As a gold pendant that presented personality and decorative appearance, it is an indispensable fashion item for every beautiful fashion lady. And in the variety of gold pendants, how should we wear it? Now I do n’t have to worry about it anymore. Let ’s teach you a few tricks to wear Zhang Wanfu’s gold pendant.

If you want to wear a gold pendant suitable for you, you must consider your face when wearing a gold pendant:


Followed face: For people with pointed faces, the V -shaped pendant is too sharp and not soft because of repeating the sharp lines of the facial shape, so it should not be selected.

Round face: In order to make the face look longer, people with round faces should wear a long necklace such as Golden Taifu Angel Gold Pendant, so as to lengthen the face lines.

Oval face shape: This face shape is most consistent with the traditional aesthetic standards of Oriental women, so almost all styles can be perfectly matched with the choice of gold pendant. However, it is also noted that the pendant should not repeat the lines of the face. If it is a long oval face, it is not advisable to choose a long pendant, but consider using a short pendant to coordinate the face shape.

Square face: The opposite of the sharp face is just the opposite. People with a square face are more suitable for wearing a “V” -shaped gold pendant. In terms of length, the middle -to -long pendant can make the face look more slender. In order to soften the lines, you can also wear a brooch in the middle of the neck.

Wear gold pendants according to the neck:

In the choice of making up for the gold pendant with insufficient neck, people with a long neck should choose a short and large gold pendant to visually reduce the length of the neck; the opposite of people with short necks, suitable for long and small granules. Pendant. If the neck is thick, the specifications of the pendant should be longer, and the neck is detailed.

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