When buying tea, I often encounter a problem:

Is it better to buy tea or buy packaging tea?

Some people think


Packaging tea looks relatively high -end,

San tea looks like a inferior look, tending to choose packaging tea.


But some people think,

You can see it clearly and clearly, clear,

Packaging tea may be that the quality is not good before packaging. So should I buy loose tea or packaging tea when buying tea?


Regardless of buying loose tea and packaging tea, everyone should understand that the quality of tea has nothing to do with the packaging of tea. Sometimes it is only sold in different places. The psychological feeling caused by everyone is different.

Tea shop tea is not necessarily good, and tea in the tea market is not necessarily bad.

When you do not have a certain ability to distinguish the tea, the good or bad judging the quality of the tea usually can only be from the packaging design of the tea and the market price of the tea.

Go to judge.

There are many people drinking tea now, but there are very few people who know tea. There is no good packaging for tea shops to sell tea.

The packaging of tea is just a kind of tea operation



In addition, loose tea and packaging tea are also related to the preservation of the tea itself.

There are many types of tea, and different tea requirements have different requirements for preservation, which will also affect the packaging of tea or bulk.

Take Pu’er tea and Tieguanyin, for example, Tieguanyin must ensure fragrance and taste, and packaged in vacuum to prevent tea from being exposed to the air by hydrogenation.

And Pu’er tea is different. If it is suitable for preserved Pu’er tea, it is usually made into a tea cake. It is wrapped in a layer of cotton paper without any packaging. Ensure that Pu’er tea and air will occur, and the internal quality is slowly transformed.


The advantages of bulk tea and packaging tea:

Bulk tea:


1. It is convenient and fast to take tea

2. The amount of tea can be determined according to your preference.

3. Easy to observe the quality of the overall tea


Packing tea:

1. Quantitative, easy to taste tea

2. Hygiene, packed tea, cleaner and hygienic, will not open multiple times 3. To better preservation, tea leaves are strong, long -term exposure to air is not conducive to the storage of tea leaves

4. Easy to carry, but small bubble bags carry with you

Disadvantages of bulk tea and packaging tea:


1. Not conducive to long -term preservation

2. Beginners are easy to cast tea and do not fix the amount of tea.

3. It’s not conducive to carrying, a large bag, it’s not easy to carry with you


4. Big packaging, repeated opening, unhygienic

1. There is no way to view the quality of the overall tea

2. Customers who are not conducive to the special human body or too light


Therefore, it is difficult to make it clear if you do n’t understand the tea shop if you do n’t understand the tea. The quality is not necessarily connected.

The choice of packaging tea and bulk tea mainly depends on the needs of consumers.

If consumers drink it by themselves, it doesn’t matter if you buy bulk tea. If it is a gift, appropriate packaging is necessary.

Everyone understands ~


Bulk tea:

Packing tea:

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