Lead: Today, continue to prepare for friends to share the winter must-have small single product hats series big collection ~ big colors. This (compared with the fisherman’s hat in the series [1] is big) The wire used by this hat is: 100% pure wool left by the hand-shaped sweater shared by friends a few days ago. Wool hooks. The needle method used: the splitter is hooked. Tools used: Individuals can choose different crude crochet according to demand (some of the density choice fine, the density is small). I am a homemade stainless steel crochet, so there is no number) I have chosen the density. A little effect, hook out of the hole, there is a certain hardness, so it will not be soft collapsed. Winter is warm and comfortable, and can be concave, and the two are beautiful. Weaving method: The hat is beginning to start the needle, so that the center is constantly adding the needle, hook it to the appropriate size according to your head circumference, then do not add the straight hook hat, and the same hook to the appropriate size Continue to add the needle hook Woven hat. Determine the number of hook circles according to personal preferences (like a big hat can be more hook, like a small hook to a few turns of the hook). In this cold winter, likes the sisters will arrange themselves!




Top view

Side view

Tools used homemade stainless steel crochet

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