The Tibetan blue trench coat is a kind of cold tone, which gives people a calm and restrained feeling, very suitable for summer wear, and it will have a refreshing feeling. This trench coat is displayed with different pants and shoes according to different styles and fabrics. The effect will be different.

Today we share the style of the matching blue windbreaker to see which style you like.

1. Tibetan blue windbreaker+blue jeans+tablets

The Tibetan blue trench coat with jeans, obviously belongs to the casual style. The overall style is mainly Tibetan blue. It looks like a cool feeling. I choose a black and white striped shirt in the inside, which enhances the sense of layering of wearing and let the layering of wearing. Tibetan blue is no longer so dull.


Choose a white tablet shoes embellished with Tibetan blue lines, which echoes the Tibetan blue trench coat at the same time, which enhances the perfection of color matching. This set of matching, color matching focuses on details, is worth learning from.

Second, Tibetan blue windbreaker+straight pants+flat shoes


If you like elegant style to wear, you can choose a suit with a suit collar. The double row is best buckled, which can enhance the sense of styling and let the dressing of the wear. Then choose a straight pants. It is more comfortable to wear.


The color can be chosen to be yellow. This color is also relatively low -key and resistant. It has no sense of disobedience with the Tibetan blue coat. It is good to choose white tablets of shoes. The red lines on the edge of the shoes are the best. , Elegant without losing the atmosphere.

Third, Tibetan blue windbreaker+small foot pants+short leather boots

If you feel that the overall hidden blue trench coat is too monotonous, you can choose the Tibetan blue trench coat with gray lines. This trench coat not only enhances the high -level sense of the single product, and makes the monotonous clothes layered. You can choose to match a black piece of black Small feet pants are particularly sharp and thin, and with a black short leather boots, it looks good. It is so beautiful.

Fourth, Tibetan blue windbreaker+beam pants+Martin boots


This kind of Korean windbreaker is too feminine. The micro -silhouette version is particularly positive. The hidden blue protruding elegance and elegant atmosphere, matched with light -colored blue beam pants, can show women’s slender and thin legs, which is shiny. The eye, with the Tibetan blue Martin boots, looks particularly capable, delicate and beautiful, especially suitable for 30 -year -old women.

5. Tibetan blue windbreaker+nine -point jeans+whiteboard shoes


This Tibetan blue trench coat is super thin, it looks particularly fresh and elegant, with hidden buckles on the waist, which can adjust the tightness of the looseness. It is equipped with a gray porn jeans. It is stylish and beautiful. It is recommended that girls have long hair and their hair are scattered on their shoulders. , Feminine.

Today we introduced the topic of how to match the trousers and shoes about the Tibetan blue trench coat. I hope this article can help you wear it. Thank you for reading.

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