In addition to the style, women’s different styles, in addition to the style, the use of color will affect the final presence effect. Matching skills can improve the success rate of shape, in order to make the shape more fashionable, female friends can be described as expense.

Especially the daily wear of mature women, it is necessary to take into account the stylish feeling, but also more likely to wear a steady and very gas field. So the classic, a fashionable black, which has become a common colors in many women’s wardrobes. But the more popular colors, the more you test the skill and aesthetics, otherwise it is easy to wear ordinary and dull results.

There is a lot of black, but because of the obvious shortcomings, many people are more exclusive, think that there is no stunning feeling, it is difficult to show the bright and eye-catching effect.


In fact, the black itself is mysterious and advanced. As long as you master the skills of matching and chosen, it will show a very different effect. Rose is a very simple in the entertainment circle, and the private service model seems very simple, but it can always bring surprises to everyone, and the use of black is very common in the shape.

The black suit suit is sexy and fascinating, a pair of elongated legs are also particularly attractive.

Black suit will give people a very formal feeling, and the professional feeling will be a bit old. So when choosing the style, the outline of the casual breath can avoid the occurrence of the old gas.

The medium and long suit just covers the position of the hips, which can be a good effect very well, and the loose version will also put the body more bone, and the simple line of the line is also conducive to it. Very good extension effect, let the body look more tall.


The choice of the inner line also determines the effect of the shape. Rose directly with a black slim, the cross-design of the chest reveals the white skin, uses the skin color to brighten the effect, and better avoid it. Delicious effect.

V-shaped suit neckline, let the neck look more growing, and there is also a modified face type, and the maxillofacial line is clearer, and there is more considerate sense. The neck is wearing a very gorgeous necklace, both of which look more advanced, because black is incorporated into the color.

Whether it is a full-scale style of any style, once you get too much, it looks very old, so the skill of the skin is quite important. Once you can show a very sense of sexy, you will naturally improve your personal charm.


Women who have a confident that they have their own body, showing beautiful legs is one of the safest ways, and uses in black suit shapes, naturally brings a surprising effect. Rose directly put the middle-long suits as a skirt, showing the disappearance of the disappearance, and the legs of the legs in the suit were more well-known, and the improvement sensitivity was also very profitable.

As a classic color of a hundred, however, how to wear it will not turn into the car, and many people are very valued. And black piece of trousers are also worth mentioning to add shopping list.

It is possible to save the troubles, and the effect of the incident on the upper body is also very high. Junior pants like Rose, which meets the needs of career women.

The design of the shoulders makes the shoulder line more flat, and the design of the high waist line is easy to wear the effect of the waist below the leg. The design of wide-leg pants is very friendly to any body, so that the lower body looks well, with colorful pointed shoes, let the whole black shape more identical.


I like women who demonstrate personalities, can choose the combination of black and sequins elements, using bright flashes to avoid dullness, emitting shiny effects, will make skin tone look more tightly luster.


And different sizes of sequins are different. Small bright diamonds are more suitable for daily wear, and it will not be very exemptive. The decisions of the big sequins will show more exaggerated gorgeous effects.

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