Do a thin casual cotton linen pants. Dong Ping

Today, share a casual pants of cotton and linen, this kind of style is not particularly loose.

Compare the previous loose model, this dress is more thin

Take a look at today’s style effect picture

There is a sharp patch bag, the feeling of leisure style.

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This is a stereotyped style, and the long divided line can make the lines of the legs soft, so that the calf looks too strong.

There are many times the same style, the same size. Different human versions have great effects, the reason is that the utilization of dividing lines is different.


The onset of the hip is released on the basis of the purity of 6-8 cm.

The design of the small foot requires a slightly stretch fabric to reach the effect of the picture, and some texture is a micro-bomb. If you can’t find it, you can take into account the effects of the small fork on the foot side to complete the image.

Other types of types can be calculated according to their own body type.

Trimming chart unit: cm

The chart pattern is a size of the clothes, no sewing edges, cropping time, need additional addition

The cropping chart is slightly costume, the dashed part of the front piece is borrowed, so that the effect of the front movement is achieved.


Want to learn more women’s clothing and push plates can click on the circle card link below into the circle, and learn from the most basic autologous prototype plate.

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Sewing process and sewing process


Painted selection, cotton and linen fabric

After combining the top of the top of the top, according to its own body type, the addition of the sewing process according to different sewing processes

The shrinkage of the cotton and linen fabric is relatively large, so the fabric must be treated with shrinkage before cutting, and then washing and drying.


Sewing process

Cropped tabs, then push the bag according to the pocket net. Front bag can be bonded

First, according to the position of the back bag, the bag is stitched, and the head is stitched and pressed between the double mutant line.

Sewing of the oblique pocket of the preparation, sewing front and rear side seam and do the locking treatment


After the waist is folded, the built-in bib is sewing with the waist.

Foot roll

Ok, the finished product is completed.

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