It is said that “Bao Guan Bai Disease” can choose a favorite bag, you can really cure a lot of unhappy. Buy a light luxury bag, the first choice temple. The temple library is an Asian leading online boutique lifestyle platform, which has been committed to providing users with a boutique lifestyle. There are a large number of luxury brands from around the world.

来寺库上看看MCM Visetos单肩包,复古轻奢感十足

If you like a shoulder bag, you must see this MCM Visetos shoulder bag. This MCM Visetos bag design is very clever, easy to use, if you feel that there is aesthetic fatigue, you can turn it out as a front, give people a lot of money bought two packs, design very interesting. This bag is a fabric lining, an optical grit printing, giving a retro feel.

In addition to this clever design, this MCM Visetos bag is also equipped with a small detachable clutch, which can be used separately, alone as a wallet when it is short-distance, achieving unparalleled multi-functionality. It can also be used as a bag of bags.

This MCM Visetos bag is a brown design, which is made of a classic Visetos material, which is decorated with NAPPA leather. There are MCM brand classic elements in the face, adding the texture of the bag. There is a leather stitching decoration in the middle of the bag, and the decoration is also decorated with MCM logo nameplate, showing brand temperament. This MCM Visetos bag handle also uses splicing design, stitching or metal decoration. There is a rigorous quilted process in the leather handle, highlighting the process of bagging. In addition, this MCM Visetos bags are spacious and out of the leather drawstring, and the design of the drawing rope also adds a bit of playful feelings for this bag.

来寺库上看看MCM Visetos单肩包,复古轻奢感十足

This MCM Visetos bag has leather jewelry, and the leather protection feet, which makes the bag more stereoscopic. The bag size is 28 * 36 * 17cm, the capacity is more considerable, and the key carrying everyday with you can be easily stored.

Friends who like this MCM Visetos bag can go to the temple to buy, luxurious look, fashion, no matter whether it is a daily shopping and going to work, it is a good choice.

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