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In the 1920s, the situation of women discussed women became an extremely difficult thing.

Theory, theory, the nation, and the political and religious, seemed all the value to speak on this issue. It seems that it is a major event involved in women. This is a big thing in the country. Non-experts can’t talk, non-official can’t talk, not someone can’t talk.

In the mouth of the network, we have forgotten that in most cases, discussing women’s situation is a common sense.

Common sense tells us that a middle-aged male and girls have the relationship between the girls and should be condemned.

Common sense tells us that a girl is committed to boys, and boys are responsible.

Common sense tells us that women who encounter domestic violence should be separated from the perpetrators rather than seeking reconciliation.

Common sense is always patiently persuaded us,

“Do unto others, do not impose on others”

. This truth is simple, but it is extremely important.

Women’s situation is closely related to each of us – whether men or women are closely linked to our common sense.

If a society is unable to share, then any consensus and progress will become the heaven.

This article shared in East Asian Jun today is to talk about a common sense:

The mortal will be cold in winter, and it is necessary to wear more clothes.

However, the Japanese high school, but it looked at the students in winter with a skirt.


Sometimes I have to understand the history and culture of a country, and the light look at the book is not good. The shamelessness of the great righteousness is too much.


However, clothes wearing them are hard to make people. Women don’t wear a hat can’t go out. The man does not wear high and not enough gentleman. The skirt will become shorter, and the collar will put down. The time of the times are in the forgotten choices.

You are what you eat. So similarity,

You are what you us.


A social pathology, often buried these seems to look, but it is seriously from the common sense.

For people who often look at the Japanese drama or anime, the skirt of Japanese women’s high school students is really an unknown mystery.

Ice on the picture, silver is wrapped, those cute girls, just wear a school uniform skirt in such a background.

Think about it in winter, I will put on the autumn trousers early, and even the waters of the flippers, those girls are really a layer of immortality. This scenario has to bring a lot of soul to many people. No matter when, every time this scene occurs, it can always trigger the barrage of fierce discussion:

Why are they in winter?

While shouting, wearing a skirt, 黐 黐 黐 normally?

Naturally, the barrage also puts a variety of holidays: female high school students love beauty, feel that the skirt is good; Japan is marine climate, there is no cold in winter; the Japanese mentality metamorphosis, from the small way to exercise the children “Wolf” …

For the author, the last explanation sounds particularly kind. Just teach us from a young teacher, how can the Japanese trained their children through a cruel education? When the Chinese-Japanese young summer camp, the Japanese students gave China Little Emperor Little Princess Mawei … In short, the author of the child, Japanese is not The captain captain like a small soldier Zhang Wei is the midth of the teacher.


However, is it true?


Why did the female high school students also wear a skirt in winter, but this major topics not only confused Chinese teenagers, but also a big puzzle for Japanese boys. On the Yahoo’s Isolated Bag (equivalent to Baidu knowing), there was a soul that a boys had conducted such a question:

I am a boy. The weather is getting cold recently. On the way home from the school (around 7:00), wearing a school uniform, saying that the truth is that the trousers are cold. But the girl wears a skirt, and people who change the skirt becomes a mini skirt also account for most. Is not It Cold? How did a girl come in winter?

In the face of the doubts of this male classmate, the answer to these two girls can be said to be very representative:

I am a female high school. Put the pantyhose first, then put the warm underwear is best two, then put a sweater, then post two warm baby, then put the shorts of the yarn, then wear two pairs of socks, put on the school uniform, big scarf Volume a few laps, wear gloves and ear bags, so you can get a cold winter.

I am a high school! I am cold, the legs are particularly easy to get cold, and every winter is very uncomfortable (sweat). I am in pantyhose, go out with warm baby and knee pads! Although it is in the village, the community will be colder in the world, so I also saw people who have pants under the skirt. The boys who have seen pants always feel very envious, but sure, you are cold!


You listen, you listen, what is the wolf? Life is not too pantyhose and warm baby! In order to pass the cold winter, only the female high school students who can wear a skirt can say that they want to keep warm. However, there is such an answer below:


Go with a breath. Who told our school not to wear a leather socks?

Yes, even in the winter of the winter. Obviously, students will be frozen without exception, but the school rules are written.

