Because of the well -known reasons, mobile phones have been filled with our lives. One of the brands is a nobility in the mobile phone. Because of its high selling price, this brand of mobile phones is a legend. My friend believes that it has guess, the brand to be evaluated today ~~~ Yes, that is the fighter jet in the mobile phone, the king —- Vertu! However, the products evaluated today are not mobile phones, but a men’s simple leather money clip from Vertu. I am especially grateful to the manufacturer for giving me this opportunity for me to have the opportunity to do today ’s cash clip evaluation. Essence Let’s go home. After being selected, we soon received this cock. Under the reality of the epidemic and new crown pneumonia, I thought that the logistics would have a long delay or even stagnation, but I did not expect to really receive it soon. I couldn’t help but praise the attitude of merchants and logistics. After opening the package, it is a simple packaging, because this money is not common in the market, but the accumulated industrial design of the maturity of the Vertu brand in the mobile phone industry can be seen. I feel that various design elements are quite mature. The style of the format is full of money clips to protect the velvet cloth. The product information card reflects a simple atmosphere to the extreme ~ Although it is not a mobile phone product that Vertu’s main mobile phone, it still highlights the style of the big factory.

Highlights and details

After opening the outer packaging, it is a gift box designed packaging box. The whole is stored between many soft foam layers, and the main packaging is placed in the middle of the courier box. Such a packaging design not only protects the safety of the tip body, but also allows the boxes of the outer packaging to be properly protected. Considering that a considerable part of the customers who buy such big -names and even luxury goods are buying them, so from a logistics packaging, we can see that the designer’s good intentions can be experienced from a young age. The cool black outer packaging is full of stylish and simple formal style, and it can improve the taste of the packaging in the material similar to carbon and black fiber texture, so if you plan to use this money as a gift, it will definitely seize people. Eyes, decent people.

After turning the box, there are only some simple brand information and product bar information codes on it. It is really nothing to introduce the origin of the Vertu brand. Luxury mobile phone company Vertu was born in October 1998. It is designed by the world -renowned mobile phone designer Frank Nuovo in a high -end brand. In 2012, Nokia sold 90%of the equity of the Vertu brand to Swedish Investment Company EQT. The brand’s models are definitely a king from the appearance, materials to the function, and the average price per model is as high as 100,000 yuan. Vertu, the original meaning of this word originating in Latin is “high quality and unique.” Speaking of which you may understand why the packaging of this cock is so simple or even simple.

Finally, let’s unveil the overall veil of this men’s Vertu money clip. On the front with a strong sense of simple design in the suit, the whole Italian calfskin material and workmanship create a very cool sense of high -level, a row of light, a row of light, a row of light, a row of light, a row of light, a row of light. The small Vertu brand is located at the bottom right of the money clip. Do you think this design is too simple or even incredible? However, after getting started, you will know that such a simple design is to ensure the simple style of formal dress. A strong aura that is not angry is enough to make you resonate with this men’s money clip. Maybe you just started to start with the first time you are a bit busy, but as long as you get a little bit, you can understand what I said soon.

Trial process and experience


Now let me talk about the complete process of this trial, when things are sent to the future. I opened the packaging for the first time because I was afraid of the incomplete or defects of the wrapping and inner box shock prevention measures caused by the damage to the packaging and even the product, especially the professional ethics of logistics personnel in various regions of China. I tried a habit of trying a variety of high -priced products. The result proves that it is completely worried. Vertu’s packaging control is not worth worrying about. After opening the packaging, the multi -layer thick soft -pressed plastic membrane is stacked together and firmly protects the cash clip in the box, and the box is fixed in the middle. Such a packaging with SF Logistics is directly shipped. I guess no matter which region you are in China, you can basically be safe and quickly receive Vertu products. It is worth mentioning that Brother SF also reminded me that I must open the courier in person to take out the return signing inside and bring it back. I guess this is Vertu to avoid those of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of products in the logistics link. If you lose disputes and take countermeasures, it can be said that in the moment that after the annual annual manpower is limited and China is in a fight against the epidemic, this is already a very prominent humanization. One tube peeping leopard, although this is just a detail, but I can’t help but make me really have to praise it.


