Recently, this video has caused heated discussions on the Internet.


Many netizens are laughing at the staff of the civil aviation system “no culture”, and it is clear that the CCTV announcer reads 737 “bar” 800. How did she read 737 “minus” 800?

This “-” should you read “reduction” or “bar”?

We also received many times in the past two days

Problems from readers and friends.

Today, we will answer your professional answer.

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Let’s listen to what the editor of “Aviation Knowledge” Wang Yaman said ↓↓↓

After listening, let’s talk about the simple conclusion first:

The civil aviation industry generally reads “reduction”,

Volkswagen reads more “bar”.

Nothing is wrong, there is no problem!

The public reads as a “bar”, we understand well,


Because this is a horizontal bar.

Then the problem is, the civil aviation industry

Why do you read “-” as “reduced”?

Very simple, for the accuracy of expression.

As we all know, the safety standards of civil aviation are high, especially in flight, any expression of inaccurate and easy misunderstanding may cause irreversible losses.

Take a simple example, in the number expression,

1 Read as “幺”, 7 read as “turning”

,is for


“One” and “发” are pronounced

Listener confusion

Essence There are also many such situations in English. Instead of listing, interested readers can search for the keywords “ICAO Aviation English Alphabet Digital Pronunciation” inquiry.

So why do you read “-” as “reduction”?


Because the reading of “bar” is in Chinese expression

It cannot accurately express the symbol of “-“.



This symbol,

There are 3 meanings in English:

“Lian Chain”, read in English as “Hyphen”;

“Horizontal bar”, English read as “dash”;

“Reduced number”, English read as “Minus Sign”.

Then, if you have to be more real, we should express the “-8” of 737-8 should be “horizontal bars eight”, not “bar eight”.

Because in addition to the horizontal bar,


Positive bar, positive slope, back slope


When read as “Bar Eight”, who knows what is the bar?


The symbol of ” /” is also a bar, but the slope, English is “Slash”, Chinese reads as “slash” or “slope”, or “positive slash” and “positive slashing”, English is “Forward Slash” Essence In contrast, “” English is read as “Backslash”, and Chinese is read as “back slope” or “anti -slope”. “|”, Chinese is “vertical bar” or “vertical line”, read “Bar/PIPE/VERTICAL BAR” in English.

In the term of civil aviation, in order to accurately and concisely express the symbol of “-“, Chinese reads it as “reduction”.

Not only in the civil aviation industry, the aviation and aerospace industry also reads “reduction”, such as “-” in the famous Shenzhou spacecraft project code 921-3 as “reduction”.



Whether it is the industry read “reduction”,

Or the public read as “bar”,

Nothing is wrong.

In the recording just now, the editor -in -chief of Wang Yanan also said:

Not reading is a relatively standard approach

, In line with the industry standards that meet the term of traffic calls in civil aviation.

In summary, the summary is the following three points:


In accordance with the standards for the people’s Republic of China,

Under the premise of no misunderstanding,

“-” in 737-800 does not read;



According to civil aviation and aerospace industry


The habit of long -term formation,

Generally reading “reduction”,

So the spokesman in the opening video of this article is not wrong;


For the public,

Including CCTV broadcasters,

“-” in 737-800

Reading “bar” is easier to understand,

So there is nothing wrong.

The above content has made it clear.

Do you understand?

Although it can be read as a “bar”

But declined the bumper essence,

Aviation knowledge.

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