Japanese animation “Ice Fruit” stage Shenshan high school prototype, Gifu County Li Fei Too high school has been banned to wear black pantyhose. Most of the girls in Fi Taizhang are still like “ice fruit”, and the “ice fruit” is still like “ice fruit”.

Although Japan is an island country, the land is narrow, the southern part is very different from the northern temperature.


In the south, enjoy the coconut forest Sofah, when the rope is trichogical, the Hokkaido may have already flying. In fact, the winter temperature in the Hokkaido has been very close to Liaoning, and it is not very warm in winter.


However, it is incredible that even the difference in climate in North and South is so big, their winter school uniform style is almost context.

Can you imagine which Northeast school will let students wear a skirt in winter?

Climate data (each month and annual average maximum temperature and average minimum temperature) from Wikipedia. From top to bottom, it is a high school in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, and a high school in Kugoya City, Kugoyu City, Kaguang Island, Kaga Prefecture, Kaga Prefecture. Hokkaido is the most northernmost island in Japan, and Aichi Prefecture is located in the middle of the Island, and Kagoshima is the southernmost end of Kyushu Island.

What is the mysterious force, which allows Japanese women’s high school students to wear a skirt from the beginning of the year, no matter spring and summer, autumn and winter, cold and cold?

What has actually happened?

The answer may be hidden in the clothes of the Japanese female high school.


Daqing, the dress is still in |

If you want to understand the wonderful combination of “Winter + Skirt”, you must go back to history, look at the skirt – and how to match the skirt, how is it, a little bit of a female student is indivisible.

In the Yangtze River era before the Meiji Recent, the people lived in life is very unrestrained. No matter what the male and female are very nature, it is convenient for labor.

But even so, the men and women are still distinct in the lower body clothing. When a man, the warrior is often wearing, and the people who need to work or run away or put them, whether it is to ensure that the two legs are separated.


In contrast, women’s clothing will use the female legs in the upper and lower clothes, and the movement is a very hard thing for women wearing the clothes.

The kimono woman in standing posture wants to sit down and needs to be carefully Winged.

After the Meiji Recent, the value of the apparel was re-evaluated – the naked body was considered a barbaric habit, and the original 袴 was considered a symbol of the land and faced.

Not only the changes in clothing, the change in Meiji Restoration is as follows: huge modern countries have emerged, hundreds of lords need to be commanded by a strong central government, and the state will be able to integrate in the land of the country. It turns into a national national who is really agreed to understand the Meiji Countries.

If you want to take the villagers, Mi-machi, and Pofeans from the family and the lord, re-pinching the nationals, the new school education needs to be put on the schedule. Since then, the Japanese government has implemented national education at the speed of Thunder, and has established primary schools and hierarchical education systems in primary schools and colleges and universities. In order to shape a unified, obedient, Japan’s school management imitation is a military.

The so-called student uniform, that is, the military uniform’s reform version, today’s Japanese junior high school, high school “Xuelan” uniforms can still see the shadow of military uniforms.


Meiji military uniforms and modern learning

Of course, the nationals here refer to men, women are still all family members, and they are not called by the state, and the Mini countries do not recognize women’s national status. Although the man’s foreignification is promoted from the top of the michigation, the woman’s clothing is rarely discussed.

At least in this era, the outer dress symbolizes civilization, also symbolizes power and identity, as a male privilege as a national.

| Waiting for one year


Compared with the entire society, the test water of the new women’s education is not too late. The 1972 Japanese government in the fifth year after the Meiji Requirements founded Tokyo School, 1875 has created Tokyo Women’s Normal School. However, the woman’s education at this time is still in the category of Miss Education – more like a female partner of a senior national, or a display window of a Japanese exhibition.

At the beginning of the creation, the school uniforms became a big problem. The woman received new education, symbolizing the new force of the new era, became “student”, could not use the past gaze to look at them, but the host officials are not willing to promote foreign clothes in this group of female students, and give up Male dress is superior. Under the compromise,

Japan’s first woman’s school uniform is like this: the upper body wears traditional and suits, and the lower body is set on the male.

In this way, female students can distinguish between the general women, and will not be completely seen in the clothing.

