I have experienced double eleven. I believe that “national goods” inside everyone should be more and more.


The rise of domestic goods is no longer a slogan. More and more have our own home design, and the brand represents our own exquisite work is recognized by everyone.

Among them, there is a national down jacket brand that caught the international first-line down jacket brand – “Boskenden”.

When a sentence “sell well globally 72”, let the public remember this brand in the future, in winter, China always see people in Bosideng down jacket, from young men and women to business elites. Recently, Bosideng once burned a fire in winter, launched Dengfeng 2.0. Dengfeng 2.0 has been continuously hot, in which “Beidou” is limited to 200 yuan, it is difficult to seek.


In fact, Dengfeng series starts from 1.0, in order to super hard nucleation, absolutely fine grinding is constantly attracting public sight.


In 2019, in order to pay tribute to the spirit of the Chinese Mountaineering Team to challenge the spirit of the peak, and symbolizing the spirit of humanity in the world’s ultimate challenge, Bosideng launched the Dengfeng 1.0 series, named the world famous peak, helping the China Mountaineering team again Everest, measure the new height of the world.

After 2 years of R & D and innovation, in 2021, Bosideng newly built 100% China original top with down jacket – Dengfeng 2.0, is a full-scale iteration upgrade on the basis of Dengfeng 1.0.


Dengfeng 2.0 is released, which triggered the media hot discussion. “Chinese Zhizhi” “Re-climbing the peak” “Perfect highlights China’s brand innovation strength”, can be said that height evaluation is directly overbearing, impacts eyeball. In particular, the various latest technology, fabrics, fabrics used in Dengfeng 2.0, and even “Beidou Navigation” have become a heat word that is constantly mentioned on the Internet.

Today, let us take a picture of today’s domestic down jacket.

The “hot search” in the past jacket is the XXX Goose XX bird, and the foreign brand can occupy the top three. Now, in front of the latest Dengfeng 2.0, it is a brother.

From the selection of duvets, Dengfeng 2.0 has been standing at the highest point.

Many down jackets are all ducklings, and the parity is indeed parity, but the corresponding in the fluffy and warmth is still inadequate, slightly drop a big wind, go on the street or 冻 得 得.

The goose down is more than ducklings, which can really increase the warm performance. A geese’s development cycle is twice as long as the duck, and the development is slow, but the final down is more full of fluffy after maturity. The bigger the down dump, the higher the fluffy, the more air can be stored inside, and the cold air cannot be “see the needle”.

This time, Dengfeng 2.0 is a more warm goose, but also the goose rod of 43 degrees gold down north latitude. Due to the large temperature difference, the goosevet is often very full, and the fluffy can reach 1000. It is not necessarily used by high-end down. Get the ravece.


And, in order to achieve the most warm effect, Dengfeng 2.0 contains 95% of the theoretical limit.

To know that the daily duvet contains almost 70% -80%, it is already high, 95% of the velvet is that it will never worry about warm problems.

Material from lying down duck


More amazing is that this Bosideng jointly applied the China Aviation Industry Cultural Center, the first time the aviation material technology was applied to the Bosideng 3S fabric, so that this down jacket has the characteristics of wind resistance defense anti-friction antibacterial, no fear of various complex, extreme Bad climate environment.

Not only that, the two hundred sets of limited edition of Dengfeng 2.0 also equipped with the China Beidou positioning system to achieve the first application of “China Beidou Satellite Navigation System” in the field of down jacket.


One grain of the big chip is planted in the down jacket, and the wireless charging board is charged with the wireless charging plate before the exit. When you have an emergency, you can send your immediate location to your emergency contact. The precision is 5 meters to make the limit outdoors safer.


Beidou chip needs to be upgraded before use. In an environment with network signal coverage, the device will automatically boot and complete the automatic upgrade action. The upgrade chip is in the outdoor environment, the standby time can be up to 17 hours; Satellite signals, standby time will be shortened.

