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Jenia Ermenegildo Zegna

Classic shoe Triple Stitch upgrade and return

In the autumn and winter of 2020, Jenia Hervically interpreted the classic Triple Stitch sneakers series.

This versatile sneakers use the upper upper without straps. After re -upgrading and evolution, the comfort has been further improved, and the sense of lightness is better than the past. As a unique feature -matching single product, the Triple Stitch sneakers occupy a unique position in the Jenia product series and are one of the luxurious eye -catching items in the contemporary men’s wardrobe. This non -lace -up shoe breaks through the costume limit, and it can be easily controlled by any shape or occasion. Whether it is customized suit or casual clothing, it is freely matched.

Ermenegildo ZEGNA 2020 Winter series Triple Stitch sneakers

This season’s artistic director of Jayania Group Alessandro Sartori has upgraded this modern sneakers, selects high -quality Mandarin Nippa, smooth calfskin, deer leather material, creating a lighter and flexible shoes structure, creating a comfortable comfortable and comfortable. feel. The ultra -light rubber sole can meet the luxury on various occasions, and cleverly fits the current urban elite lifestyle.


The iconic triple cross -loose laces, while ensuring that the sneakers are easy to wear and take off, also cleverly echo the brand tradition, which makes people think of the XXX iconic handmade stitching on the Jeonian suit lapel.

In the autumn and winter of 2020, Triple Stitch uses a series of luxury shoe facial materials with colorful colors to return to the Jeonian shoe series with a new upgrade and evolution, so that it can be comfortable to wear around the world.

This lightweight sneakers can choose beige, dark horses, or dark red with leather materials. There are also combinations of grain calf leather and suede. Modern sense, in addition, you can also choose a more delicate and soft deer skin, with a classic tone of white, blue or naval blue.

Alliance can popular Moncler


Launched the new Moncler Trevor sports shoes

The new MONCLER TREVOR sneakers are officially launched, continuing the brand’s consistent design concept, and organically integrate Takayama Aesthetics and urban style.

Moncler Trevor sneakers use alliances that Moncler’s iconic rubber thick sole is designed. It draws inspiration from hiking, has a solid and reliable grip, and is created for adventurers. The shoe body is spliced ​​from leather and rubber. The shoe type is fitting with a sense of lightness, and it has the toughness of the outdoor spirit and the exquisiteness of the metropolis.

Moncler Trevor sports shoes have two colors to choose from: white and naval blue with the French flag three colors.


Onitsuka Tiger

Launched the new HMR PEAK ™ G-TX

With HMR PEAK ™ LO shoes

Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger’s unremittingly presents a series of products with contemporary style, which cleverly integrates fashion touch, sports style, classic inheritance and innovation.

Onitsuka Tiger Guizuka Tiger continued to write the Himarayan Peak mountaineering boots in 1966. The HMR PEAK ™ G-TX high-top shoes and HMR PEAK ™ LO low-top shoes were launched to optimize design and functions and create a modern choice.


The shoes are used with simple shoe with functional grooves soles, with excellent cushioning performance and grip. The heel part is made of high -wear -resistant rubber. In addition, high-top shoes are made of Gore-TEX technology, which is waterproof and breathable, suitable for rainy days.


HMR PEAK ™ LO and HMR PEAK ™ G-TX have been released in October 2020 at ONITSUKA TIGER Guizuka Tiger Selection Store and the following e-commerce websites.


John lobb

Xingyao always pays attention to the 75th anniversary of “William”

John Lobb paid tribute to the 75th anniversary of the birth of the brand’s iconic shoe “William”.


Chocolate -colored mirror calf leather shoes

This is named after the founder’s son William Hunter Lobb. The unique and innovative Shuanghuan buckle was first born in 1945 with custom shoes, and in 1982 became the brand’s first shoe series launched by the brand.


To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the birth of “William” and continue the brand’s iconic shoes. John Lobb specially launched “William 75”, “William New Standard”, “William 92” and “William 98” shoes, combined with classics and modern styles, giving the “William” series of new vitality, to pay tribute to pay tribute “William” 75th Anniversary.

Black mirror calf leather shoes


Bordeaux red mirror calf leather shoes


Or chic gentlemen, or vitality, diverse style collisions to interpret multi -faceted temperament, and many male stars have also brought them.

Zhao Youting wore John Lobb “William 75” Mengke shoes


Wang Kai is wearing John Lobb “William 75” Mengke shoes

Zhu Yawen wearing John Lobb “William New Standard” Mengke Shoes

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Ermenegildo ZEGNA 2020 Winter series Triple Stitch sneakers

Ermenegildo ZEGNA 2020 Winter series Triple Stitch sneakers


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