Banana Republic (Banana Republic, A Brief BR) is a more popular design of the gap group, and the design style is more popular, which is a medium-high price. It is one of the universally accepted and favorite brands. BR originated in California in 1978, and in 1983, the BRIA has been engaged in clothing design and development, providing a variety of clothing in fashion men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and become a US fashion brand. Early brand positioning is simply travel style costumes, which is specially designed to explorers and video enthusiasts. Since such a product route is too narrow, from 1992, BR invited the top designer to conduct brand image transformations, from specific professional costumes, representing a representative brand of the United States, in addition to making it more serious at the time. Outside the office worker, the executive industry is more embarrassed. It is unfair, it is very comfortable, it is no wonder that will become the first chair of the United States, the simple wind!

Unlike European big-name luxury, the United States’s BR is coming is a very simple route, does not boast without decoration, and low-key is surprising. Compared with the high price to form a brillovedriver, the brilliant fabrics have always been a lucite, high-grade fabrics, extremely fitted, unique texture makes BR fans can’t add addiction: BR wear the body feels very comfortable, the fabric is very thin It is not good to make people feel very good.

The above is taken from the network and there is slightly modified.

First, registration / landing

On the left is the old customer login, fill in the mailbox, password; the right side is the new user registration, fill in the registered email address, click Register, go to the next step.


Address, Zip code can fill in the transfer address, zip code, name is the name of the transfer gives you. After entering the corresponding content, click “Save” (screenshots not display). After registration, enter the account interface.

The left is an account information, including personal information, mailbox, address, etc. On the right is the order information, if it is an already an account login and has placed an order, the nearest order information is displayed, click to view, and track the orders that have been generated.


Second, shopping


The purchase process is actually similar to other official website, not registering, purchasing, ordering, receipt, transfer, such a process.

The top left of the top page is GAP five big brands logo, and you will enter the corresponding brand link. The middle is the free shipping of the return. The right is the account information, the shipping address, shopping bag information. Next is the product classification, in turn: Men, lady, Petites, footwear, fittings, gifts, find factory stores and clearance districts. The following is current promotions, shown in the figure, 30% discount on all regular priced jackets and winter warm accessories, no need to enter coupon code, US time expires on December 4. If you need to enter a coupon code, the coupon code usually uses special display, you can enter the coupon code when checkout. The big picture below is the current main product, sometimes “Shop The Look”, which is the purchase link of the costumes of the model. In addition, the first time I entered his website, there is usually a small window (non-pop-up small window), asking you to enter the mailbox, and send you the latest information regularly, the advantage is to give you a discount, usually 75% discount, but his family activities are often 60% off, so I have not used this offer. If you don’t enter, it doesn’t matter, you can also enter your mailbox. As shown below:


Here we use men’s wear as an example, directly click “MEN”. Enter the “MEN” page:


The “MEN” page is the navigation bar, the middle is the main product photo, the right side is the product classification shortcut bar. The closest of the left side will explain the most recent activities, as shown in the figure, “Holiday Breaks”. Click in to discover the specific content of the event, such as here is a $ 35 flannel shirt, $ 35 pullover.

The gift column below is a gift theme store (near Christmas). Featured is a variety of theme activities, such as the picture shows: new, social situations, workplace matching, holiday match, winter match, etc .; Non-Iron Shop, It is a single-free clothing; Slim Shop is a relatively slim style. Next is the product segmentation, in turn is a fashion shirt, casual shirt, polo, knitted Tee, sweater sweater, jacket, jacket, casual suit and vest, suit, trousers, khaki, jeans, underwear, shoes accessories, etc. What product want to buy, click directly to click on the corresponding classification. Among them, there are some parts of the red specially marked, indicating the discount area or special activity area, usually a special product for participating in the home page or not entering a discount of coupon code.

