I like the self-confidence of “high people” brought by high heels, as long as I have a high heel shoes, I have a kind of invincible! But I also like the comfort of the flat shoes. There are 2-3 pairs of flat shoes in different styles. Like yesterday, Tod’s naked powder shoes that shared it was the first autumn, Tod’s shoes were gravy in it.

Moreover, Tod’s is a brand that is less in large shoes to do rubber non-slip.

Jimmy Choo’s patent skin naked powder is the last year, like this fine woman.

(But this pair actually overworted the foot … Can you see the anti-grinding of my shoes after my shoes?)

Talk to everyone today. Many people think that the flat shoes are comfortable, as long as the size is appropriate, don’t pick it too. In my opinion, in addition to the basic comfort requirements, in addition to meeting the basic comfort requirements.

With your temperament and the style of dressing on weekdays, you can do it best!


So when I choose the flat shoes, I will consider 5 factors:

1, version of the feet

A pair of shoes is too important. If the version is not suitable, the foot is also white! This pair of patented skin like JC, I really don’t fit my feet and wear a circle.

Therefore, it is important to choose whether the version of the shoes is very important.

Like I am 35 yards of standard Greek hands, general retro square shoes and radians, big round shoes, I don’t think about it. Those of the small and small feet wear these two kinds of shoes will look more cumbersome.


(Round head flat shoes – business ship shoes)

(Retro head shoes)


But if the head is high, the foot is large, the retro square and round head shoes are relatively appropriate. For example, Song Wei, she wears JC business men’s shoes, there is no sense of violation.


Almond head, pointed and small square shoes I like it. These three shoresters are also super delicious sister paper suitable for Greek feet or little feet. For example, RV’s almonds, it is more round than fine pointed. Jimmy Choo’s ROMY series pointed shoes are very charming; while SR’s square design is just right!


(RV almond shoes)

Jimmy Choo pointed shoes


SR Loles shoes

I have a low foot, the foot is relatively wide, and the type of MAN’s shoes will look very drag, so I choose the version of the flat shoes to be more slim and show. Shoes look “very thin”.

2, color value and style


Maybe because I am 30 years old + old, I don’t like the color of flowers, and I don’t like too much shoes. Preparation


Simple and generous, the upper lines are smooth, and the color is mainly based on the pure color. Such shoes are strong, and they are good.

3, material


The flat shoes don’t have to be said, most of the comfort is certainly better than high heels. However, the foot feel of the foot on different materials is very different. Painted flat shoes like my Jimmy Choo are an example.

Speaking of the material, I mainly judge from three aspects, one is the material of the upper; the second is the material of the sole; the third is to look at the inner.

The upper material is mostly in the leather, but

The comfort of the small sheepskin in the leather material is the highest.

, It is a cowhide, and next is a deep-processed patent leather. It is said that the paint skin is really harder than ordinary leather. The comfort of the suede (suede) is between the dermis and patent ads. The layout is softer, such as satin, spinning, and more.

PU material is really not recommended to consider it, and it is stinky. After all, we are 30 years old +, after passing only the number, do not look at the quality of the quality.

Sole material:

Generally, the first-line big name is a bowel difference, no anti-slip does not prevent grinding. For example, everyone loves Jimmy Choo, RV and other soles.

Ordinary shoes are mostly in the bottom of the beef tendon and the soft rubber, relatively leather, the price is inexpensive, anti-slip and wear.


On the inside of the year: The shoes on the market are mostly pigs (of course, the shoes within 100 pieces of a treasure are not here). The pig skin is good because of the crude characteristics of natural pores, and the upper feet are deodorant. Of course, there are still many brand shoes, after the foot, after the feet, the softness is higher.


But on the bottom of the shoes, the pigs in the inner ridges are sufficient.


4, select size


This is really a millennium issue without a standard answer. Different brands, different layers, even different material shoes in the same paragraph, the same code is different. So, I am now buying the shoes main dimension (how many centimeters long). After all, the length of the foot is fixed.

But if Haitao bought the European version of the shoes, because I have a standard foot, it will choose between a small 0.5 yard -1 code. The fat feet, the meat is selected according to normal code.


Italian code is relatively close to the Chinese code

. The number of codes often wear according to the day is best! If it is high, the foot is wide, or the meat is fat, or the feet is relatively large sister paper, choose a large 0.5 yard -1 code, the foot comfort is best!

Many people say: buy shoes and buy big do not buy small. I can’t wear it, I can’t wear it, buy big, can be padded and half code mat. But I think, I am buying, I can buy the feet to buy the feet. Buy big shoes, it is more than the length of the length, but the long-term high will be big, you told me that the upper casing will be more comfortable?

5, price


Everyone’s consumption is not the same, but the pursuit of color value + cost-effectiveness should be consistent. Of course, if you are a LotHolemony, you only recognize the brand, then this is not suitable for you!

I personally speaking, buying big names and small shoes. First, the big name is really good, plus the classic, at least 3-5 years. But I rarely bought the big flat shoes when I have the original price, because I need to take the face of the face, I am wearing high heels. So into the big-name flat shoes, I will choose to get in the discount season.


For example, the Loyif shoes flat shoes I am half price. The above JC flat is also a 60% off online Amoy. This pair of Tod’s is 8.5 fold tribal tax-free stores.

The small brand is also the favorite of my years. If I am in Tao, I can put the small brand that does not lose big-name texture and design, but the price is lower than the big name. For example, SAM EDELMAN’s ballet shoes, discount hundreds of prices, high cost performance!


The price of Loeffler Randall 1K can enter the short shoes of the small sheep skin material, which is quite value!

Ok, today I will share here about the content of the flat shoes. I don’t know if it is helpful to you choose the flat shoes in autumn?

I am honey shuary, love fashion love shoes, pay attention to me makes you more refined!

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