Tokyo Women’s Normal School’s first school uniform, kimono + male

However, such a change, in Japan’s upper-run society caused an uproar. At the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Women’s Normal School in 1875, the Queen saw a female student wearing a male scorpion laughed. After a discussion on destroying the “big defense of men and women”, the male hoe was finally discarded.

Wearing a female student or teacher in a male, walking on the street, and be a sensational topic. Time people compete in the details to explore women’s “fun”.

Twenty years later, the school uniform shelf life of these female schools was only one or two years.

When the students of the female school, they need to wear the clothes, and when they need to wear them, they need to wear the European woman with skirts.

– In Japan, it is committed to abolishing the inequality treaty diplomatic era. The Meiji government believes that these female students will become a senior bureaucratic wife, attracting the attention of Western people, so they must cultivate their ladies from this time. feel.


Tokyo Women’s Normal School two school uniforms in the Meiji. After passing through a few years of deer, the woman’s student replaced the right side in the sound of the siki in the siki.

On the side of the man education, the school uniform was quickly popular; while the woman’s education was slow, the woman was uniform into the hot theme of his mouth.

Women’s school uniforms are often binding in Japan. Japan should be close to the West. The female students will be pulled out and the foreigners can engage in a wave of goodwill; Japan should exclude Western, the government will drink some girls every day, and ask them to change their clothes. No matter which place, they all believe that their programs are truly embodied “Japan’s female temperament”.

Breaking this status quo is the Sino-Japanese War and the Japanese War of Japan. In these two wars, a huge resource mobilization made the Japanese government aware that only women stayed in their families, which must also make them also active; on the other hand, the death is far from death. During the death, let the Japanese government aware of the importance of the national physique, so it is determined that the country also needs to intervene personal health.


Women have become a national, and the body has been processed in the country. These two changes have greatly affected Japanese women’s education.


As a mother, wife, is considered a great strategic value, which is an important resource reserve. Women’s body and mind are not only a window, but also a potential productivity. Therefore, in order to be able to produce and assist health, female people must also receive education and exercise.

Affected by the ideological ideological, modern Japan is extremely keen to hold “healthy and excellent children” selection, and as an important means of mother and child health management. It is worth noting that this activity is not exposed until 1996.

As a result, women’s education began to spread the route and emphasized the importance of women’s sports. In 1899, the Japanese government promulgated the “Higher Women’s School” and requested at least one higher school school in each county. By 1903, there were 91 high women in Japan, and some gymnastics and sports with “female students temperament” gradually appeared, and a new female student class was gradually formed.

In this wave of waves, a unique school uniform is a woman.

The female scorpion is also called the lantern, and she looks like a kimono, but does not pia pants, essentially a dress.

The woman’s program is slightly over, but it is gradually popular in the context of the popularity of female schools. Students generally take a good luck in kimono with the seafood brown (purple) women, neither radical westernization, and convenient action.

Female student wearing a woman

In this turf, Japanese female students put on a skirt. After the Japanese War, Japan gradually became an empowerment and modern sense.

In the 1910s, Dazheng Japan has moved to the public’s consumption society, and students who wear the old tea-like women have become a symbol of the era of wind, people use the “violet” allusion, saying that they are “Sea old tea department”.

Until today, many Japanese female college students and teachers still wear sea-style clothing in the graduation ceremony, or can be seen as a distant payment of that era.

If the river is big in Japan, it is the Republic of China for Japan. “Da Zheng Romance” is still the subject of many anime movies.

Of course, the popularity of the early senior colleges and seafood still has its limit: most concentrated in Tokyo, the scope is only from the nobles to the citizen elite, “Sea old tea-style” this title naturally with Miss color.


True to make a skirt as a school uniform, and have a deep impact on today’s Japan, or the sailor that has not yet appeared.

| Sailipheet



While Tokyo is intoxicated in the sea, the old tea-style “liberation hair, gorgeous and light”, the high-quality school uniform style of all places is still very diverse. Similar to the thinking of the female, many high women try to design some improved kimono or improved foreign clothes, trying to redefine “female temperament” in the era of change.

Times of the Times and the Women’s Gymnastics

However, these attempts are ultimately replaced by the sailor.

Next, it will be the sailor service, and the girls in Japan have therefore put on the era of skirts.


