Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian Reporter Zhang Guotong Correspondent Zhang Chen Liu Lei

“Well? How did my glass cover fall to the ground? This glass spraying hole was blocked? Who did I offend?” At about 17 pm on January 7, the Liangpo police station of the Laiwu District Bureau of the Jinan Public Security Bureau took over At a man, he called the police that his car was parked in front of a baking shop and was blocked by a glue with a glue. The front glass cover was thrown aside.


After understanding the situation, the auxiliary police officers carefully helped them check the monitoring of the community. After half an hour of patient and meticulous viewing, it was finally determined that the people in the bakery did. After verification, the man parked the vehicle in front of a store, and was punished by the owner because of the chaos.

The auxiliary police officer immediately arrived at the store to understand the situation. The employee of the store admitted that his boyfriend Li was done because the owner blocked the car at the door of the store, which hindered his boyfriend to adjust the car. In front of the glass spraying hole, the two sides were unable to compete according to their own positions, and the police immediately asked the two parties to adjust to the police station. The auxiliary police first informed the party’s seriousness of the matter, and conducted serious criticism and education on him. He also persuaded the owner Cui Mou.

In the end, Li acknowledged his mistake, regretted his actions, and promised to repair Cui Mou. Cui also felt that he had a responsibility and accepted Li’s apology. Clean up the water spray holes by themselves. Finally, the two sides shook hands and said peacefully, and thanked the Minu auxiliary police for their patient work.

The police reminded that although the car blocked the road was not moral, it damaged the vehicle privately to retaliate. If it intentionally destroyed the property of others, the amount was large, and the behavior constituted the crime of deliberately destroying property.

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