen the reform of the household registration system, and a total of more than 130 million residence permits were issued. Deepen the reform of the convenience of traffic management services, issue 110 million electronic driving licenses, and benefit more than 5 billion people.

The third is to formulate and implement the “Legal Aid Law”, expand the scope of legal aid, and basically achieve the full coverage of the detention center and the people’s court’s legal aid workstation, and effectively solve the problem of “lawsuits” in difficult people. Establish a national judicial assistance system, and in the past three years, the people’s court has issued a total of 2.95 billion yuan.

The fourth is to accelerate the construction of a three -dimensional and information social security prevention and control system. The survey results organized by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that in 2021, the national sense of security reached 98.6%, and China has become one of the safest countries in the world.

After ten years of unremitting efforts, it can be said that we have formed a series of original and iconic reform results, and have taken a path of socialist political and legal reform with Chinese characteristics, which has effectively promoted the high -quality development of political and legal work. We know that governing the country in accordance with the law is a huge systematic project. Reform has always been on the road. We must adhere to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and conscientiously implement the idea of ​​the rule of law in the practice of the rule of law in the practice of the rule of law. Continue to double their efforts to make new and greater contributions to the 20th victory of the party.

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