Have you been promoted “hair care” on the chair by the barber shop?

While playing with your hair with a comb, they gossip with you:

Is it often hot?

The end of the hair is a bit dry, split

Have you ever done hair care?


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There may be 10,000 kinds of dialogue, and in the end, they can be attributed to one sentence:

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

“In this case, consider doing care.”

In fact, Teacher Tony is not unreasonable.

There are too many things that can damage hair in daily life.


If you happen to be dyeing and hot enthusiasts, the consequences of dyeing and hot frequency change are: hair becomes hair and rough, just like the roadside.

Even worse, the hair does not have a living cell structure, and once the damage, it cannot be reversed.

If you want to become a satin, you really have to rely on hair care products

The part of the oil or conditioner supplement the damage of the hair scales -fill the gap to make the head surface completely smooth, alleviating further friction and damage.

So today I want to introduce to you the same good thing,

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

Let you not spend money, you can do SPA at home.

Looking at this effect, I really regret knowing too late

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3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

Yes, it’s it–

Kimture steam hair mask

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

You can take care of the hair in a full link, and you can feel the change after 3 steps densely repair.

After the hair is used, the hair is soft and smooth!

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

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3 step dense repair

Help the hair “absorb nutrients”


3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

Our hair is composed of hair marrow, fur (hair core), and small wool (that is, hair scales).

Under normal circumstances, healthy and complete hair scales are neatly arranged and tightly wrapped in the core. They reflect the light and make the hair glorious.

Once damaged, the hair scales will be raised to varying degrees, and the edges will become irregular, making the hair look rough.

If the defect occurs directly, the core is exposed directly, and the chain structure of the keratin in the hair will be broken, causing the moisture in the hair to lose, and eventually becomes dry grass.

And the dyeing, exposure, hot wind blowing … it will cause the hair scales to be damaged to varying degrees.

The high -end salon care in the barber shop at 398 yuan is actually the essence of smoothing the scales, forming a protective film on the showcase.

The steam hair mask is like a home version of the hair SPA. Its essential principles are similar to the high -end care of the barber shop.

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

It nourishes the hair through the essence of the hair mask+ hair hat, and smooth the scales -use the oil in the hair mask and essence to fill the gap of the hair scales, let the hair scales look flat, and restore the hair to the hair to restore the hair. Shunze.

01 Hair Mask: Nourishing and strong hair, smoothing hair scales

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

From the perspective of the ingredients alone, in addition to the moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and hydrolyzed keratin in the KimTure hair mask, multiple repair and moisturizing ingredients are added -pan gyrolytic ingredients, giant algae extract, and ink corner algae extracts.

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

The glutamic acid contained in ink cornea extract has a very good moisturizing effect. It is a sebum membrane repair ingredient that will be added in many skin care products.

In addition, ink corner algae also contain minerals, vitamins and polyphenols, which can better nourish hair.

02 Steam hair cap: spontaneous heating help “absorb”

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

The highlight of this hair mask is on this spontaneous steam hair hat.

It consists of 3 layers: non -woven waterproof outer layer + isolation middle layer + self -heated hair inner layer.

It is safe and convenient to operate–

The inner layer of the hair hat also carries the essence of small molecules. After the multi -alcoholic contact water in the ingredients, the physical response of “dissolving water” will appear, forming an invisible but feeling warm water vapor.

After wearing it about 5 seconds, it will start to fever,

Warm and hot heat are very comfortable, and there is almost no risk of burns.

More importantly, the inner layer of the hair hat is also carried by the essence of small molecules, and the temperature increase will accelerate the molecular move

Accelerate the nourishment of the small molecule and the nourishing component of the hair mask to smooth the hair scales on the hair to repair the rough hair.

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

It is also praised that the hats of this hair hat are also stretched well, the tightness of the head circumference is appropriate, and the big head can be used.

This is good

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

To form a local closed space package and lock the steam, it can also better help the absorption of the hair mask and essence, and at the same time relax the whole person.

03 Essential oil: Liangze hair, long -lasting hydrated

The most intimate thing is that it also comes with hair oil.

When the hair care is blown into a semi -dry state, apply haircut oil to make the hair more moist and shiny, but also form the oil film on the surface of the hair to relieve friction, resist stimulation, and reduce friction.

After tearing the packaging, you will see that the essential oil inside is an independent capsule packaging. Small one, also convenient for travel.

More importantly, hydrolyzed protein is added to the hair care oil, which is used together for the first two steps. It can further repair the hair scales, fill the gap of the hair scales, and let the hair smooth and avoid knotting.

Under the coordination of pan gyms and wool fat, it can better nourish and moisturize, improve the dryness of the hair, and let the hair after drying shiny and shiny.

Limited time is as low as 40 % off

Freshly reduced by 10 yuan over 99 yuan

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

The importance of hair is no less than the facial features.

The dry and rough hair not only looked like a cluster of weeds, but also made people look sloppy; when the wind blows, it may be immediately turned into the golden lion king.

If you want to have a soft and shiny hair, it is best to take care of every time you wash your hair. Don’t really wait for the hair to become dry before you start to regret it.

This time, the group special offer, 1 box of 3 slices of steam hair mask is only 55 yuan,

This price is really affordable in the steam hairstyle category.

Moreover, compared to the starting nursing set of 398 yuan in the barber shop, it is simply the price of cabbage.

Buy a box of early adopters, neither suffer, but also save your deodb hair.

Many young ladies around me have already started, and the evaluation is: easy to use!

Compared to you, you are buying a baked oil hat and a salon -level hair mask. High -end care in DIY barber shops at home, it is both safe and convenient.

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

The key is that the effect is really not enchanting the distribution shop 1 or 2 times a week.


3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理


Don’t hesitate, 55 yuan is not enough for you to eat 1 hot pot, 2 cups of milk tea,

But I can take you to unlock the salon -level haircut care and do 3 SPAs at home.

If you miss this wave, you don’t know how to wait for the year. On the official website, it costs 79 yuan for a box.

Buy with SPES-free spray, you can still over 99-10 yuan.

You need to know that the SPES dry hair spray that uses Overza Sativa and Zeolite as the main “oil absorption” ingredient does not contain components of pregnant women with caution.

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

Even if you do n’t wash your hair for 3 days, spray it with it for about 15 seconds, and you can immediately have a fluffy high skull top that has just been washed and dried.

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

More importantly, the particle size of the particle sprayed is only 6 microns, compared to the traditional adsorption factors (25 micrometers), it is really small -this is the secret that it sprays whitening the whitening secret. Essence

In addition, in order to make the sprayed particles closer to the sense of mist, the SPES dry hair spray also developed a sloping nozzle with a diagonal angle design, which can cover the hair shit on a large area and the rain dew was stained.

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

It doesn’t take 1 minute throughout the process, which is much more convenient than shampooing

3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

There are important meetings in a meeting, dating or temporary meeting, it can save you instantly, it is really practical. (Reminder of warming the heart: dry hair spray cannot be completely replaced by shampooing, just an emergency means.)

In addition, after the spraying taste, the hair will bring a faint citrus aroma.

This time the special single branch 150 ml only costs 49 yuan. It can be bought with steam hair mask, which can be directly over 99-10 yuan.

It’s about to celebrate the New Year, do you work well, don’t let your hair down the face value.

In addition, during the New Year’s Day, spend 3 yuan to buy a money card before placing an order, and the next order can be used to return the book.



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3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

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3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

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3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理

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3 步拯救干枯毛糙,在家就能做的沙龙级头发护理


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