When the 14-year-old Li Wei was in the slim, the fashion expression was also directly chasing the mother of Wang Fei and his sister Dou Jingtong.

Among the previous shootings, Li Wei wears a cowboy jacket with basic white t-shirts and shorts, and a casual dress and a personalized rainbow stockings, which is in line with her lively age.


Sweats are also a must-have for casual wearing, using loose basic gray sweaters to create a descendant, the beautiful and sweaters of the rainbow stockings, the simple formation of strong visual contrast, which is more eye-catching. Mom Faye’s beautiful legs, not only slender and very line-like, thin and changing, have to laigh the strength of the gene!

Nowadays, Li Wei, who is very good, and no fear of HD lens, this 45-degree angle look like Faye Wong when you are young.

It is also the shape of sweater, and the ink green is more characteristic, and no personality is stabilized.

Overall, Li Wei is very familiar with the wind of the casual style, but recently, her recent receipt has caused the hot discussion of netizens.

She is only 14 years old, she wears harem pants with repairs, “Until the width” wearing the way to make the netizens too mature!


Li Wei wearing V-care clothes, deliberately exposing the lay bone position, revealing the careful machine of the show curve, the shape of the concave shape does not have mature of her age.

Skirt + Slim clothes


In fact, the wider wearing method is very suitable for the concave body, and many fashion bloggers will use this rule to handle it.

You see, even in the summer dress, this method can also be used, with a slim sleeve, very shaping body.


Wide leg pants + slim clothes


The wide legs is also a wild item. When it is equipped with a slim dress, it still is still atmospheric.

This is also a typical “upper tightening wide” wearing.

This kind of matching has a biggest advantage, that is, it is possible to cover a meat, suitable for the bold girl, create the best body proportion, of course, this premise is that you can’t be too strong, otherwise, the effect is appropriate, in short, Still should be based on the characteristics of our own body, the appropriate choice of stretching the upper body is also or lower.


In fact, Li Wei is not the only one in the entertainment circle because there is a star second generation of the age of the age. It also accepted the controversy and Huang Lei’s daughter’s yellow daughter. However, for the 14-year-old, play the ear, makeup, Huang Lei couple Indicates that the daughter has the right to pursue beauty. It may be because it is a life that is growing in the open-minded environment.

It can be seen from Li Wei’s recent photo. The legacy of her mother is her most proud part.


Therefore, there are repeated hair curves, black and white hue, also with this old girl’s aesthetic Gege.

The birthday party is more like a 13 or 4-year-old shadow, the small suit set with Martin boots, beautiful legs, also showing superior curves and body proportions, more eye-catching is dyed A blond hair, she made people feel like Wang Fei, because Faye Wong at that time was impressive because of personality.


Whether it is plaid pants or old-fashion shoes, one of the most popular items, is used as shooting and street styling. It is also very personal, with the shape of the double mear head, looks very devilous and horses.


As the pride of Chinese music, Wang Fei is a temporary, not just her voice, and her early bright avant-garde style. Striped vest shows superior straight strap, with cowboy tape pants, more live, refreshing mid-shaped shawl hair and this shape is not impressive.

And Faye Wong fell in fashion, full of two daughters. Although Dou Jingtong and Li Wei are very different, they have their own characteristics. Dou Jing Tong’s wear is always lazy to take a sprinkled neutral wind. It is a clear flow in the entertainment circle. Although it is beginning to make people feel unacceptable, it can also feel the comfort of her soon to overflow the screen. Feeling to the street wind.

Dou Jing Tong not only inherited Faye Wong’s music talent, but also bold and personality in the wearing area, but the blue is better than blue, every time, it is not a general visual impact in the lens.

The white t and sweater on the upper body is actually a daily daily, the key is that the lower body pants are slightly exaggerated in the chess pattern or the color of the fluorescent, which is unexpected to match the true very good person. .

Although there is a mother’s post-level mother, Li Wei is accompanied by luck and unfortunate birth, so fortunately, she has been obviously recovered well after three surgery, so she is a more obsolete and keen feeling of beauty. They are all confident in sunshine, and now she will even work with Li Yape to work together to public welfare, with it to controvers her premature, but also sigh her in the environment of love.

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