From the big late late stage to the beginning of the year, the sailor in the world is a result of a few things hit together, and many inherent changes in Japan have gathered in this body.

At the end of 1918, Japan has embarked on the fast lane of economic development due to time. And another large war, once again let the Japanese government’s painful national integration and resource scheduling importance. At the same time, the big democratic wave since the overall democratization, also calls female rights and equality, and women’s education is further popular. In 1923, the Guandong earthquake occurred, many women wearing and worked were killed because of inconvenience, but also the women’s women in the whole society.

A era called a new woman seems to be coming.

Du Zheng Dynasty, “Modern Girl” on the streets of Japan


Although it is a sailor to take the lead in Kyoto’s church department in 1920, it really makes this kind of clothing, or will pay for the consumer society.

In the late post, the Japanese economy before the Showa, the Japanese economy before the Great Depression was unprecedented, and the middle class was formed. The symbols formed by the middle class society are the birth of the concept of “children”.

In traditional social or economic, the adult is full of surpass and difficult, which has a mood to think about what children need to pay special attention. “Children” discovery, with leisure, wealthy secret.

At the same time, after a war, Japan’s development of textile industry has made the cost of foreign clothes sharply, and ordinary citizens can afford to buy foreign clothes, or to make a lot of money. On the hot women’s magazine “Friends of Women”, some tutories that are often published in some oceanic tailors.

And the water jacket is in these magazines, as a kind of child service, introduces and promotes.

Savings in children’s clothing sequence

Yes, sailors are a child service.

In the eternal classification classification at the time, the girl is also a child.


The teenager’s clothes are to the adult soldiers, and the girl’s clothes are in the children of children. Although the source is related to the military, the meaning of the two hints is completely different.

Under the continuous propaganda and promotion of “Friends of Women”, the sailors took advantage of high-quality and low-priced foreign service, and they made out their own improvements in all of them, and gradually painted with the image of the girl. This special modern space is closely linked.

At that time, the school was more in the sailor jacket + a skirt as a common service, and the jacket shirt + lantern pants was gymnastic. The reason why the lantern pants can get root in Japan, but also because of its hypertrophic legs to maximize the concept of “pants”, let it look very similar to the skirt.

And if most of the above factors are in Tokyo and big cities, then the sailors have expanded to female students in all counties and rural areas of the country, and they are the work of the railway. In the 1920s, the Railway continued to extend, and gradually electrified, modern time concepts, lifestyle, cultural taste along the railway to rural.

Even at that time, people also realized that the bright and beautiful table Japan, and the native is in the simple Japanese, and the country has levied the body’s body, because of the distance and time difference.

When you sweep each big city in the overalls, it is still the mainstream of the countryside.

By the mid-1920s, the number of higher-level female schools in Japan has reached 300,000. For their respective people in Tokyo, their respective politics, high-rise women in all counties and even rural areas are mainly waiting for the top county orders.

Prior to this, most of the female students worn out in a kimono, Tokyo and the big city of the old sea, the old sea, and they have nothing to do with them.

In 1916, Qiudian County can actually realize higher school schools. At this point, the female students here are still worn, combing very traditional hairstyles, forms a stark contrast with the above sea old tea parts.

Therefore, for many villages’ high-quality students, they can take off their clothes, they can be in the body with Tokyo in their body, they are tightly connected to those big cities. Among the full-purpose kimono women, these sailors seem to be a modern leader, and the roar of the railway opened, constantly stimulating an old country.

Okinawa Prefecture in 1935. The picture above is the general wear of women in Okinawa Prefecture. The following picture is a female student riding a bicycle to and from home school. The original picture is a black and white photo taken by the North Korean news, which is completed by the Professor of Tokyo University.

Wearing on the sailor, means and the girls in Tokyo and big cities have joined the elite ranks.

That is the vertices of all the same age, that is a symbol of “fashion”. Traditional breakage with local homessenger, these sailors have a long-term self-expecting, love each other, and pour the future enthusiasm in modern and Tokyo imagination.