If you think that the model is very cool, you don’t want to make your brains, you can’t think of a combination of your brain, and no problem! Usually, in Featured event, “a LOOK” activity can find a corresponding selection of good looks. For example, click “Holiday Approved Look”, you can enter the “holiday suit” that edits to prepare for you.

Just click on a model and show all the goods on him. Select your favorite color, size, add your shopping bag. A set of “green equipment” on the model!

Here, we use the fashion shirt as an example to introduce the following purchase process. Click Dress Shirt to enter the product list interface.

The left “Size Selection” and Color “button can quickly filter the size, color, eliminate unnecessary products. The right side is the specific product information. If you need further understanding, you need to click on the product. Note that his home is not charged The arrangement, so much a bit of trouble. Click on the product map to enter the product page.

Like many US websites, click on the picture to zoom in, see details of the product. On the right is color, size, price, quantity, etc., gray indicates no goods. “About this product” is a text description of the product, usually includes the material, nursing precautions, product style descriptions, etc. You can use these descriptions to supplement. After selecting, click “Add to Bag” to join the shopping bag.


In the pop-up window, click “Checkout” to settle; you can also click “Keep Shopping” to continue shopping, and wait for all items to join the shopping bag, click on the top right corner “Checkout” to settle. Note that Br is a $ 50 free post, 50 US dollars, you need to pay 5 to 22 US dollars, which is slower. His family is very easy to get 50 dollars. It is recommended to buy $ 50, otherwise the freight is very difficult. The settlement is operated as shown in the picture, mainly to fill in the consignee name (transfer company’s Fist Name and Last Name), delivery address, delivery method, credit card information, bill address, coupon code, gift card can be used Card, you can also choose to use gift packaging (charge), etc. Before you click “Place Order”, you can modify it, it is recommended to keep all the information other than the credit card, levy the next input.

Finally, after all the information is confirmed, after clicking “Place Order”, the order is generated, and the transfer is waiting for the goods, and then it is to transfer to the country. Here, he is basically shipped 2-3 days after delivery, telling you that it has been shipped; if you are anxious to know the package information, you can log in to the account to view the package information. Br For the national card, the support of the transfer address is not bad, no roof, order cancellation, etc. In the same way, the other 4 major brands of his family can also be purchased in the above process.

Three, experience

His family clothes I have already bought several times, more less experience. Below is my personal experience in buying men’s clothing, it is inevitable that there is a loss, if you have helpful to everyone, the purpose of this article is also reached; if you feel that there is no highlight, all nonsense, waste everyone It is very embarrassed so much.


Compared to GAP and OLD NAVY, BR positioning high-end, the styles are relatively stable, mature, simple, refreshed, will not feel special fashion, trendy, biased to business casual style, main customers are white-collar workers, middle class, etc. relatively “elite” class, It is more suitable for the office, daily leisure, not recommended outdoor, sports and other occasions. In general, the materials are quite, the workmanship is fine, and the cropping is generous, wearing fit, not as “American” as other American brands, relatively suitable for Asian body models. In addition, BR also designs “Petites” mainly facing Asian body type “Petites”, with smaller bust, thin sleeve, shorter sleeve long and shorter length. It is recommended that the women “white bones” go in and see. Here is a Blazer as an example, please see the difference between Petite and General Size.

Petite Size Description



The model is generally divided into three kinds of “classic fit”, “slim fit”, “Tailored Fit”, and sequently corresponds to the slim, to the styles. General Asian Slim Fit is enough, and the thin child considers Tailored Fit. Relative to other American brands (such as Timberland), his family’s clothes don’t have a big outrageous, especially the coat, standard body recommendation to buy a small code. Taking myself as an example: 174 height, 60kg body weight, belonging to the thin child, wearing the clothes of his home Slim Fit, except for the sleeve, it is more fit. The only little lack of stretch is that BR’s clothes are thin, not so thick. This is no wonder that after all, it is suitable for the office, it will not be too cold and too hot.

