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Yesterday, the news of the news broadcast has attracted the attention of the Junjun.

On the evening of November 28, local time, China President Xi Jinping, China President Xi Jinping attended Spanish Faise, held a grand welcome banquet held in the King of the Madrid.

According to the 12th evening news broadcast screen, President Xi Jinping and Mrs. Peng Liyuan, who were invited to celebrate the banquet, in the middle of the Chinese dress, accompanying the participation dinner, Ding Xuexiang, Yang Jie, Wang Yi, He Lifeng and other Chinese officials also have a clear “Zhongshan Pack” .

First wear “Zhongshan Pack”

On the 29th, at the Foreign Ministry, there is a media that the media notes in China’s “Zhongshan Pack” attended the banquet held by the Spanish King. Does the media ask this situation for the first time, or have you been there? The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also made a response day.

He said that in Similar Spanish Dynasties, the President Xi Jinping held a grand welcome banquet, China leaders should be no longer the first time, and the in-chine dress attended the dressing requirements in this case.


In fact, it is indeed the first time.

In March 2014, Xi Jinping should have a national visit to the Netherlands in the King of the Netherlands. At that time, President Xi Jinping and Mrs. Peng Liyuan were in Chinese costumes, attend the grand country banquet held by the Kings of William Alexander. Observers who have been paying for a long time, said that this is the first wearing clothing attendance attendance in Xi Jinping.

According to People’s Daily, the Chinese dress wearing the President, like Zhongshan cloth, but also different from traditional Zhongshan clothing, but the key parts of Zhongshan clothing have been improved, and the tradition of Chinese clothing is preserved, and some elements of suits are preserved. This Chinese costume gives up the lapels of Zhongshan, the wind discipline, the clear deduction, uses 3 secret pockets, the upper body has only left chest pockets, there is no pocket, ornamental Parweed (this is my country’s leaders first use pocket towels for the first time).

In the case of the original Director of Foreign Affairs, Lu Peicovina said that Xi Jinping’s phantom costumes attended the formal diplomacy, fully demonstrating the style of Chinese culture, but also reflects China’s confidential attitude in diplomacy. President Xi, this dress also established a model of a Chinese national costume and transmitted a message.寓 意.

Later, Xi Jinping is getting more common in the field of Zhongshan installation.

Ambassador talks about Zhongshan Pack

For the above phenomenon, China’s ambassador to the British Ambassador, said in the interview (WeChat ID: UPOLITICS) interviews, special regular activities in diplomatic occasions, such as national banquets, national celebrations, etc., have high requirements for clothing. Such occasions will be required to wear a big dress or national costume, and a woman wearing a serious dress (usually a dress), and the title to wear the corresponding jazz clothing, wear the medal, and the lady must wear the corresponding head.

“my country’s leaders, officials or diplomats generally do not wear big dresses when they attended the above high-specific activities, but wear national costumes. We actually have no certain national costumes, use Zhongshan installed instead, ladies wear flags (for ladies) It is not particularly strict, and it is necessary to wear the military dress and wear medal. “Ma Zangang said.

Regarding the formal welcome banquet held by the Spanish, all the Chinese officials, including Wang Yi State Council, attended the activities, Ma Zanggang said: “This is also normal, like the European monarchy country like Spain. I am very particular to pay attention to these etiquette, Chinese officials naturally wear big dress or national costumes. ” Former China, the United Arab Emirates, the Dutch Ambassador, Tarrin, told the politicism (WeChat ID: Upolitics), the current so-called diplomatic etiquette is a few hundred years ago, Westerners habitual practice, such as submit a country, and a team of national guests visiting a motorcycle , Welcome the ceremony, play the national anthem, Mingmin, and review the three military guards, the national banquet and its concierge. Third World countries have accepted Western Concieters.

Talking about the dress of diplomatic occasions, Harri Defen said: “The courtesy of the clothing, the Westerners have strictly distinguished. Ambassador submit the country’s book and the national head of the head of the country to hold a black swallow tuxedo, black-collar knot, lady wear a dress (general please The dressing requirements are marked, such as Black Tie or FORAL). “

Huari Dawn also revealed that after the founding of New China, in diplomatic occasions such as the above-mentioned statebash and submission of the country, our state’s heads of state or envoys, but instead of Zhongshan installed, ladies wore a flag robe.


Lu Peicen, the original Director of the Foreign Ministry, said: “I have a longer working hours in the Foreign Affiliation Concierge, witnessed Zhongshan installed as a symbol of Chinese clothing, and Zhongshan is accompanied by diplomats all the way. In the 1990s A ambassador to submit a state book to the President of the country, and the other party reported that their president should wear a dress, I hope that you (China) wear the national service. At that time, the ambassador did not bring Zhongshan installed, hurry to call the domestic Let go of it. “

So, what kind of clothing, leaders or officials, is it necessary to meet the costumes in advance? Ma Zang, told the part (WeChat ID: UPOLITICS), in fact, no concierge team agreed, the Embassy know that the delegation will remind our delegation to bring in Zhongshan.

Lu Peicovina also said that the leader’s clothing wearing the Foreign Ministry Practitioner Division did not have exhausted provisions, which was determined by the leaders. However, the conciergeline will take the requirements, characteristics and content and leaders of the attendment, and the leaders determine what kind of clothes wear.

What kind of clothing is still worn?

Police Jun noticed that the leader chooses to wear Zhongshan in the visit.

On September 3, 2015, President Xi Jinping dressed in deep gray Zhongshan and Mrs. Peng Liyuan welcomed the guests of the leaders and international organizations of the International Organization of the Anti-Japanese victory military parade.

So, in addition to Zhongshan clothing, what will be worn in the official occasion?


Dao Jun noticed that jackets have been favored by the jacket in recent years.

For example, after the 18th National Congress, the seven new central political bureaus members visited the “Renaissance Road” exhibition in the National Museum, five people wore a jacket, two people wearing a suit, and the two people wearing a suit would choose shirts. The particle buck is open, and it is not tied.

Since then, in many activities, you can also see the leadership of the jacket. In the “Tiger” comics that is hot on the Internet, the Chairman Xi is also in the image of a short jacket.

From the wear to the dress, Xining Evening News has summarized this set of clothing standards that gradually establish China’s officialdom in Xi Jinping: Usually, it will be as simple as possible, and go out to foreign national wind and grand.

Information | CCTV Xinhua News Agency People’s Daily, etc.

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