Campus, as a place for children to learn knowledge, has always been the last line, and is also a holy temple created by parents and teachers.

However, now not only with the changes in the social environment and the wind, the kindergarten and schools have gradually become a lot of changes.

For a few more time, Ms. Zhu took a child in the childgarem, and saw a group of pictures, so she was wrong.

The woman in the photo can be described with “首”.

In just two hours, I changed four or five suit, although the woman was holding a child with a child with a child.

However, there are four, five video captains, follow her behind.

Wearing the lady of black silk, most of the body is exposed.

Ms. Zhu introduced: This girl who claimed to pick up his own nephew, it is simply a show, and even the label of the bag is not taken away.

Ms. Zhu said: Children go through school, the bag is taken by the teacher, not by the parents.

It can be seen that it is completely no bottom line.

In response to this phenomenon, many parents didn’t think of their eyes, and they were discouraged: this girl hurriedly left the campus door, which is really unsuitable.

When this event was released to the Internet, many people have attracted attention, many netizens have rebuked, remove “Buddhist” and “Sorrow”, now there is now the “young children” appeared.


These people are simply inexpensive for blogging.

A child was taken in the kindergarten, just to get more attention, this situation appears, it is really unbearable.

[This situation is unacceptable reason]

1. Shape three views on children, not suitable

After seeing this situation, the many netizens showed an indignant attitude, mainly because of this situation, for the children of kindergarten, shaping their three views, will cause extremely poor impact.

There is no kindergarten who have judged the ability, don’t know what is good? What is bad?

All things will be recorded in memory, they will have a certain impact on their behavior.


This unsuitable behavior will also plant some bad factors in the heart of the child, and the growth and development of their future, especially the shape of mental health is extremely unfavorable.

2, will affect the safety of children


Nowadays, although it is a network era, all kinds of small video calls, however, in the process of shooting video, it is inevitable that children’s personal information will be involved, and their security will be threatened.

In the case of two reasons, this is the reason why the netizen and parents are inchabuled.

Through this happening, the emergence of “children” also enables each parent to fall into the situation in the child education.

[Reflections on this matter]

1, blogy, should not consume children

In the process of child growth and learning, as a vulnerable group, they will be enlarged unlimitedly in one way, and they will be concerned about more and more people.

In any case, you should not sacrifice your child’s interests and health for blogging. If you turn this behavior, it is entirely in the state of consumer children.

This kind of dynamics and behaviors will only be annoyed, and there is no benefit to the growth and mental health of the child.

Therefore, in the process of child growth, any blonde and consumption children should be called and restrictions in time.


2, children, need to work together to create a good environment


As a parent, the most important is: Create a good growth environment for your child.

At the same time, when children learn and establish three, they must be as positive and good as possible.

When creating a good study and growth environment, parents are the first responsible person and the final daemon.

Any behavior that hinders your child’s growth must be resolute, as long as you can do this, you can call it the most qualified parent.

3, parents, you must know how to refuse and guard

Most children are in a passive state, and there is no idea of ​​non-judgment.

Therefore, they will also fall into the state that has to be accepted, even if they are in front of the nurses in front of the kindergarten, they don’t know: This behavior is not good.

Therefore, in the process of child growth, parents must know how to refuse in time, grow up for their health, and establish a unbreakable barrier, this is the most parent to do.


[Xiaobian has something to say]


Bacon said: reading history is sensible, reading history makes a magical show, mathematics make people care, natural philosophy make people sense, ethics make people solemn, logic makes sense.

As the future hope, the child is not just the responsibility of the family. In the process of education, the environment also has a factor that cannot be ignored.


Whether it is a parent, or a teacher, or a socior person, it should have a better growth space for them.

When creating a good growth environment and learning space for your child, the above focus, as a parent, must always keep in mind, only this can make them face the future in the best state.

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