In the winter, I want to be beautiful and not frozen, is not a luxury. As long as you want to think, always make actions, you will get the truth in practice. The “short cotton coat” in the winter is warm, and it has already become a street trend.

Whether it is tall and fat, no matter whether it is a male and female, short cotton clothes can be used to buy people. Give you gentleness in winter, give you the most playful exquisite. In warmth, feel the sky in winter, snowy.

Advantages of short cotton coats

Short cotton coat

Short cotton coat refers to the length and waist to cover the coat of cotton jacket, which is known for its thick, warm, short, handsome, leisure and other elements. The biggest advantage of short cotton clothes is its short and delicate. Don’t ask you to have a tall long leg, nor does you ask you to have a slim waist.


Short cotton is extremely strong, but also optimizes the size ratio. So short cotton coats are completely uncharacted, from 20 to 70 years old, you can choose short cotton coats suitable for yourself. And the short cotton version is loose and leisure, can accommodate the type of body, no matter how high fat, there is no pressure.

Short cotton coat is more handsome


There are also some derived classification. A locomotive coat integrating like a fur is a short cotton coat. To create a more talious image with the principle of handsome, cool, destroy, and exquisite. Short cotton coats are self-sighted, it is easy to wear the beauty of Korean wind on the street.

Short cotton coats are a more handsome choice, and the little girl can try more vently. If it is a face line, the body is tall and straight, wearing a short cotton coat is a full open, glamorous eye-catching, and instantly become a full focus.

Short cotton coat does not press a child

For small children, it is the shortest cotton coat that is the least short in winter. Warm, inclusive, leisure, fashion. Most importantly, it is not pressed. Even in cold winter, the package is still like a scorpion.


After all, the short cotton coat is not a systemic package. It will show a straight leg, which can give the overall temperament to better optimize the size. Create a superior three-seven ratio, let the small child’s body is more tailed.

Short cotton coat

Short cotton coat + dragging pants

There is a taboo in the wearing a small child. That is, don’t choose the width + width match, it is easy to significantly significantly. But short cotton coats + dragging pants, actually a width + downwed match. Why is this match not only irrespecting a child, but will it be a high feed field?

The most critical reason is to match. Although it is a width of width +, it is bright white, and the level is clear, the color is more light and outstanding, and there will be no visual depression. Although it is a loose tailor, it is more perpendicular, extending the proportion of longitudinal direction, has achieved a high-level legacy effect.

Short cotton coat + nine pants / half length skirt

Short cotton coat, elegant and handsome, style, strong plasticity. So in terms of clothing, there are also unique advantages. It can be compatible with a variety of styles, is a kind of trivial, fashionable, free.

The short cotton coat, combined with the slim nine pants, formed a width + tight match, visual ratio, outlined the legs. With loose skirts, straight skirts or umbrella skirts, are more gentle and elegant and temperament.


Short cotton coat + straight pants

The advantages of straight pants are very obvious, and it can cover the shortage of legs. Whether it is an o-leg, or an X-shaped leg, or a Luo circle leg. Even the ratio of the leg ratio, the calf is thick, etc., can be more perfect under the modification of straight pants.

The combination of straight pants and short cotton coats, through the straight straight legs, outline more handsome image. Short cotton coats can be more casual, such as jackets, handsome and easy, with straight pants more appearing tall.

Other cotton coats matching LOOK:


There are a lot of categories in cotton coats, but you can be divided into long jackets, short jackets, long jackets. Long jackets are generally below the calf, the biggest advantage is to keep warm, but small children need to be cautious. More suitable for a high-tall European and American women, handsome.

Loose long cotton coats are more suitable for superimposing. The neckline can be equipped with the neckline of different shapes, highlighting the sense of distinct layers, warm and bloated simultaneously. Pants or skirts, try to drain, tall, domineering and high.

Long cotton coats have a certain expansion. So in the selection of the version, try to select the straight version. The more you pull straight, the more you don’t easily look bloated. Direct H-type cotton clothes, the version is more dreamed of the atmosphere, combined with straight pants.


In daily wear, long cotton coats are more warm. The combination of trousers is elegant, but the combination dress is also warm and sweet. Long coat, more warm. There are more possibilities in matching, and if you choose an open way, it will not be too bloated.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know how winter cotton clothes, how should you match? Daily share fashion trend small knowledge, hurry up! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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