I don’t know when, I love a quiet and introverted beige system, the beige wool skirt in the spring and autumn is both warm and generous.


This is a skirt for several years ago, just leaving photos of the knitting process, here is shared with you, like a friend may wish to try.


Four full hairy, 2.75mm needle.

Shoulders: The front and rear tablets 150, sleeve 100.

First take the needle to the neck, the front and back films are all received once, each other, two needles,

The sleeve is one-line first, 14 times; again 4 lines, 4 times, each time is the two needles.


The front and rear sheets are pumped, and the needle continues to weave, and the sleeve is added to 8 pins (left and right 8).12 line harvest once, 2 needles each time each time.Receive 5 times.


Continue to weave 2.5 inch, starting the needle 12 line, put 6 times.

The last woven sleeves, the side of the hem, the collar.

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