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A focus dress, exclusive, your beautiful fashionable people!


Although not yet arrived in the summer, a variety of suspenders are ready, and fashionable fine is even more early.

Because the hate can not only have a cool role in summer, but also wear in the spring, practical and wild. The bundles that appear in the inside can know the atmosphere, or it can become sexual and lively, so let’s introduce the mushroom method of the harasshirt.

Use three ideas to give you the easiest way to master


Tips1: Simple white hanging shirt, refreshing and clean and very temperament

Basic white hanging shirts, you need to have such a thing. It is the simplest and most convenient match, extremely versed single item, no matter how it is very nice.

Today, I introduce two matching programs, the first one is used

With a sweater

. The white sweater and white tie belong to the same color, so it is very fresh and romantic when the upper body is.

The next dish is also very simple, either trousers, or shorts, can choose according to the weather changes.

If the weather is more cold, the trousers must be the best choice, cover meat and temperament. If the weather is relatively warm, the shorts is a good choice.


Mix up the trend more

, Personality is fashionable but not.

There is also an advantage in the suspenders, which can be worn. Can be used inside, but also wear.

If you are a good girl, you can try the matching plan of hanging shirts, this matching program can have

Last short


The modification skill makes your body proportion look better, so it is slim.


TIPS2: Simple solid color harapers, same color matching is wonderful

Brave shirts and T-shirts are different, although they all belong to wild products, but the hate is more needed,

The more simple, the better

Because the suspenders are not large, if exaggerated printing is added, it may be counterproductive. Therefore, the hate is recommended to choose conservative design and may be more superior.

Matching can also try to collide, but in general, it is not recommended. The spot color requires a lot of time energy, and even talent.

So if this path can be leaving, then don’t stay in love, choose the road that can walk. So, put the design carefully here today, don’t say surface, truly

Simplify matching steps


Reduction method

In fact, it is not complicated, such as color, you can’t consider collision, only


Just good.

This only needs to consider a color, don’t consider other color selection, so we will make many simple things, so you easily live fashion changes.


Tips3: Sling dress with small cardigan, holiday wind full


Many people have learned the suspenders, but most people don’t dare to try, because the hanging dress is too picking up, especially if the upper half is a fat girl, I will not be careful, I will expose my meat, let Zhan Zhuang There is no hiding shoulder.

In fact, when you match the haring dress, you can use it as a vest skirt to match a wide range of jackets.

Not only can you increase the effect of the cover, but you can also make you easily have a thin effect. So

How should the coat choose?

In fact, only two aspects are required, the first aspect is the same color matching, such as the hanging skirt of black and white lattice, I will choose to match the black coat, which is more slim.

In addition, if it is a red-blue color match, I may choose the white white match, it looks clearer, not only more coordinated, but also very retro.


Cowboy can also be very thin


For example, the strap jeans is definitely a good hand, with a hanging skirt fresh and elegant.

I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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