People tend to praise women’s beauty, but rarely praise men’s shape, this is due to social habits. but

It is also possible to win the handsome man who can clean your handsome.

Especially after the age.


Some netizens were moved by a fashion grandfather in the subway, took his photo, and fashionable and elegant gas fields almost rushed out of the screen, and people couldn’t help but admire.

Coincidentally, another netizen also encountered a very temperament grandfather in the campus. After passing through, I have to run back to take pictures.


With the awakening of the aesthetic consciousness, more and more people began to learn to wear knowledge, this is a good thing. Because no matter what age, what is gender, we can make yourself more beautiful, thus harvesting confidence and happiness, this is a gift that is fashion gift with everyone.

However, it is relatively, middle-aged man dressing is much more difficult than a woman, and it is because men’s categories are single, two are due to lack of knowledge, so many men are still.

In fact, we only need to be a little love, you can start, and the old man wants to improve the temperament, try to pick a pair of textured shoes first.

In this issue, let’s talk about how to choose the middle-aged male shoes. Holding an old man, it is recommended to wear these 3 pairs of shoes, Confucian and advanced, let’s take a look ~

Warm shoes

Men’s clothes shoes are easy, when you are young, you like wear shoes and canvas shoes, and a little more mighty occasion may wear skin shoes. Hundreds of black leather shoes are often the first choice for men, with a set of packages, concise and gas field.


However, after the middle age, the black leather shoes easily give people a hyperfine feel that does not meet the temperament of mature men, so there is a more warm-colored shoes.


Warm color adjustment is also very powerful, more common

Warm brown, light coffee color

Wait, while retaining the stabilizer of the leather shoes, it brings a feeling of relaxation, and the casual installation can also fit together.


2. Low boots

The second double recommended to the mature man’s shoes is a low boots. Boots became a frequent visitor in women’s shoe cabinets very early, and can get along with all kinds of styles. In men, only young men who are very stylish are used to wearing boots, and they are unfortunately.

In fact, the elderly men can wear the boots very nice. When the weather is relatively cold, the performance of the boots can be relieved.


Male is not too exaggerated, so choose just right.

Low help

Boots can highlight a man’s attention. There is no more than a multi-feet, with a wild jeans to strengthen the idle dressing atmosphere, and easily wear tall and advanced texture.

If you want you to look more spirit, you may wish to slightly roll up the trousers, reveal the whole picture of the boots, and let the shape are more skilled.


3. White casual shoes


In the face of the pressure of life and work, the speed of man is often more fast than women, and the hair is white, but it will also affect our mood, at least for most people.

Therefore, the man who walks on the street or the man of the grandfather, always wearing style simple cloth, because comfort and convenience is their most needed, the appearance of the shoes is not so important.


But slightly converting ideas, use

White casual shoes


Alternative to vintage cloth shoes, actually, you can take care of fashion and comfort.

Look at a contrast map to intuitively feel the age-up of white casual shoes. Although a black grandfather in the picture below is more older than the men, but the spirit is completely non-lost. In addition to his own reasons, the white shoes are also adding to him.

This is because the white itself has a light feeling, and it can be ligated in the lower body. It can weaken the whole of the whole, and it is worth trial.


The shoes are just a partial reflection, choose the shoes, and the shape is half. And if you want the whole, it reflects a harmonious and orderly state, then the matching of clothing and shoes should follow certain rules. Let’s share two techniques for optimizing images.

1 shoes and clothing style photos

The style is very personalized. Everyone has their own preferences in dressing, and when they choose shoes, it is recommended to first determine their dress style, so that the style of the shoes is consistent with clothing.

For example, if you want to take a casual dress, if you want to match your shoes, then it is more recommended with the shoes of the matte surface, not the bright shoes. Conversely, if it is formal, the shoe shoe is more in line with the gas field of the clothing.

2 pay attention to the outline

Men’s clothes are often more casual, even if they choose good quality shoes, they don’t necessarily reach their expectations, because men often ignore the outline of clothing.

If you want to further enhance your own image, it is recommended to pay more attention to the skin. It is recommended to choose a fine fabric that is tattooed in trousers, so that the clean and neat contour will improve the expression of the shoes.

Ok, this issue about the “3 pairs” of mature men share it here. If you have questions about fashion, wear and other questions, please leave a message in the comment area, let’s see you next ~ Eli


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