Sichuan, Kangcommi, “Girl’s Harbor” illustration. Founded around the water, there is often a traditional Japanese female student often have a tradition of admire and admire: the school uniforms pass by the school sister, or the school sister gives the ribbon to the heart of the heart. These traditions have gave birth to “s literature” that gave birth to the girl’s love, and the latter became the abuse of lily literature after many years.

These local women’s high-rise experiences are not a Japanese modern metaphor. Talking about Japan’s modernization, how many other sights can you come in addition to Tokyo in our mind? Tokyo as the core and benchmark of the Japanese countries, Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo, along the railway and the dry road, constantly output the same standard.

Emperor, Tokyo

The difference in Tokyo is different, and it has become the status. If you want to fight for a more superior status, it will not be able to see with Tokyo. In this modern torrent from the central government, the sailors of the birth of the city of Tokyo citizens have become a symbol of development.

Whether it is the north of Hokkaido, the South of Okinawa Prefecture, all Japan’s female students are equipped with the Direct of Tokyo – such a civilized skirt, what is the relationship between cold?


“your name. “This is also representative of this mentality today. Also think about it, how many of Japan have a commercial street named after Ginza?

Tokyo’s school uniforms became the school uniforms of all big cities, and then the school uniforms from the big city girls became the school universities of the Japanese women, “Modern” tamed “township”. During this process, the rural women’s high-rise will be in the embarrassing situation from time to time:

Men in the country, they are too foreign, and they are in a glazing; in Tokyo’s male in Tokyo, they can only be as soil, and Dong Shi is worthy of female temperament.

Male’s understanding of “female temperament” is always good and opportunistic. In this all-haired look, Japanese girls ushered in the sailors, ushered in the beautiful skirts they imagined. Welcomes your “liberation”.

However, the sauerites have been liberated with the skirts, really give the girls?

| Uniform girl’s dilemma


In the 1930s, the water jacket established the school uniform standard for female students, the formation of the top of the top + skirt was determined, and became the standard of high school students.

During the Second World War, the material was tense, the national quintessence thought is flooding. Many girls have been replaced by work clothes or modified and suits, and for “public labor” or avoid air strikes, female students are also contained in “Monpe”, a Women in Montenegro Working pants when working. It seems that the Japanese is also very clear, the skirt is not the only option in the school uniform, not to mention the skirt is not really easy to act.

In 1945, the students of the Higher School of Higher School of Horseshan

Once the war ends, the old clothes model will be restored quickly, and the female students returned to the era of skirts. Affected by the United States, many schools after the war gradually adopted a suit-style school uniform, and learned from the characteristics of the suit suit. However, regardless of how the shape changes, the upper skirt mode established by the sailor service has become a deposit of the school uniforms.

Typical suit-style school uniform (Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City to the High School)

Let us go back to the present now. After nearly a hundred years, there are still many women’s high school students still wear a sailor (almost all Japanese women’s high school students, are also under the skirts that are determined by the sailor.

However, what happened in the sailor suit, what happened in this century? Women’s high-tech people, what is the price of these meaning?

A question that is ahead is the pornography of sailors.

Since the mid-1980s, Japan’s customs and sexual service industries have emerged in many projects related to female students: Male customers can call specific numbers, let the women in the phone, the birthday or female high school students chat with themselves; Shop, sell female students’ sailors or sportswear; many soft erotic services are playing with female students, and even the so-called “jk business”; and more extreme cases, they have become a social condition, female Student’s aid communication problem. The communication between assistance is the most serious in Tokyo. According to the Sampling survey of the Tokyo Metro, 491 effective questionnaires have a high school student, 3.8% of junior high school students have aid experience.

The warning poster made by the Japanese police hall: “Never allow the child’s sexual crime!” Subtle is that the Japanese police still think and deal with the child’s prostitution in the early high school students.

In these erotic industries that students sell some selling points, the so-called female students’ ignorance, no scale and pureness will be exaggerated, rendered. The conservativeness and “Pureness of the Times” under the saucer is a very typical position in this narrative.


The storefronts who trafficking women’s student clothing, with themselves are clothing, more like this integration in selling “sorry”.

Japanese national producer Qiu Yuan Kang in 1985, “Don’t take off the sailor service” for the two generations of national women’s groups, it is not underestimated. The second generation of 48-Series women’s groups are more visual selling points with students’ uniforms. This is not a projection of sexual ideas.