After removing the courier box, a minimalist to the ultimate packaging box appears in front of us. As we all know, the high -end Vertu has been deliberately driving away from ordinary consumers. The official website of a consumer electronics manufacturer always puts the price in the most conspicuous places and deliberately explains how the price of its own products is; and once Vertu will only tell you where there are specialty stores, and the price needs to be negotiated. The rich does not care about the price, isn’t it? With the improvement of Chinese consumption power, Vertu has shifted its development focus to the East. A statistical data in 2011 shows that Vertu has more than 80 specialty stores worldwide and 38 in China. The company’s sales in the global market are ranked Greater China, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. However, Vertu is not a fireworks on earth, and it also needs to accommodate the taste of emerging rich people. It is also not satisfied with only the dominant position on smartphones. Vertu has launched peripheral products that are more in line with Chinese taste, and it is also the way of “survival of the fittest.”


Now let’s open the box, you can see that the contents inside are also simple to the extreme. The box is opened with only one main money clip, protecting one piece of velvet and one brand information card. Compared to other brands of packaging boxes, Vertu can be regarded as minimalist. Since March 19, 2018, the British luxury mobile phone brand vertu officially issued a renamed statement, announcing the uniformity of maintaining the brand logo in China. Weiyu) Official sales channels. This statement is the first official high -profile voice of Vertu (Weitu) after the globalization strategic layout last November. Although the content is short, it also answers the curiosity and doubts of the Chinese market process of the Chinese market. Perhaps because of this since then, it has become a brand positioning of VERTU in the global market. Imagine the brand that was noble and even had a burst of temperament. Maybe it can attract the attention of high -end business people.


Next, let’s open this Vertu money clip. This money clip is strictly a short money clip. There are 8 credit cards on the clip, two inner bags, and two paper banknote. Small pockets. It can be said that this is a classic combination in the money clip. I estimated that the room space had planned to put a few cards and photos in, and when I started testing, I did n’t want to cut the photo size for the time being. Finally, I took a few bank cards in. The size of the wallet is roughly 115x110x23 (mm). Put a suit pocket should be just right, but my wallet has always placed a backpack. The wallet has a lot of room for money. There are 8 places for inserting bank cards. I used 6. Basically satisfy everyone’s needs, the shortcomings are less transparent cards. However, it is certain that in the Datian Dynasty, which is so developed in electronic payment, although this simple Vertu cash clip is not large in cash, it is really enough to basically place credit cards.

Finally, I briefly talk about the feelings. Honestly, the first feeling of the first feeling of getting the money is very soft and thin, and then the money clip itself exudes a thick leather smell. I think about the so -called leather. It’s haha. Essence Secondly, many types of cash clips in various types of markets have the so -called epidermis and lining. It is often the skin that is labeled in the skin. Synthetic fabrics, and this Vertu money clip is directly created with the complete entire head layer calf leather. Regardless of whether you open the mezzanine or card layer, all your fingers are passed back. It can be known that it is true that it is a real head calf leather money clip. And all of this is in line with the previous repeated prompt vertu, after the brand is simple and low -key, still maintains the spirit of craftsmanship who is not sloppy in terms of selection of materials. It can be said that it has made the best interpretation for its own brand image.

Trial experience


Advantages: 1) High -end design of money clamps, simplicity gives users a stylish and unconventional temperament. 2) The packaging is low -key, atmospheric, and given the best choice. 3) Design, selection of materials and craftsmanship can be described as superior, which can be regarded as a successful work of Vertu cross -border.


Disadvantages: 1) If it is suitable for your spending power, there is basically no shortcomings.

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