Painting girls is a particularly happy thing ~

Especially when painting various beautiful small skirts for “girlfriends”, the satisfaction in my heart is straight into my head!

All kinds of soft and elegant small skirts make the girl’s vitality and cuteness vividly to the fullest ~

but! Once the skirt is not painted well, it is like a mop upper body, the cuteness of duang ~ is directly clear [○ ・ д´ ・ ○]


In fact, I often made such mistakes when I painted, but the friends of the ticket circle gave me a lot of practical and good suggestions:


for example


Keep the contour clear


The skills of drawing a good skirt

Wait, they are particularly simple and easy to understand ~


After reading it, just practice a few more times to understand why each step is done. When you draw a small skirt, you will have a lot of texture!

We used the painting below as an example to roar ~ The girl in the painting did not stand up and fell down because I took too many things.

The body leaning the skirt to fly up, we just need to understand the painting of the elegant skirt ~

The premise of drawing a good dress is to draw a basic human body. If you are not sure, you can


Draw the complete human body first,


Then draw the outline of clothes on the basis of the human body.


While drawing the outline, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the clothes, so that the clothes should not be fully attached to the body.


The dense relationship of the outer contour is also important. The details of the contour that are usually squeezed will be relatively dense, and the other side is relatively stretched. This is what the big guys often say “




The rhythm is OK, and then refine it to a little more, pull the main and second, when drawing the internal folds, the writing should be lighter. One is to distinguish the main and seconds, and the other is to make it easier to color.

The problem of unclear contours and the messy folds are solved, followed by happy drawing skirts!

A Yu



The small technique of the “8” word “8” is good for use!


The premise of drawing clothes is to draw a basic human body. If you are not sure, you can try first

Draw the complete human body


On the basis of the human body, draw a large “8” around the thigh and PP.

Then stick to the periphery of “8” and your thighs and hips, draw the outline of the skirt. With the outline, you can add the folds of the dress along the contour of the human body ~

When drawing lace and other decorations, you can also draw roughly to draw and add details.


Then continue to use what we just talked about

Skills of contour+folds

Go to improve the remaining part ~

In the composition of illustration,

Ensure that “the overallness of clothes in the picture” is more important than “the law of the clothes is in line with the laws of reality”.

In short: the clothes must be painted well, and it doesn’t matter if it is slightly inconsistent with reality.


After the folds are painted, the elegant sense of the skirt is available, and the dynamics of the characters have come out ~ With dynamics, who would say that our “girlfriend” is a wooden man?

Just the folds and contours of a small skirt can be said so carefully. A Yu really wants to teach us to draw …

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