The harvest of the sailor is imagined to female students. These seemingly the problem of contemporary Japan. It is the social phenomenon after the Japanese economy. It is better to say that all desire hypotheses have been reflected in the 1920s. The sailor was in the clothes.


Let’s think about the child’s service. We also think about the women’s gymnastics, and the rejection of women in pants in Japan. Gymnastics specifically designed for women, specializing in women’s designs and skirts, specialized for women’s transformation children’s services –

All of this point is a woman who is always in obscurity, silence, requires enlightenment and protection of men and the country.


“Sailors and machine guns”, “girls and chariots”, such the themes in Japan, inadequate, and the reasons may have the freshness of the contrast between these two. In recent years, the Japanese self-defense team recruits criticism because of the image of the girl’s cute, and it is also a strong female self-defense officer in Japan.

This is actually the same as the reasons of colonial activities in modern imperialism: people who have been colonized are ignorant, no evil, we need to protect these people, teach these people to correctly act correctly. Female students have become the inner colonies under the wrap of this mini logic.


Tokyo-style modernization, family-headed wrecks, the expectations of excellent birth vessels, these elements are wrapped in women’s health, women gymnastics, women’s national “civilized development” discourse, perfusion into the body of female students.

The story of the woman is not the future of anti-Utantia, but history, but now

The sailor is the outer package called “female student” product product. Although the goal of modern education in Japan is in order to create excellent nationals, women have repeatedly objects, or are considered unstable factors.


The value contained in sailors and expectations fully explained that this dress is not a special national, but is designed to excellent national accompanying.

The body of these accompanying lins is not complete, showing weakness and morbidity; the body of these accompanyingrs is unsafe, only to do some women’s gymnastics, non-labor-free body – Since the body is not working, then What is necessary to wear a pants? Further, wear a pants, isn’t it serious to get a serious offense?

The best note on this problem is a time in Japan in Japan. The “Women’s Students’ Dead Country”: Women have studied university, squeezing off the chance of male reading, after graduation, they don’t do learning directly to get married, so What are the benefits of society? (The picture shows the comics made in the column in the column on November 12, 1962, which reflects the point of view of the battle.

In an infusion of these concepts, the effect of the sailor is extremely excellent.

Unified sailors, mean unified formulations and rules. Japanese school’s service will often specify the finest part –

Once the students wear a school uniform, step into the school means that in these regulations, it is necessary to pay attention to their own wear and manners.

A typical Japanese school uniform requires: white underwear must be wear during summer school uniforms. It is forbidden to wear a pattern of clothing. Socks must be white or blue black. The skirt is the position below the knee. (West Japan News April 15, 2019)

The skirt has played the role of “adding flowers on the sky” for this limit. The skirt is realized in the dressing of the sex of men in the sexy septum and limits women to a certain extent.



Women wearing a skirt will limit their activities because of the shame of social ethics, but instead strengthen the “weakness” impression and accurately position the “female students” should have the expectations.


Around the skirt, there will always be many social norms than the trousers. And “your name. “In the middle, the flower is turned into the front of the palace, and the first show of the three-leaf is the limit of the scarf to the legs, so that his male is inherent.


The expectation of the manager in the heart, the costume is the best helper.

The sailors have defined a modern Japan’s expectation to women and will pay for specific practices.

Therefore, women’s high school students need to wear a skirt, why do you have to wear a skirt in winter, there is no answer to the discussion.

Because the female high school students are wearing a skirt.

Only in front of the object is tuned to a female high school.

| Search from society



How to define gender, what is “female temperament”, women themselves have very little speech.

The problem of women’s high school dresses is not only about schools, but the whole of the whole Japanese society.

Japan’s male and women, the menstrinated society, start school, go to school, graduate, and then almost seamlessly, into the society, promotion, and round.


In this process, women will be taken out of the track, give up the membership of the members, become the housewife, protected by her social husband.

The school and the company are assignee, the school is given to the students’ norms and training, is the retrofit habit you need.

Most companies in Japan will require employees to work in work. For them, this is the uniform of the workplace, and the school uniform is a truth. Will it think that this is another kind of opening ceremony?

What kind of gender environment is Japanese women in Japan?