Image from cool play

Aviation-level material technology, top-level professional fabrics, as well as the Beidou system used in the down jacket area, the price of 10,000 yuan is the hard-core high-precision technology, this price is definitely expensive.

Bosideng is now able to introduce many hard-core technology to launch Dengfeng 2.0, as many as many deserted people, step by step, try, constantly pursue innovation and breakthrough, can achieve today’s height.


As the first year of China’s first college student, the first time from Xixia Bangma, until the first, second, three times to go to the top of the peak, always challenging his own way, just as he said: “Climb It is a spirit that is a kind of spirit and never give up, the biggest motivation is from love and insisting. “


In 2019, the spirit of Dengfeng, who never gave up, let the second paid with Bosideng, and the second wearing Dengfeng 1.0 broke the record of residence time on Everest, and the Boshiao as a national brand showed China’s technology and Quality of China. In Dengfeng 2.0, the secondary is also involved in the R & D and experience, warm and resisting, and the convenience is his first impression on Dengfeng 2.0.

“For our climbers, especially in the limits, wearing national brands of clothing, inner feelings are very proud and warm. Whether it is professional climbers, or the public, who doesn’t want to wear a national brand of clothing? ? “

Bosideng has helped the mountaineering team in 1998 to climb Everest to now, it has helped the China Mountaineering Team for 24 years. And Bosideng is still accompanying a mountaineering team, accompanying every climb, and continues to climb more challenging “peak”.

This is the persistence of China, which belongs to our Dengfeng spirit, which belongs to our own trend.


Depending on the profession of Dengfeng 2.0 can be armed to teeth. For the public, if the professionalism of Dengfeng 2.0 is in our daily lives and outdoor activities, there are some “large materials” in our outdoor activities, Bosideng also brings a lot of down jackets suitable for different occasions. For example, high-end outdoor, professional skiing, fashion ski, extremely cold and other series.

Skiers have become the most exciting winter lifestyle of urban people.

For the brothers who went to the ski resort occasionally, they wanted to get a few rounds on the snowy road.


But what is dying and making it difficult: special to buy a sleek jacket, take a shouting too much; use ordinary down jacket, it is not slippery.

Is there a ski suit that can wear?

As a world leading down jacket expert, Bosideng’s professional skiing and fashion skiing series, maybe in line with your appetite, can have both warmth and professionalism.

Not only that, but also the urban people who must go out of the street, each design is absolutely playing. Look at the upper body effect of the Winter Olympics, do not say that it is to be a new product, in the street is a tide design down jacket, and the snow is a professional ski suit.

The ski family is targeted by you, you don’t skil.


What is the most important of skiing? Windproof, waterproof, can’t say a few slides down the hot sweat inside, being wet in the snow, the experience is uncomfortable, and it is possible to catch cold.

Bosideng’s ski series, all-line fabrics are professional Gore-TEX, but all friends who have come into contact outdoor sports know that the black technology of this fabric, windproof, waterproof, absolutely. And the armpit is designed for mesh, so that you will be refreshing and comfortable with you.


Professional is full, and it is also designed to be unlikely.

Inspiration of white fashion design, take the winter ice and snow, cover the ski suit most, with classic black; black model is a classic red black color, out of the street is enough, and the snow field is also warm enough, this is a lot Iron I want to find the on-site ski clothing, put out the jacket of the street clothes.


Short-speed smooth world champion hole

The upper body is more simple but contrast design. If it is white, it is recommended to suggest the iron to match some bright monochrome pants, can be refused, or slightly tape a little textured Oversize, of course, if your body is better Friends come to beachepants, the feet come down the double high-top shoes are also quite temperament; if the red and black, the pure black pants are quite good, or take a dress with the same black and red dress, the whole set.

The ski series fabric is the use of this professional outdoor fabric Gore-TEX, reaching the professional level windproof, waterproof effect, and professional ski design, the anti-slip dress is warm, the wind is warm, and the comfort of the inner miles.


If you like to be a cold distant explore, or may live in the northeast iron, the extremely cold series should be your dish.

