The bracelet is a girl used to dress up their own ornaments. When you go to the beach, you will be prepared. The hot summer, the strong enthusiasm, the bracelet is also a good thing, today Xiaobian will teach you a bracelet of a national wind, how is this bracelet weaved? Follow the tutorial step by step, it is not difficult to weave, and let’s learn together with Xiaobian.

Making difficult factor: ★


production time:





Colored wooden beads, wax lines, scissors

Production steps:

1, prepare a wax line.


(Total 1: Wax line can be replaced with thin lines.)

2, then take a wooden bead, first put the two heads of the puller to the hole of the wooden beads.


(To point 2: Wood beads can choose according to your own preferences.)


3, then take the wooden beads out of the knot.


4, then take a wooden bead on the left line.

5, then take the right line to wear a wooden bead.


6, then put the two lines into a wooden bead.

7, then pick the wood beads to wear two lines in the left and right.

8, then wear two lines into a wooden bead.

9. Wear the wooden beads in the same order.


10, then wear the two lines when wearing a wrist.

11, then separated the gap of a bead, then make a knot.

(To point 3: You can play more knots to adjust the size of the bracelet.)


12. Use the scissors to cut extra lines.

13, wearing a bracelet, put the first wooden bead, buckle in the buckle ring behind.


Xiaobian teaches you the body’s bracelet, wear, bright colors when you are very suitable for playing, making people feel better. The friends who have learned can work hard, and the production process is also very simple. You can choose your favorite beads and match according to your own preferences. I am here today, we will see you next time!

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