If the GAP makes people think of sweater, then BR will make me think of solid colored wool suit suite, shirt, ladies black dress. This set of matching, the style is officially lively, the business is not casual, serious and not fashionable, simple but very resistant. Suit, trousers with color, suggestion gray, dark blue and black, shoes black. It feels a bit official? It is not strange little, the positioning of BR is very clear, that is, the elite white-collar worker.

There are four versions of the BR’s suit, see the figure below, from Modern Slim, Br Monogram (in actually high-end series), Tailored to Classic4 models, sequentially become easier. Among them, Br Monogram is his high-end product, which is a limited edition, reflecting his highest process level. The foregoing also said that his family’s suit and casual suit never participated in discount activities; only when there is a break code.



BR’s shirt is also divided into three layers, Tailored, Slim and Classic Fit, which is also arranged from tight to loose. The shirt is often participating in the event, the 50% discount, the price is quite high, much more than the same price! highly recommended!


Shirt model


BR ‘s Khalk Pants (ChinOS) Aiden, EMERSON, GALVIN and WAWSON. Aiden is relatively tight, EMERSON is relatively slim, Gavin is a straight type, and Dawson is relatively loose.


Khales pants model

Other brands of BR and GAP are shared, so you only have to register any of these brands, and you can use this account to other brands without additional registration. But the coupon code of their family, the promotion is not shared, and it needs to be used separately.

His family also has several joints with several designers, such as 14 years and Roland Mouret launched a dress (now there is already broken), the price is not particularly expensive. But I am personal, or like BR’s own style.


Usually the offer of BR will be around 60%, if not, it is recommended to wait for the timing. His family event is still very diligent, will be changed from three differentiation, and the weekend event will join together. See if it is less than 60% discount, such as 50% or 5.5 fold, it is recommended that you don’t hesitate to look at it, go directly, usually such a low discount for only one day. BR’s discount is also very good, it will indicate the expiration date, the range of use, compared to Timberland’s non-indication time, the style is one by one, and the Limited Time of Nautica potholes is much more passive. Due to the time difference, time zone, winter is a period of 1 point in the afternoon of Beijing time, summer is a Beijing time, 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


discount event


Home discount information, red font label discount rate, black body means coupon code, input at Checkout. Click Detail to specify the use of this discount, as shown below:

Activity discount


ExclusionGS Apply indicates a product that does not participate in discounts. In most cases, offers do not include suit, suits, casual suit, leather, 100% Cashmere wool goods, Br Monogram Collections and proxy brands; Similarly, if you touch Go to these items, don’t hesitate, directly pick your hands. Personal experience, usually, 60% discount (this time the conventional discount of their home activities is also the most discount) or cost-effective, such as Sweater, Dress Shirt. The Sale area of ​​BR is superimposed, often where to go, will find a lot of good things. This is also very thick.


Also explanation, PiPerlime also proxy product products such as Kate Spade, which is more expensive, usually do not participate in activities. After Place Order, the BR will deduct directly (probably pre-authorization), and then wait until the delivery is long, sometimes after receiving the goods, it starts to be truly deducted. I remember once, the transfer company was shipped, and I didn’t show the deduction information on my credit card. I thought it was a big cheap, and I was happy.


Unexpectedly, I received a deduction notice in a few days. So, if you bought something in his family, then I have received a inexplicable dollar deduction information for a long time, it is likely to be his home. Br is to support direct mail China, but the freight, the tax is quite high, and the direct mail is unable to use, so it is not recommended. In short, if you need to look “elite”, or don’t want to wear rl, ck and th, “BR is a good choice, low-key, simple, comfortable, pay attention, not particularly high, but look Exquisite, succeed. I remember the first shirt that put on BR, my picky wife was shocked, said: You wear this “elite” today! So confident, I feel that I am really a elite, I have not been a big high-end office building, and the X total, Y always meets, analyzes business, discussions, decisions, and OL open a murgery joke.

Well, I wake up, I have to continue to move!

thank you all!


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