Triple warmth technology, let you put it on the place where you go to zero 30 degrees, there is no problem; the high-end coating fabric makes you dress more comfortable; more freely, 90%, fluffy 600 goose down The warmed air layer formed, coupled with the windproof glove cuff and the exaggerated big fur collar, and it is a problem that it is cold.

Bright blue-solid color with colored workfalls, tooling winds, or pure white straight pants, blue white with no problems;

The overall white style uses special textures, a bit like ice cracks, a bright feeling from nature, both men and women, Ice, you are the most exciting.


The “black technology” in this series – triple warm technology can resist cold up to -30 ° C! High-end coated fabric, more comfortable; 90% fluffy, fluffy 600+ large velvet, forming a warm air layer; knit high-elastic windproof gloves, fluffy rich big fur collar, bringing lasting warm feelings.


Or like low-key friends, choose the earth’s camouflage color, a camouflage from the earth can be both underwritten with military style camouflage army trousers, COS military-style, with mountain colored trousers is also absolute.

Of course, friends may have more likes to walk in the city, and the high-end outdoor series is still worth talking.

Compared to other series, the high-end outdoor series version is more falling, no matter what it looks, it is not bloated. But it doesn’t seem to be much thick, the warmth of the glory in the heating, the warmth of the warm silver can be a little different; the Gore-TEX technology fabric of the ski series is also used, and the streets and alleys will travel. The wind is not afraid of rain.

High-end version and fabrics must have an absolute high-end look.


The solid color appearance is grayed from the mountain, to the pure white, and black-Tangqing color colors, so that the high-end outdoor series is better. Of course, the genre version of course must be matched with the same descending, in order to more show that men’s kindness. Pure color straight pants, or jeans with quilted lines can appear more high, of course, the tight and speaker jeans are even, not necessarily HOLD.

In fact, no matter which one, Bosideng’s down jacket is enough to let the brothers pick a few days, after all, the function is full, the warmth is still designed, and the down jacket is still very good.

Many times, a down jacket will spend a whole winter with us. TA is not only about image management, but also is not only on grade, but also the real warmth in winter.


Boside destined in 1976, deep farm down jacket industry in 45 years, has achieved a total of 26 years of sales in the national sales. This year, Bosideng also obtained the “down jacket’s largest” issued by the world’s famous market research institutions, the world’s “down jacket scale”, and the world’s leading lead is achieved.


Since the 1990s, lead the down jacket fashion revolution, to the three major international fashion week, Bosideng stepped into his own peaks step by step.

Bosideng established the country’s first national recognition laboratory (CNAS certification laboratory) in the down jacket industry, undertakes the international down feather bureau (IDFB) Chinese directors, etc., master the industry standards, promote the standardization of the industry. As of now, Bosideng has participated in the development of 23 international standards, 11 national standards, 4 industry standards, and formulated 218 enterprise technical standards, reproduces the charm of domestic brand brands, leading the standardization of global down jackets.


And the latest Dengfeng 2.0 is 100% China original top with down jacket, and the industry standard is again refreshed.


Foreign professional teams are also very recognized – Dengfeng 2.0 has become subordinate to the Italian Olympic Organization Committee, Italy Ice Sports National Team for choosing products.


All the way, Bosideng climbed the peak, achieved excellence, in social responsibility, Bosideng has always adhered to the “warmth world” brand vision, and promoted public welfare, set up a Bosideng Foundation, has accumulated to donate to social donations more than 1.2 billion Yuan. Also in 20 years of new crown pneumonia, the social responsibility Bosideng never forgotten.

Bosideng has been working hard to bring warmth in winter, from clothing, to every social event standing, is not just a piece of clothes, but also simple.

Every new series of new technology, new fabrics, new design, the only unique “new” is sincere.


Double twelve is coming, maybe this time you put in your shopping cart, you can be a domestic down jacket, there is a quality and technology, it is time to hurry.

Many times we say that China is rising, but the street is still full of English logo. When we have “good goods” here, we grasp this “warm”.

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