Underwear is more protective. As long as the fabric is healthy, it can be comfortable.


Today, I recommend it to the mother -in -law’s unparalleled panties with a customary style, which can show the stylish style. The loose waist uses the contrasting pattern to outline, injecting a few fresh and vitality into the whole. Avoid the embarrassment brought by Le trace when paired with tight -fitting clothes. The inside of the pants is equipped with bacteriostatic cloth, which has a intimate comfort, and allows the overall to maintain a better version, stretching freely during activity.

The mid -waist triangle underwear, high density compass, brings comfortable naturally, light and soft, refreshing and breathable, and it is always exuding a simple, fresh, breathable effect. In line with the design of ergonomics, it is tightly wrapped in the figure, easily shaping the effect of tall hips, and forging a beautiful curve. The edge of the foot, the delicate sewing edge is not easy to take off the line. With the double -layer of the wiring, it always shows the charm of texture.

Very fresh and cute panties, gently shallow tones combined with sweet prints, the whole person is so cute. Simple and beautiful stripes, simple elements bring a day of good mood. The intimate widening waist will bring you a more comfortable dressing experience, and then embellish with cute prints, full of age reduction.


Comfortable to wear. The soft and delicate pure cotton crotch design brings a skin -friendly and breathable dressing effect. The pants are embellished with white bow lace, fresh and sweet, Japanese -style girl printing, fresh and age -reducing.

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