Some student communities in the famous universities such as Tokyo University, Waseda University have always had a strange rules: prohibiting the school girls.

Yes, the community in the school refused to join the school. The district manager believes that the school is very proud and difficult to control. They are more welcome than other school girls who have a university level to participate in activities, these girls are good, willing to pour water, and easy to get it.

“The Social refuses to the early rice women”. Pay attention to this picture, even in order to slam this phenomenon, this picture is also contrasting the image contrast to the skirt – the image shaped in the trousers. Symbolism.

Social elite is still in this, and it is a general national.

But theory, the purpose of the author is not to criticize Japan’s nationality. It is said that this is a story about it, it is a story about the oppression of women.

Similar things, all over the world are happening. Forcing the female high school students, even if there are other ways. Women’s dilemma is a general dilemma, not a case in one country.

A person’s costume is always forced to take some higher goals, but what is this? Do you say these goals, will there be more important than common sense?

Ok, the female gods have begun to break around in this predicament of the skirt. In a society where women is not friendly, Japan’s girls explore the likelihood of various changes.

An unexpected support force comes from the rise of LGBTQ leveling movements. Multivariate thinking changes, even in Japan who strictly hold the “big defense” of men and women, it has also set off a small wave.

In this process, many schools gave up the original two-point thinking and began to explore more inclusive clothing solutions.

Some is to develop the same neutral uniform, and some is to withdraw the male or female label in the existing school regulations. Students can wear according to their inner position.

Introduction to gender anxiety in Japanese Junior Moral Education Book: Wearing a Ban Children, I saw it in the mirror.

Another kind of supportive power is a revolution from adults. The actor Sichuan is actually launched in Japan, reflecting that the Japanese workplace must force women to wear high heels. High heels will not only bring painful feelings to women, but also have bad effects on health.

This movement is larger, impacts blindness and indifference behind “uniform culture”.

In the same reflection, Shichuan is also awarded attention to the school uniform issues of women’s high school students. In February of this year, Shichuan visited the hometown of the hometown of Ji Fei Tuanzhong, which is the “ice fruit” stage prototype mentioned above. Fi Taigao high in the student meeting with students, and finally realized the revision of the school rules.

The student will take out the views of the opinions collected between students and parents, explain the doubts and worry in the school’s heart. At the meeting of the student representative, faculty, the alumni representative, the parent representative, and the president of the student asked: “Do not have black pantyhose, have there be a reasonable and necessary basis?” After satisfaction, the school regulation is changed like this.

Changed is not just the rules of disable pantyhose. The two school uniforms in Fi Taizhong also eliminate gender properties. Xueran and sailors are all recognized in schools. It is feasible to wear.

This gentle upward force is gradually enhanced, trickle, and forms a working force.

Public discussion, do not exclude any side, sincere opinions exchange, Japan’s high school students seize the social improvement in such a process.

Just as Shichuan is like this: “Because it doesn’t feel there is no way because it is forbidden, people who are inappropriate should be there. But why should it be banned? If it is forbidden to harm your health, do you seriously express your opinion? Change it? Even if there is no big action, even if you send a twitter, you must act. “

Osaka Emperor Mountain College high school has achieved freedom to wearing black pantyhose through consultation with dialogue in 2011. In their conversation, there is a reflection of public opinion and responded in detail the teacher’s doubts.


Of course, in many cases, even if you don’t have any aggressive claim, it will still be difficult.


After all, people always have a very good tolerance, but they are particularly harsh.

Even the tradition is very young, full of fiction, just like the fear of pants to female students; even if this common sense is in front of the eyes, unforgettable, like a woman who shakes in the wind and snow.

It should be admitted that the sailor is also very beautiful in winter. But the viewer’s appreciation will never be, and it should not replace the experience of the victim.

Just like the long and classic essay: people are purpose, not tools.



Dedicated to freedom, we can be seen as a pursuit of beauty; and on the basis of no choice, it is just a blind cruel.

Really “correct” clothes can only be from the inner heart from each individual.

If you serve the concept, the skirt is a heavy shackle.


If you submerge free common sense, the skirt is the symbol of youth.


There is no value, it can be more precious than common sense.

I sincerely wish, the girls in the world can be free to wear.

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