Coats are definitely the highest street rate in the autumn and winter season. After all, coats not only have the effect of keep warm and reflecting clean and neat, and it is convenient and comfortable. If you want to have a Korean drama, you will focus on the choice of color when choosing the coat, so this article will come to everyone. How do you pick up the coat that best suits you best in this autumn and winter? ?

The style of the coat should know:

1 direct paragraph: Simple version is not high for your body requirements, you can match at will

2O-type coat: O-shaped coat presented narrow, intermediate loose, so that the body requirements are relatively high, especially small children God, it is easy to press

3x coat: This has the opposite effect with the O type, showing an intermediate tight, loose up and down, which is conducive to the skinny effect.

After understanding the characteristics and version of the coat, everyone can choose to choose from their own body, and the effect of wearing it can play a more than 2 effect, so that you can also match it. Provide a lot of time and energy. Secondly, according to your favorite color and skin color, etc., such a match can create a trendy towel in autumn and winter. If you still worry that you will not match, you must do not miss the following to wear a law.

Elegant and sweet wind


List1: high collar sweater + half length skirt + coat

In autumn and winter, if the absolute basic tone is too single, then you can choose a contrast color match, but generally more colors are within three colors, so that it can highlight the level of hierarchy. Choosing a white sweater is mixed with a black dress, it is a foundation retro, combined with brown coat, showing out of the fall, and deduct the autumn and winter beauty and fashion.


List2: Knitting Dress + Coat

Many sisters wear more in autumn and winter, it is easy to produce cumbersome effects, so I want to pay attention to comfort, just choose a knit sweater with coats, the overall color system can show a progressive effect, and it has highlighted fashion beauty. Plus a scarf, Get to the Korean drama.



List1: suits + coat


Because the work is relatively official, it can choose the effect of integration or the shadish color to match when it is mixed, so that the unity of the shape can also perform the effect of clean and profit, can also avoid Color contractions will produce bloated feelings. However, such a match must learn to use other fashion items to add the bright spots and points of the shape to deduct the city Li.


Basic paragraph

Coats plus trousers are definitely a basic paragraph, which will neither give the effects, and cover their own shortcomings, and therefore show the effect of clean and profit.


List1: Coat + Wide Leg Pants

Wide legs can be described as one of the most popular fashion items in autumn and winter, can create a waistline, can also modify the leg shape, with coats, it is very good, it is very good, but it is very good. Be sure to pay attention to the length of the coat as much as possible in the calf, so that use trousers to create an ankle, you can give the effect of visually stretch the effect.

List2: Coat + Pattern

For the young lady, how can I let the beautiful legs, so I choose a tight pants to match the coat, it is formed a tightening effect, and then builds a slim leg, which can be an autumn and winter. YYDS. .

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