□ Class 3 (7) Sun Zelin, Third (7) in Zhumadian City

The little owner does not care about his pencils, rubber and stationery boxes. One night, they held a seminar.

The pencil was opened first, and it said aggrieved: “The little owner does not love me, and the nibbing of my pen is broken, and I always lose me. My child. I took a lot of energy to come back. “

Then the rubber said, “Not to mention it. Since I have returned home with the little owner, he doesn’t know if I use me or teased me. He painted it on me, and I dare not go out now.”

At this time, the stationery box sighed, and then said, “Compared to me, the little owner is good to you. Sometimes the little owner sometimes takes out the pen and the zipper is not closed, letting me keep my mouth open; Sometimes he pulled up the zipper, and he didn’t care about my feelings at all, and it hurt me. “

“Otherwise, the little owner will just take the exam tomorrow, we all hide it, let him realize our importance, and treat us well in the future.” The pencil proposed, “Okay, okay, I agree!” Response.

The test time was here the next day. When the little master arrived at the test room, he found that the stationery box was gone when he took the pen. He was so anxious: “Where are you going? Sorry, please come out!” “Really?” Stationery We asked in unison. “Really, I will cherish you in the future, please help me today!” So, the stationery’s neat team came out.

From then on, the little owner really changed his personal, he loved his stationery partners very much!

(Instructor: Ma Yanfei)

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